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A Whovian Must: Doctor Who On the Cover of Entertainment Weekly!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/25/2013 1:56 am
A Whovian Must: Doctor Who On the Cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Deanne Cooper

Staff Writer

Are you dying for a peek into the Whoniverse while we all impatiently wait for the new season to start next week? Well, look no further than the most recent issues of Entertainment Weekly. They have not one, but two new Who inspired covers, that feature the Doctor, his new companion, those pesky Cybermen, and the all exterminating Daleks.

But as nifty as the collector’s covers are, the real gems are on the inside. With insights from an interview with Matt Smith he reveals, “We’ve got a great horror-movie episode, and we have an episode set on a submarine, which I think is really exciting.” Steven Moffat also reveals that this Clara situation is going to drain a great deal of the Doctor’s brainpower to solve the riddle of her lives. “He is going to meet her again and she won’t remember him.” He’s got to work out the biggest mystery in the universe: Who is she and how did this happen?”

If you’re wondering what River Song is going to think about the new companion and her relationship with the Doctor, you won’t have to wonder for long. Moffat assures that Alex Kingston’s character will be returning in the new episodes and that it will be dealt with. According to Moffat, the show will take full advantage of this love triangle of sorts and will be sure it “makes some mileage…but not in the ways you’ll think”.

For more insights, spoilers, and awesome Whoshots, check out the special 50th anniversary editions of Entertainment Weekly. And set your Whoclock for Saturday, March 30th, at 9/8C for the premiere of the second half of season seven of the BBC’s Doctor Who.

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