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A Recap Of Last Week's Arrow Episode, "The Odyssey!"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/18/2013 6:04 pm
A Recap Of Last Week's Arrow Episode,


Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

Last week’s episode started off where the last one ended with Oliver, in his Arrow guise, having an Arrow-side chat with his mother.

Remember spoilers ahead!

Arrow versus Moira Queen

With an arrow pointed at her, Arrow questions Moira on Walter’s disappearance and whether or not he is alive. Moira answers that she doesn’t know, but when Arrow asks her about the Undertaking, she doesn’t answer, but instead grabs a photo of Oliver and Thea and begs Arrow not to kill her for she is a mother and the only parent her children have left. Arrow lowers his bow and arrow and tells Moira that he won’t hurt her, but this gives her the opportunity she needs as she grabs a gun that she had stashed away and starts shooting. Arrow goes down and appears to be shot as Moira calls for help. However, when Moira emerges behind her desk, she sees Arrow has escaped, but she also sees blood on the floor.

Felicity Smoak to the Rescue

Shot, Arrow goes to Felicity for help and reveals that he is Oliver Queen, her boss. After getting her promise to take him to the Arrow Cave aka as his father’s steel factory and not the hospital, she and Diggle are working together to save his life.

Island Flashback

The bulk of this episode is all about Oliver remembering a daring escape attempt he tried to make with Slade Wilson six months into him being shipwrecked on the island.

We see Slade trying to train Oliver to fight and be a worthy backup man as they try and overtake the airfield to help them leave the island, as a cargo plane is about to arrive.

However, Oliver is doing very poorly, but despite that Slade still needs Oliver’s help in taking down someone he can’t without drawing attention to his plan. The only thing Oliver needs to do is take down the long guy in an air traffic control tower. However, even Oliver screws that up and Slade has to rescue him. When Slade leaves to make sure all is clear, Oliver stays on the tower and notices a phone. He uses it to call Laurel, but when she answers, Oliver can’t say anything and when he is about to Slade returns and pulls out the phone.

As he pulls the phone out, the cargo plane radios in and uses a challenge question to prove the validity of their identities. Slade is unable to answer, but Oliver can because the question comes from the one book he read in college The Odyssey.

Oliver sees the cargo plane as a way to get home while Slade sees it as a way for him to enact his plan of blowing up the island to destroy whatever Fyers had planned.

Oliver doesn’t want to have the island blown up while Yao Fei is on the island. He feels he owes it to him. So off Oliver goes to rescue Yao Fei, but Yao Fei doesn’t want to leave as Fyers is holding something over him to get him to cooperate. When Fyers comes upon them, Yao Fei knocks him out and Oliver is captured once again and this time Fyers assigns Deathstroke to execute Oliver. However, before any of that could happen, Slade creates diversion with explosions and confronts his former ally Deathstroke. The battle it out and Slade kills Deathstroke with a sword to his eye. But Fyers shoots Slade in the arm and it is Oliver’s turn to rescue Slade. And the fighter that wasn’t there at the beginning of the episode emerges as he takes down one of Fyers men and both escape and ready to take down Fyers and whoever hired him.

Meanwhile, we learn that the hold that Fyers has over Yao Fei is that he has kidnapped Yao Fei’s daughter and the show made a point of focusing on a dragon like tattoo that is on her right shoulder blade.

Oliver Survives and Felicity Joins Team Arrow

After a few close calls, Oliver lives and asks Felicity to join his team, but Felicity declines saying she will only help Oliver and Diggle so they can rescue Walter and then after that she wants to go back to her life as a boring IT girl.

After an argument with Diggle over his mother guilt or innocence, Oliver returns home and “finds out” how his mother was attacked by his alter ego. He comforts his mother who was scared for her life and he promises that Arrow won’t bother her again.

Questions that came from this episode:

  • Who hired Fyers and what are his plans for the island and Yao Fei?

  • Will Arrow really stay away from Moira if the truth is revealed?

  • Will Felicity really go back to being an IT girl if or when Walter is found?

For a more detailed review of this episode, can be found over at my blog The World Goes Pop! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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