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Amanda Knox Takes On Donald Trump: Do I Owe Him My Loyalty?

Rachel Leishman | PopWrapped Author

Rachel Leishman

Staff Writer
05/26/2017 6:18 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Amanda Knox Takes On Donald Trump: Do I Owe Him My Loyalty? | Amanda Knox
Media Courtesy of Today Show

Amanda Knox has been in the news for quite some time recently. From her trial in Italy back in 2009 to her documentary that came out, we haven't really ever stopped talking about this case. You know who also talked about this case quite a bit? President Donald Trump.

At the time of the trial, Trump put his support behind Knox and her innocence. He believed in her. So, when it came time to believe in him, did Amanda vote for him as president? No. And Trump is upset about it. 

Here is the thing though: Amanda doesn't have to support him. She owes him nothing. He supported her because he believed in her story. 

"Donald Trump supported me during the worst crisis and most vulnerable moment in my life, defending my innocence when I was on trial in Italy for murder. He is now the president of the United States and reportedly “very upset” with me because I didn’t vote for him.

Do I owe him my loyalty?"

And she poses a great question: What exactly does she owe him? Just because he supported her, that doesn't necessarily mean she has to support everything that he stands for. And Amanda points that out too. 

"The message was clear: Trump defended me in the past; how dare I not defend him now? Never mind that Trump doesn’t share my values. If I won’t endorse him, at the very least I should keep my “left-wing lunacies” to myself."

So while this story isn't the first of its kind or really that surprising, it does bring up a good point. Just because someone supports you, that doesn't mean you throw your own reservations and beliefs out the window. Amanda doesn't believe in Trump and what he supports and that doesn't mean that she isn't grateful for what he had done for her in the past.

But as Amanda herself says, she doesn't owe him her loyalty or her vote. 


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