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Are They Or Aren't They? What Is The Klaine Relationship Status?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/20/2013 6:47 pm
Are They Or Aren't They? What Is The Klaine Relationship Status?


Clare Sidoti
Staff Writer

Twitter, tumblr and a whole heap of other social media sites are still dealing with Klainers reaction to scenes from last Thursday night’s new Glee episode, “I Do”. After weeks of teasing tidbits from series creator, Ryan Murphy, the night finally arrived and few fans were disappointed. Now after watching, and rewatching and rewatching certain scenes from the episode and with a three week hiatus to endure, much discussion has turned to so what is the boys relationship status now.


Fans were left reeling after episode 4, “The Break Up”, where it was revealed that Blaine (Darren Criss) had cheated on Kurt (Chris Cofler) and they separated. After a period of groveling and moping on Blaine’s part and Kurt ignoring all communication from Blaine culminating in him telling Blaine that he just doesn’t trust him anymore when he returned to Lima for the Grease production, the boys finally spoke during the “Thanksgiving” episode and confirmed they were each other’s best friend. They were then reunited in New York at Christmas.

Klainers hopes for a reconciliation were raised in the lead up to “I Do”. Following the break up, Ryan Murphy used words such as “ever-lasting” and “Eternity” in relation to Klaine. He’s also encouraged fans to “never give up”.


However, nothing excited Klainers more than his January 10 tweets with news from “I Do” of a “make out in a steamy car” scene and that “two couples were getting back together on Valentine’s day”. So are Klaine back together? If not, what are they?

While they have a steamy car make out session, sing a flirty duet and slow dance together, Kurt repeatedly states to Blaine throughout the episode that they’re “not dating” and that they’re at the wedding as “just friends” and Blaine constantly reassures Kurt that he knows this is not them getting back together. While they are in the car Kurt even questions what he’s doing as he’s “kind of seeing someone in New York”, though Blaine reminds him that he and Adam (Oliver Kieran-Jones) are not “exclusive”. However, after they have sex at the reception, Blaine dares Kurt to “tell me now that we’re not back together”. Kurt doesn’t exactly answer the question, but states that “it was fun, but” only to have Blaine cut him off. Later while walking through the halls of McKinley with Blaine and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Kurt reiterates that they are “just friends”. Though Blaine’s expression and his gleeful reaction in the hotel room seems to hint at something else. This seems to suggest that Klaine isn’t one of the couples that got back together on Valentine’s Day, but really none of the couples did get back together. Unless Ryan Murphy is referring to them hooking up, in which case the couples were Finchel and Klaine, though neither seem to be “together” at the end of the episode.

So if Klaine are not back together as yet, what exactly is the nature of their relationship? Blaine gave an interesting hint in the hotel room. He states that they “were together on Christmas and again on Valentine’s Day”. Now this could mean that they were literally together celebrating the holidays or it could mean that they hooked up both times. The latter would certainly explain Blaine’s change in attitude and outlook following Christmas. So have they moved to a friends with benefits whenever they’re together kind of relationship?

One thing is certain, like all the great will-they-won’t-they couples, Klaine is endgame. In an E! interview this week, on being asked if he thinks they will have a real reconciliation, Darren Criss stated:

"Yeah, of course! That’s like, ‘Duh!’…It’s like Ross and Rachel. You set up your couple that needs to be together and it’s about the journey. You gotta wait till the last sort of minutes to have the full-blown reunion."

And back at the beginning of January, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Chris Colfer confirmed that he believes they’ll be reunited for good:

“They’re kinda like Meredith and Derek, or the Fran [Drescher] and Mr. Sheffield [of ‘The Nanny’]… Like, you know they’re going to get together eventually. They’re just, you know, taking time.”

However, it may still be a rocky road before we get there. While there are no plans for a new love interest for Blaine, Kurt still has Adam back in New York. Ryan Murphy has also let us know from a video posted on January 20, that in the next episode, “Girls (and Boys) on Film” “Kurt seems torn…” in reaction to Blaine’s rooftop serenade of “Come What May”.


However long it takes for the much desired reunion, as long as he keeps giving us scenes like those from “I Do”, Klainers will be along for the ride.

Let us know what you think the Klaine relationship status is and when you think they’ll officially get back together? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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