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'47 Meters Down' Is A Thrill From Beginning To End

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/20/2017 7:48 am
PopWrapped | Movies
'47 Meters Down' Is A Thrill From Beginning To End | 47 Meters Down
Media Courtesy of iHorror

This summer's shark movie has arrived and it is everything you hoped for!  '47 Meters Down' stars Mandy Moore (This Is Us) and Claire Holt (The Originals) as sisters vacationing in Mexico.  The sisters have come to enjoy a couple's trip together since Lisa's (Moore) boyfriend Stuart dumped her for being too boring.  Kate (Holt) and Lisa are the polar opposites when it comes to personality and that is the basic premise of how these two girls end up shark diving in Mexico.  This movie will cause you to feel panic and hope and fear for almost the entirety of the film and you will love it.  It's a must see summer thriller!

The sisters meet two nice boys as they're out partying and those two boys convince them to dive with sharks like they do every weekend.  Lisa doesn't want to but Kate convinces her by telling her what great pics she could post to make Stuart jealous and that is enough to get Lisa along for the ride.  The girls get on board for their cage diving experience on a boat that looks like it hasn't been inspected for quality in a very long time and it's captained by Matthew Modine's Captain Taylor.  This is where the fun begins.  Director Johannes Roberts takes viewers on the adventure of a lifetime once the diving begins by making us feel everything the sisters do on their unexpected travel to the deep.  Minor spoilers ahead so continue cautiously.  

Once they girls begin their turn in the cage, it starts out just fine but then the shark snags their camera and things start to go south quickly.  The cage wench gets loose and the sisters plummet to 47 meters below quickly.  Once they're down there, the obstacles stack up against them quickly.  There are numerous sharks swimming above in the over chummed water and their oxygen is running out.  To make matters worse, they are seven meters too low to be able to connect with Captain Taylor above.  Kate takes the first turn at bravery and swims higher in order to communicate and Taylor tells her to get back in the cage and he'll send someone down with a spare wench to bring them up.  We get a glimpse of hope which is quickly devoured, so to speak.  Eventually, the girls are nearing a complete loss of air and Taylor sends them spare tanks against his better judgement.  He warns them that they could hallucinate because of the switch between tanks at their depth and he also lets them know that help is on the way.  Once they tanks arrive, Kate swims out to get them but a shark grabs her before she can get back to the cage.  Lisa is forced to man up and take care of both of them to get to safety.  

This movie is terrifying and has a twist that makes it so smart.  If you enjoy shark movies, then this is for you.  It rivals last year's The Shallows starring Blake Lively because it is 10 times more terrifying.  If you've seen it, let us know what you thought.  If not, then get to the theater and enjoy the ride.  The sharks look realistic and the fear is intense!


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