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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Agents of SHIELD: 03x02, Purpose In The Machine

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/07/2015 11:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Agents of SHIELD: 03x02, Purpose In The Machine | Purpose In The Machine
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After last week's season premiere, Agents Of SHIELD are back and better than ever with those inhumans in action. This week, they're looking to find some kind of "Purpose In The Machine", so let's find out what they got.

It all begins with a flashback 1839′s English Gloucestershire, where a man is picked by chance and gets ready, before getting consumed by a monolith. In the present, Mack and Daisy talk about Joey who still needs to be assessed by Dr. Garner and the latter’s not pleased, but Bobbi and Lance interrupt to inform them about Fitz’s touchey time with the monolith. They find their pal still fighting to get sucked by the monolith, but thankfully they take him away right before that happens.

Fitz has something in his hand and finds out it’s some kind of sand that is a lot older than Earth itself, so he knows Simmons has to be at some kind of other world. Coulson finally believes his far-fetched theories and decides to go find her. Bobbi talks with Hunter about going out to find Ward together but he’s once again negative towards the idea. He’s sent after him and Coulson takes the Mockingbird with him to visit the Asgardian Professor Randolph, since he’s done his travelling through space.

Ward is seen driving a fast car at some garage with a former HYDRA agent on the hood, torturing him to find out some kid so he can start his own HYDRA as the leader. Coulson and Bobbi find Randolph in jail and even though he doesn’t want to help them at first, he eventually follows the two after some harassing. Garner arrives at the team’s base and Daisy is being extremely sweet at first,  but then brings up May and all. We then get the first glimpse of May herself with her father, who is supicious of her behavior after she took the vacation trip with Andrew.

Randolph agrees to help the team find Simmons on condition that they’ll destroy the monolith right after. He in fact believes there’s something on the planet it’s connected with that triggers its actions, but they can’t figure it out on Earth. Once Randolph the monolith-related scroll that writes “death”, he says it means “death by punishment” and was written on the wall of a castle. Ward finally finds the kid he’s looking for partying on a yacht and takes out everyone in order to get him. The team goes to the castle Randolph knows and manage to find a secret passage.

Skye is visited by Dr. Andrew Garner and the two talk about the new danger of inhumans and her views, and it turns out she wants them to work with SHIELD and figure out they can give the world new-found hope. He’s realising she’s turning into a leader and wants to help her deal with it. As May’s preparing a meal for her father, she notices Hunter in the room and threatens him with a knife in his throat. Coulson, Fitz and Bobbi walk down the secret passage with Randolph and find some kind of vintage lab that is most likely made to host the monolith and control it as well. At the same time, Ward totrures the kid so that he gives away his password and they can take everything away from him.

May and Hunter have a chat and it turns out he found her while looking for HYDRA, ‘cause she was looking as well. He needs her, but she needs to take care of her father and wants out, even though he leaves some new evidence and insists she’s not out for real. Over at the castle, the monolith has been brought over and is taken to the lab and the machines actually work, but they eventually crush, causing Daisy to fall out. She wakes up revealing it was a pulsing sound that made her dizzy and they begin fixing the machine so they can interact with the other world.

Meanwhile, Kebo is beating the kid so he can get what he wants, but the boy grabs a pen and stabs him with it. Ward then walks in and congratulates him, as he’s the son of recently dead HYDRA head. May keeps talking to her father about a normal life, but he comforts her and insists that she needs to move on. Hunter gets the boy to collaborate on rebuilding HYDRA. The others keep fixing the machine and decide that Skye will rumble things up a bit to get it working; so they do and it liquifies, with Fitz quickly jumping inside and shouting for Jemma in the middle of a storm.

Moments later, Simmons replies and just as Daisy is getting hurt by the pressure, the two touch hands for a moment before they lose it again. However, the two are not ready to give up yet and both sides fight hard, so the monolith eventually explodes to everyone’s surprise. Thankfully, both Fitz and Simmons are back for good! As she recovers, Randolph gets informed on inhumans and says he hasn’t heard that term in a long time and Garner calls May to spread the word. While sleeping, Simmons wakes up from a nightmare and tries to defend herself with some kind of knife she’s got, seeing Fitz sleeping next to her and leaning on him. It all ends with the HYDRA head’s kid and Ward’s new friend signing up for Garner’s class.

Is it me or is Agents Of SHIELD following the second season’s 180 with another one on this new season? Whatever the case, after "Purpose In The Machine", there’s no chance we’re not coming back for another episode next week!


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