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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 9 (Fanfic Friday)

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/23/2016 7:50 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 9 (Fanfic Friday) | Fanfic Friday
Media Courtesy of Michelle Dawson/PopWrapped

We have arrived at the conclusion of our dinosaur-filled tale! We hope you've enjoyed the ride.

What Could Go Wrong?: Chapter 9

Owen and Alan got everyone off the pontoon safely and sent them on a bus full of the visitors Owen had rounded up down to the ferry.

“I’m not going to the meeting,” Alan said abruptly to Owen. “You’re a good guy, and I am very impressed with what you’ve done, but I will not endorse or have anything else to do with dinosaur parks. You will have to figure this out.”

Owen began to say something, but Addison stopped him. “Alan is not coming. I will find another way for him to fund his dig site. You have a real mess to clean up here, and I’m ashamed I didn’t listen to him earlier.”

Owen stepped aside out of respect to his hero, Dr. Grant. “You got me into raptors to begin with, sir. Have a good day,” he said defeated.  

Alan sighed, thinking of Billie, who’d given up when it got hard to keep the site alive. “Here’s my card. Come dig with me. You can learn so much more there than playing with these science experiments,” he offered, before grabbing Addy’s hand and taking her to the Jeep to get the hell of the island.  

They drove in silence to the ferry, Addison afraid if she spoke he’d yell at her. Once they were aboard, Addison went to the bar to get him a whiskey and herself a glass of wine.

“Here. I know it doesn’t make up for what I put you through with this trip, but it’s the best I can do for now -- until I find millions for your research, upon which I’ll get forgiven,” she finished with a smile.

Alan put down his drink, looking into her eyes for the millionth time that day and billionth since she’d shown up in his life. “I’m not mad at you. I understood your intentions, and it was a good idea. For goodness' sake, it almost worked, but these people can’t resist playing God even when they’re doing it successfully.”

Addison nodded, “Yep, they still had a great run.  =Ten years, trained raptors, a petting zoo, a sea beast, and a kayak ride without any incidents.”

Alan didn’t respond to her, as he leaned forward, placing his lips against hers. She was taken aback, putting her hands on his sides, her thumb slipping into his belt loop to gain balance, but, with the kiss deepening, she moved them up around his neck and into his hair.  

Once their lips parted, Alan smiled down at Addison. “I’ve loved you since the moment you showed up at my dig site, even though I was annoyed as hell that you were there to change things.”

Addison’s face broke into a giant grin, “I love you too, dinosaur man,” she revealed with a wink. “Let’s go home and figure out how to keep both our relationships alive.”

The two sat on the ferry, Addison wrapped in Alan’s arms for the ride home. She didn’t regret that it took this trip to make them both jump off the ledge they’d been teetering on for months.

The End

And that’s all for this story, folks! Be sure to check back for our next installment of Fanfic Friday and catch up with this story or previous FanFic Fridays!


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