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Fandom / Television PopWrapped | Fandom

Five Reasons H.R. Wells Is The Best Character On 'The Flash' Season 3

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
05/21/2017 12:59 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Five Reasons H.R. Wells Is The Best Character On 'The Flash' Season 3 | Wells
Media Courtesy of CinemaBlend

The Flash has given us Tom Cavanagh in a few different shades through the shows three seasons and each one is as different as the last. Our first version wasn’t Harrison Wells at all but the bad guy in disguise and after we learned that he had developed a little bit of a soft spot for Team Flash, he was gone. Next, we got Harry from Earth 2 who had a few ill intentions but nothing like his predecessor and he was a grumpy guy who we loved most of all the Wells. He had everything, even a crazy voice to make sure we knew he wasn’t the original Wells. Harry left at the end of season 2 because he lives on another Earth but Team Flash missed their Wells, so they hosted tryouts for a new one. What they got was H.R. and without further adieu, we will tell you why this version is so special.  

1.  H.R. loves coffee as much as we do.  His reasons are pure as his Earth was a place where all coffee was lost and he now had it back.  But he really loves coffee, more then even the average daily Starbucks drinker.  It brings on the hilarity.  

2.  H.R. has some quirks from his Earth that remind us that though there are similarities among  all the Earth’s, things are still different.  Take a look at this compliation of some classic H.R. moments.    

3.  H.R. is just like any of us if we were to join Team Flash, he is looking for his place among heroes and geniuses and we get to watch him stumble along the way as he finds out where he belongs.

4.  He write romance novels and it is hilarious to watch him read those tales outloud or work on them in private with his recorder.  It’s a very different feel from anyone else on the show and in the beginning he was a bit much but now he is a fresh breath of air among the drama.

5.  He is proof that the ever talented Tom Cavanagh could bring Harrison Wells back in any form (we saw the auditions) and we would be wrapped around his finger in an instant.  Cheers to you good sir!  He is an American Treasure!  



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