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Katherine Pierce Is The Queen Of Hell On TVD

The cute one’s back! With Cade dead, it appears that a familiar face is now in charge of hell. We all saw Katherine Pierce get dragged away to hell when she died back in Season 5. It's the final season of The Vampire Diaries, and, when it was confirmed that Nina Dobrev was returning, we hoped that meant our favorite doppelganger would be returning as well. But all anyone talked about was Elena, not Katherine.Until last night.

The Originals Loses Showrunner Michael Narducci

The Originals fans can expect a bit of a change up behind the scenes as the show has lost its showrunner. Michael Narducci is departing from the CW program due to a two-year deal over at ABC Studios. If the series is renewed for another season, Julie Plec will return to take up the position. By this point in time, The Vampire Diaries will have en...

Which Hit CW Shows Have Been Renewed For 2017-2018?

Earlier this week, The CW announced some early renewals of several of the network's hit shows during the Television Critics Association’s Press Tour, held January 8th.Here are the seven CW shows renewed for the 2017-2018 season:

Midseason Madness: Catching Up With The CW

Not only did we get Supergirl on our CW lineup, but a bunch of stuff happened on all of our favorite shows this season! We have only just reached the midseason finales of some of them, and everything is already pretty mellow. Resolved, even.So what's next?

Popaween: Pop10 Vampire Books To Read This Halloween

I started reading vampire books as a teen and was instantly intrigued by these mysterious creatures. I like each book for different reasons and love losing myself in a different vampire world with every book I open. This is a list of some of my favorites over the years -- and one I’m looking forward to reading!

Dracula by Bram Stoker (1897)

Considered by many to be the first modern vampire, it centers on...

Julie Plec Teases Elena’s Return To The Vampire Diaries

Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries premiered last week, and every fan is wondering two things: Is Elena coming back, and how will we say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries?Let’s start with Elena. It’s not just that Elena left town, but she is asleep until Bonnie dies. Damon struggled without her last season, and, now that he shut off his humanity and is serving the siren, it may be harder than ever to pull him back. However, when D...

Freeform’s Original Series Shadowhunters Announces Season 2 Premiere Date And Guest Director

During their New York Comic Con panel, Freeform announced that their hit original series Shadowhunters will return for a second season on Monday, January 2nd at 8/7c. The premiere episode is entitled "The Guilty Blood."It was also announced during today’s panel (by means of a surprise video) that The Vampire Dairies fan-favorite Paul Wesley will be directing an upcoming episode of Shadowhunters.<...

TV Poll: What Will You Be Watching On Fridays This Fall?

Now that we have the complete fall schedule from the five broadcast networks, and with so many great choices, we were wondering what you would be watching this fall.So we came up with the idea of making a TV poll per day of the week (except for Saturdays since no scripted shows besides SNL are on) and giving you the options from the five networks, so you can let us know what you will be watching live during each ti

The CW Presents Its Fall Schedule And New Shows Trailers

We have reached the end of the TV Upfronts, and it has been great. We have seen all the networks’ schedules, welcomed new shows and said goodbye to series that will remain with us forever. Today, the last network to have its presentation, The CW presented its fall schedule, which welcomed CBS cast-off Supergirl and gave us a few surprises as well.Take a look below:Monday:8-9 PM —

Pop 10: Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From May Sweeps – TBT Edition

To celebrate the start of May Sweeps, which this year goes from April 28th to May 25th, we’d like to look back at some of the most jaw-dropping moments that we saw during past May Sweeps.There are a lot of surprises during May Sweeps, since networks and showrunners really try to engage more viewers to watch the shows live and get better r...

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