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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Agent Carter' Pushes 'The Blitzkrieg Button' This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/12/2015 12:02 am
PopWrapped | Television
'Agent Carter' Pushes 'The Blitzkrieg Button' This Week | Agent Carter
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It’s been a couple of weeks since we last saw of Agent Carter, owing to last week’s absence. Thankfully, our beloved lady has now returned with the series’ fourth episode, “The Blitzkrieg Button”, so let’s not wait any longer and break it all down. This week, some guys brought something in America for Jarvis and Stark, courtesy of some Mr. Mink, but are now looking to get more money than originally schedule. Good thing for him, Peggy is there to kick their asses. As Mr. Stark is back in town and they grab him, everyone’s looking for him, so the ladies-only hotel Ms. Carter lives in is pretty much the best of solutions. Back at the S.S.R., Dooley is making his way to Germany, following a lead in the Stark case, leaving Thompson to lead. At the same time, Agent Carter manages to overcome the struggles of sneaking Stark into her room. Over at work, her temporary boss is undervaluing her, with nothing more than lunch orders assigned to her. However, it gives her a perfect reason to get in the labs and take some photos of Stark’s weapons, with a camera pen he earlier gave to her. In the meantime, Sousa is looking for fingerprints left on the public phone he was tipped from the other night. As there’s not much to be found, he asks a couple of locals about the man who called the police and takes one of them in for further interrogation. More problems for Peggy though, as that Mr. Mink from earlier turns out to be pissed that he didn’t get the money he wanted and kills the two minions that made it back to tell him everything – he knows about Agent Carter too! As Sousa brings his witness in for a few questions, he’s being laughed at by the new boss. However, he manages to change his mind shortly after. Peggy comes back to her apartment to find Stark in another lady’s room, not quite hiding to make sure they don’t kick her out. Soon enough, the two get to look into the photos she took. According to the man, his inventions are all at the S.S.R.’s labs, but he needs Agent Carter to bring one back to him. It turns out Stark called one of his weapons “the blitzkrieg button” and not only can it bring an entire city down, but it is also active. He’s there to deactivate it, but he needs Peggy to switch it with a fake. She rushes to Jarvis’ car, but Mr. Mink seems to be following the two of them. Meanwhile, Thompson jumps in Sousa’s interrogation and offers his witness some food and alcohol, which turns out to be working. The two men find out about the “man” and the “woman” who were at the dock. The S.S.R. chief arrives in Germany and speaks to a Nazi prisoner, waiting for execution. He wants to find out about the allegedly dead Russian guys he came upon and the battle of Finow, promising to help him escape. However, he’s more interested in avoiding the hang, so given a breath mint that he takes for a death pill, the German tells Dooley his people didn’t kill any Russian at Finow, even though a massacre had taken place. With Thompson congratulating Sousa on finding a witness, Peggy manages to sneak in the labs and steal the weapon, finding out it’s not what Stark had her think it would be though. Despite a struggle with Thompson who gave her a lecture over being a woman, she gets it back to Stark and asks for answers. Apparently, there’s some of Captain America’s blood hidden in it, which only leads her to punch her pal. At the same time, Agent Carter is obviously pissed at Stark for lying to her and eventually asks him to leave her place. Mr. Mink has been following for all that while and delivers some flowers for Peggy, finding out what room she lives at. As he sneaks in and gets to her door, he meets with the girl next door, Dottie, who totally surprises us all by getting him to the floor with only a couple of moves. It’s pretty obvious that Agent Carter wants nothing to do with either Stark or Jarvis. As Sousa starts connecting the dots about the mysterious woman of the S.S.R.’s cases, Peggy is seen hiding Cap’s blood in her wall. With Dooley and Thompson thinking they got Stark, their acquired, Russia-associated typing machine starts typing, with a message from the enemy arriving. And that’s it for the time being! Make sure you tune in next week for another perfectly enjoyable and action-filled episode of Agent Carter.

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