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Television PopWrapped | Television

A New Villain Comes To Central City, But Who Exactly Is Zoom?

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
11/10/2015 12:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
A New Villain Comes To Central City, But Who Exactly Is Zoom? | Zoom
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Whether you're in the Arrow or The Flash universe everyone seems to be connected:  friend/foe, family/inspiration. Whether you are Oliver and Merlyn, Merlyn, Sara and Ra's Al Ghul or Barry and Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne they are all personally connected.

For season two of The Flash we are introduced to the new villain, but who exactly is Zoom? posed the question, which version of Zoom will they use on the show? 

Check out this little description: 

"My name is Hunter Zolomon. Despite what the public believes, I am the fastest man alive. I am Zoom. But I am not a Rogue. Far from it. I have taken the name and colors from Eobard Thawne -- the time traveler know as Professor Zoom -- in order to terrorize my friend. Wally West. The Flash. I suffered through tragedy. I lost my family to it. I understand the depths it will drag one down to. And only by surviving it does one become stronger. I will recreate myself to help my friend and in turn -- the world. I will do anything to make the Flash a better hero."

It was stated that the early favorite was a character named Hunter Zolomon. The character is based off the comic books as someone who like the Reverse Flash befriends and aids The Flash in making him better and faster.

If Zolomon isn't the direction they go with, there is a popular theory circulating around that Zoom is in fact Barry Allen's Earth 2 Counterpart. This was brought to light when it was noticed that Zoom's suit looks very similar to that of Barry's with a tad bit more things.

Lastly, fans question whether Zoom is someone close to Barry. Thoughts of Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) or Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) from Earth 2 are also speculated as possibilities. 

Only time will tell when Zoom is unleashed on Central City.  Don't miss The Flash on Tuesday nights on the CW. 

Who do you think Zoom is? Let us know in the comments belo



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