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A "Sacrifice" Is Made On The Season Finale of Supernatural!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/16/2013 11:11 pm

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

This season finale was one that gave us comedy, tragedy and an all around level of beauty that will remain with me all summer until the new season starts in the fall. It was the first time I didn’t feel compelled to throw things at my television set! However, there were SO MANY points where I was filled with so many different feelings that it was almost like I had spilt personality disorder. Here’s what happened in the season eight finale of Supernatural!

If tonight’s episode were to have a theme song to describe the episode in question, sadly it would have to be that Bruno Mars song “Locked Out Of Heaven”. I’m not a fan of that song, but it makes sense in regards to all that happened. The episode opens with the return of Sherriff Jody Mills, who happens to be wearing a dress! Crowley decided to have some fun and trick her into a blind date with him because it’s been 12 hours and he wants to kill someone. As the clock begins to run out and she starts to cough up blood, Dean calls Crowley in the nick of time and saves Jody! I was a little disturbed that Crowley chooses to have Sir Mix A lot’s “Baby Got Back” as his ringtone. It’s at that point that the boys decide to give in and give up.

Sam and Dean get their hands on the demon tablet, after it appears that Kevin buried it under a devil’s chili sign, because it seemed like a good idea. After planning to surrender to Crowley, they slap some demon like handcuffs onto him and take him along with them, as they plan to cure him for the third and final trial. Sam begins to purify his blood and adds a confession, which is beyond funny when Dean adds to LONG list of bad crap that Sam has done over the past eight years from screwing Ruby to not having a soul for a year. With Crowley tied to a chair that’s on consecrated ground, Sam begins the process of giving Crowley his blood once an hour every hour for eight hours until he’s cured.

On the angel side of things, Castiel and Metatron prepare to do the second angel trial to close the gates of heaven, which involves them getting the bow of Cupid. Castiel takes to a bar, where he is seen looking through person ads in order to find a date for the bartender, who was male. Cas ends up confused as the bartender turns out to be gay. Cas’s plans hit a major snag when Naomi comes back! Just when I think I am rid of this bitch she shows back up, just like a having a mad case of herpes. She tracks down the angels, and kidnaps Metatron. She torments him in Heaven while Castiel runs to Dean for help. Dean finds himself more concerned about closing the gates of Hell than Heaven. With some pushing from Sam, they boys go their separate ways and each takes on a gate to get closed forever.

Sam starts to slowly cure Crowley, until he goes Mike Tyson on his ass and takes a chunk out of his arm. Without the use of a fancy little bowl, Crowley uses Sam’s blood to call all the demons to get their asses up there and come save the king! Abbadon gets Crowley’s call, but she’s pissed because she doesn’t like that he is the king of hell and she basically wants to take over. That clearly doesn’t happen as Sam burns her body and the demon leaves. Things took a hilairious turn when Crowley starts to respond to the cure by crying like a little girl, claiming that he and Sam are friends because they got rid of Abbadon. He compares himself to a character from the HBO show Girls and screams about wanting to be loved. I NEVER though I’d see the day when Crowley would actually act HUMAN for once in his miserable life!

Crowley starts freaking out like he took some bad drugs because the cure is working. He asks Sam what he can do to make up for ALL the bad shit he has ever done to anyone in his life. That’s a long list, and it could take centuries to barely make a dent in that. Cas and Dean head to the batcave and force Kevin to translate the angel table. Cas just about takes Kevin’s head clean off when he refuses. Dean and Cas go back to the bar because it turns out that the bartender is destined to find love. Dean assumes that the beer delivery girl is the bartenders match, but that is short lived when gay love saves the day!

Naomi returns to find Cas and explains that see saw in Metatron’s head and he lied to Cas about the angel trials, if the trials are completed, it will in fact kick all the angels out of Heaven and force them to live on earth. I don’t see that as being as BAD as Naomi makes it out to be. She meets a surprising end at the hands of Metatron, as he takes an angel tool and shoves it into her head. Ouch much? I will not take a moment to mourn her death. You’ve all read in my previous recaps, I don’t like her! At this point, we find out that if Sam finishes the trials, it will in fact kill him. We can’t have that happen…AGAIN!

Ash once said “You boys die more than anyone I’ve ever met.”, that statement couldn’t be anymore true and I couldn’t take it if one of them died all over again. That would have prompted me to throw things. Sam’s death at the hands of the trials would be the ultimate sacrifice, guess we know where the episode title came from.

Here’s that part that REALLY pissed me off. I’m so glad that I was holding my eight month old son instead of any random object like a cell phone or remote, because that shit would have gone flying faster than Iron Man! Metatron ganks Naomi, whom I won’t miss no matter how much it seems that she was a decent person, but he decides to be the fucking mother of all pricks by cutting Cas’s throat open, stealing his grace and sending him back to earth!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND DO THAT?! HAVEN’T YOU HEARD ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE ATERNATE REALITY WHEN CAS WAS MORTAL? HE DRANK, TOOK DRUGS AND HAD ORGYS! NO GOOD CAN COME FROM CAS BEING COMPLETELY HUMAN! YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU WENT AND PULLED THIS SHIT!

Now that I’ve taken a moment to scream and become truly upset, I feel better! Still mad about that bullshit, made even worse by the fact that NO ONE saw that coming! Seriously, I can’t express how upset that makes me. Sam and Dean have a very emotional moment when Sam tell Dean that he always felt like he was continuing to let Dean down all the time and that he wasn’t good enough. Your awesome Sam! Dean tells him that’s not the case and they hug it out Winchester style after Dean tells him that he loves him more than anything in the world. Cue the tears! I haven’t cried that much since Bobby died! Sam takes Dean’s words to heart and decides not to complete the trials, leaving Crowley semi cured now. Not sure how that’s gonna play out, but it looks to be a funny ass storyline!

Sam begins to feel the shooting pain in his body, and Dean takes him outside. Just as they head outside, Sam’s issues seem less important and it looks like some serious crap is happening in the sky. I’m not even kidding when I say that they sky ACTUALLY started to fall. Every device in the Men Of letters HQ’s starts to turn on all at once, tracking the metor like things falling to earth. Metaron looks to have issued one giant eviction notice as EVERY damn angel in Heaven begins to fall to earth and being stuck here, and god only knows how long they’ll be here for. Looks as though Bruno Mars really hit the nail on the hammer with the silly hit song “Locked Out Of Heaven”.

This was an absolutely FUCKING AMAZING end to the eighth season! I couldn’t have asked for a better ending! This finale will be the talk amongst and and ALL Supernatural fans until the fall when our boys come back for season 9, YEAH BABY! I can’t help but wonder, if all the angels have fallen to earth, is it possible that John, Mary, Jo, Ellen, Ash And Boddy could in fact come back to our boys in the fall? It makes sense that something like that COULD happen, right? And where the hell is God?! Everything on earth is going down faster than shit through a goose! Looks like I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Until the Hellatus ends, stay classy and have a wonderful summer! If you ever feel sad, just re-watch season eight!

See you in season nine!


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