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Comics PopWrapped | Comics

5 Reasons You HAVE To Read The Unstoppable Wasp

Elissa Smith | PopWrapped Author

Elissa Smith

Staff Writer
01/15/2017 6:08 pm
PopWrapped | Comics
5 Reasons You HAVE To Read The Unstoppable Wasp | Unstoppable Wasp
Media Courtesy of Marvel

The Unstoppable Wasp #1 hit shelves on January 4, giving us a look at Nadia, a wonderful and hilarious heroine! Here is why you need to add The Unstoppable Wasp to your reading list.

1. It features your favorite heroes

The new Wasp is already making some important friends, and their bonds are probably some of the most touching parts of this comic. Nadia’s already BFFs with Ms. Marvel, and it took no time at all to work her magic on Mockingbird. One thing is for sure: this character has a way of drawing people in, which means we’ll hopefully get to see more great characters.

2. Learn more about awesome female characters

Mockingbird definitely kicks major butt, but the thing that really sticks out is just how much emphasis is put on her history as a biologist. Sure, it’s not like this was a secret before, but this comic is all about raising up the ladies and showing them off in all their multi-faceted glory.

3. ...And awesome female scientists

Instead of a letters page, The Unbeatable Wasp #1 features a Q&A with two scientists, Rachel Silverstein and Marina Chanidou. It’s a great way to get young female comic book fans into the sciences!

4. It’s hilarious

You know you want to see Wasp and Ms. Marvel chat about Harry Potter. And fanfic. All while Mockingbird ponders whether she’s as old as she feels in that moment. The hilarious moments are just one right after the other as Nadia embraces her new role as a superhero.

5. She’s just so darned cute

In addition to everything above, Nadia is probably one of the most enthusiastic superheroes I’ve ever encountered. Everything -- and I mean everything -- is a new experience for her, which means not only does she fangirl over the heroes but the villains as well. Also donuts (can you blame her?). Life is starting anew for this character, and you get the sense that she feels life has become the most exciting theme park ride ever. I truly hope this character doesn’t turn dark and gritty at any point ... the charm is all in her optimism!


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