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A Very "Doctor Who" Wedding Indeed!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/12/2013 2:13 am
A Very

Krista Walls

Staff Writer

Dustin and Courtney Norton who are from Shreveport had a Doctor Who themed wedding on May 26th. The backdrop was a TARDIS and the groom dressed like the 10th Doctor. The bridal party wore Converse All Stars in tribute to the bride’s favorite Doctor played by David Tennant.

Courtney has been a fan of the show since 2005, but had trouble watching the episodes in the States. She studied abroad in England for a semester in 2007 and became obsessed with the show. Courtney introduced Dustin to Doctor Who when they were dating. Dustin started watching the older episodes while Courtney prefers to watch the newer ones. The Norton’s tend to disagree on who their favorite Doctor is. Courtney also turned her friend and bridesmaid Becky Lehr into a Doctor Who fan.

Associate Pastor Matt Rawle at Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Shreveport, even has been creating sermons based on the series. Rawle watched the show as a kid in the 80’s. He didn’t really become a fan of in until 2006.

“The Doctor doesn’t triumph because of strength or agility but it’s through sacrifice, typically” said Rawle.

Doctor Who began in 1963 and ran until 1989. A TV movie was made in 1996. Then the series started back up in 2005.  It is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful sci-fi show of all time. It also is the longest running sci-fi television series in the world. The show has started to make its way over the to U.S. with BBC America airing episodes.

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Would you have a themed wedding like the Norton’s?


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