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Fandom / Television PopWrapped | Fandom

11 Tips To Surviving Supernatural "Hellatus"

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

05/22/2015 4:20 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
11 Tips To Surviving Supernatural
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The time has come my friends. Supernatural Season 10 has ended and Hellatus has officially descended upon our fandom. For those of you who binge watched Supernatural prior to Season 10, and are now experiencing your first Hellatus, allow me to explain.

Hellatus is the time between May and October when there is no new Supernatural. Breathe deeply; we have all experienced our first Hellatus at some point during the course of the show – some of us from the beginning. So for those of you new to the Hellatus experience, and for the veterans among us - I have created this survival list to help get you through the long, lonely summer Hellatus. Hellatus is when we wait, we worry, we stress, we wonder, we theorize as to what is to become of our boys and we longingly listen to Kansas and watch time slowly drag on. Just remember: you are not alone – and by following these tips we can all survive Hellatus.

  1. Netflix is Your Friend – The beauty of Supernatural is that there are so many seasons to binge watch to ensure you are never without a dose of Winchesters to get you through the long days of Hellatus. Watch your favorite season, or create theme weeks, like all of your favorite funny episodes, favorite Dean or Sam or Cas episodes – whatever strikes your pleasure. There are over 200 glorious episodes to choose from. Get together with other suffering fans to binge – there is safety in numbers my friends.

  2. Go to a Supernatural Convention  – Though this may not be an option for all us, the Supernatural Conventions criss-cross the country all year long and include all of the current cast as well as many of the fan favorites from seasons passed. This is the ultimate fan experience, and really, what better way to get through Hellatus then spending a weekend with the boys?

  3. Indulge in Supernatural Memes – No show, no fandom has a larger library of memes  for every single imaginable event then the Supernatural Fandom. That includes memes created to survive Hellatus. They are truly never ending.

  4. Follow the Boys – The entire cast and many of the crew are super active on Social Media, and there is no better place to stay up to date on what's going on both with them personally and with the show then by following them on Twitter and or Facebook. Did you know they start filming Season 11 in July? I do, because I saw it on Twitter.

  5. Go Hunt Some Ghosts – Research some of your local lore and go visit some local haunted places where you live (I get to brag here, living in a town with a haunted abandoned VA hospital, white witch AND only being 40 minutes from the Winchester Mystery House!). Every town has ghosts and haunted spots and if you live near a big city chances are if you type in "Ghost Tours," you might be surprised. Plus it's the family business – it's what we DO.

  6. Watch Season 10 Again (If you dare!) – Between Demon Dean and Fan Fiction and everything that came after, it is certainly worth starting over again. And CW has your back on that one; season 10 will start all over again and be on every Wednesday just to help us prep for Season 11….

  7. Read/Write Fan Fiction – No I personally do not indulge in this. But I will never judge those of you who do. We are all just trying to survive Hellatus and if Fan Fiction is what gets you through – go for it.

  8. Supernatural: The Crossroads  – Though there a lot of great Supernatural Podcasts out there, this one is by far my personal favorite. Not only can you spend your Hellatus days listening to the old podcasts for the old episodes you binge watch, but also the guys will be doing NEW podcasts every other week during the entire Hellatus! This includes new interviews and guests (plus you can also catch up on previous episodes with guests Rob Benedict, Osric Chow, Ruth Connell, Travis Aaron Wade and more)! The guys will quench your thirst for all things Supernatural – all Hellacious Hellatus long.

  9. Read a Book and Jam to Some Tunes – Create your own Supernatural playlist or simply follow one of the hundreds that are already on Spotify (Like I said many of us have been to this Rodeo before), crank it up and waste away the long hard Hellatus with a good Supernatural book. A thing there is NO shortage of… And maybe have a pie for dessert. You know, cause it’s how we roll.

  10. Become One of Misha's Minions - There is no better way to spend Hellatus then by taking part in Misha's Gishwhes (which stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen). It is the 5-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins every summer. Find all the sordid splendid details here -

  11. Hoard Toilet Paper – Really? You didn't see that coming?



Stay strong my friends. October will be here… eventually. We'd love to know how will YOU be surviving Hellatus?


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