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Exclusive Stream: Jennifer Harper's New EP 'All The Love'

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

10/02/2015 9:09 am
Exclusive Stream: Jennifer Harper's New EP 'All The Love' | Jennifer Harper
Media Courtesy of photo credit: Jean-Philippe Boucicaut

Having grown up listening to artists such as The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Simon & Garfunkel, among many others, Jennifer Harper has always loved music. A student of classical piano, she took inspiration from the way artists like Annie Lennox were using music and their voices to change people's opinions and to get certain messages across. Such actions inspired her to use her own voice in the same way, and her path into the music world was laid out.

Now a mom of three, Harper is set to release her latest EP All The Love and PopWrapped is delighted to share the EXCLUSIVE full-length stream of the six-track collection.

Jennifer Harper Photo Credit: Jean-Philippe Boucicaut

Opening with "All The Love In The World," Harper, thanks to the stripped-back instrumentation, allows her impressive vocal to shine while the chorus in particular offers up inspiration and a reminder to all those who listen to it that they are just as important as anyone else - in today's image and celebrity-obsessed society, it's great to see an artist standing up for the regular, every-day people in the world.

"Let Me In" is much slower, almost ballad-esque, but it is certainly more passionate, while the string ensemble who perform the instrumentation add an almost haunting feel to the number. "Little White Lies" is rockier, and there's a distinct edginess to it that means it's hard to resist tapping your feet to.

”We Belong Together" is perhaps the stand-out track. There's emotion in the vocal delivery and the lyrics, as she performs them to tell a story that many will find themselves able to identify with - that of wanting to battle through hard times to remain with the one you love.

"Not Alone" starts off as almost a spoken-word performance, which is a little strange, but as the piano picks up in the background, it becomes a sentimental, beautiful piece that ultimately comes across as an empowering ballad.

Harper could have quite easily ended the collection there, but instead it closes out with an instrumental version of "Let Me In" - it's a nice little piece to listen to, but it's likely that not all those who check out the EP will let it play to the end.

Have a listen to the EP below, and for more information on Jennifer Harper, visit her websiteFacebook, and Twitter or follow her on Instagram.


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