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PopWrapped | Movies
21 & Over Movie Review

Stephanie Walsh

Lead Events Coordinator

21 and Over is possibly this generation’s answer to American Pie or
Harold and Kumar. It’s ridiculous, outrageous and definitely worth the
price of admission. There are so many belly laugh moments,
cringe-worthy moments, and yes, even some heartfelt moments. This
movie takes us on a journey with two friends, Miller and Casey, played
by Miles Teller and Skyler Astin, who surprise their younger buddy,
Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) to take him out for his 21st birthday.  Seems
like a normal rite of passage, right? Wrong. The catch? Jeff Chang has
an interview at 8am the next morning that his father is picking him up
for.  Miller convinces him he has to go out, and an innocent drink
turns into a night full of mayhem including a buffalo getting loose at
a pep rally, car chases, being hunted down by a Latina sorority, and
having to win “The Tower of Power.”

There are some moments that make the audience cringe including a scene
involving a tampon, but what would an outrageous night of drinking
gone wrong movie be without moments that make us shudder? There’s
always at least one scene like that in this sort of flicks, and 21 and
Over does NOT disappoint.

Teller and Astin are the stars of the movie as Chon spends the
majority in an unconscious state, however, he steals the show in many
scenes.  Teller is very much like a young Vince Vaughn, and while it
works, all I could think was, “We already have that actor, why do we
need another one?” He was also a bit reminiscent of Shia La Boeuf.
Personally, I developed a little bit of a crush on Astin after Pitch Perfect,
so I was very happy to see him in this being completely adorable.
Also, the gratuitous nude scenes were enjoyable.

21 and Over seems to keep trying to out-do itself as far as
shenanigans go, there was a moment that I thought to myself, exactly
how much of this am I supposed to buy? We’ve all been there, had a
crazy night out that you look back at it seems unbelievable but if
anyone survives a night like these guys have, hat’s off to you, you
win at life.

It’s a really good time, take friends, laugh your ass off. It’s
definitely worth seeing. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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