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Arrow Episode Recap: Dead to Rights

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/02/2013 2:41 am
Arrow Episode Recap: Dead to Rights

Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer


Famed DC Comics’ writer Geoff Johns penned tonight’s episode. He also penned some of Smallville best episodes like “Absolute Justice” and “Booster.” Earlier, this year he co-wrote the Arrow episode “Muse of Fire.”

Remember spoilers ahead.

First off, a lot happens in this episode. We have island flashbacks of Oliver and Slade trying to get off the island and training for the upcoming fight with Fyers. We also see Oliver balancing his relationship with McKenna and being Arrow. And we get to see Laurel’s mom, Dinah Lance (Alex Kingston –we reported her casting here at PopWrapped) make her first appearance.

But the real meat of this episode is all about Tommy and giving Colin Donnell a chance to shine so this recap deals with every thing that happens to Tommy.

Happy Birthday Tommy

During an awkward double date between Oliver and McKenna (the cop that Oliver started seeing from the last episode) and Tommy and Laurel, Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy’s father arrives at Laurel’s apartment to not only give his son his birthday gift but to invite him to a ceremony where he is being honored with a humanitarian award.

The Hit List

At the beginning of this episode, China White initially hired an international assassin to kill Malcolm Merlyn. If you remember in the last episode, Moira hired China White to this job.

Since China’s original choice is no longer available, she turns to Deadshot (Michael Rowe). If you remember, Oliver/Arrow shot him in the eye with an arrow and we thought we was dead but guess we were wrong. China gives him a new “eye” and hires him to kill Malcolm. We learn that this will happen during Malcolm’s humanitarian award ceremony.

The ceremony starts and we see a very lovely China White enter and all the waiters/servers at the event are the Chinese Triad, who have killed the original servers.

After Malcolm’s speech is over, China White remotely triggers the fire alarm and shuts off the power and the Chinese Triad start taking down Malcolm’s security team. Concerned for Tommy’s safety, Malcolm goes and tries to find him. All the while, Deadshot is on a nearby rooftop, ready to take aim. Unable to get to Merlyn within the crowd of people leaving, Deadshot tells China White to drive Malcolm to his penthouse office so he can try and kill him there.

Malcolm finds Tommy and both make their way to another exit in the building on the second floor but are met by the Chinese Triad who open fire. Then, Arrow comes on the scene and tells Tommy and Malcolm to run while he takes care of the Chinese Triad.

Both keep on going further up the building to get to Malcolm’s penthouse office that can keep them safe.

While Arrow dispatches with some of the Chinese Triad members, he comes face to face with China. He asks her why she wants Malcolm dead but she replies that she will settle for him being dead and then they fight it out with Arrow winning. And just as Arrow is about to kill China, McKenna comes on the scene but Arrow escapes.

As Malcolm and Tommy continue to make it to Malcolm’s penthouse office, they encounter more of the Chinese Triad. Malcolm quickly dispatches them and shoots one of them dead in front of a stunned Tommy. 

They make it to the office that seems to be able to withstand any attack. Tommy asks his father where he learned to fight and kill. And just as it looked like Malcolm was going to reveal to his son that he is the Dark Archer (seen in “Year’s End”), Deadshot takes aim and blows up a window. Both Tommy and Malcolm are alright and when Malcolm goes to check Tommy, Deadshot takes some shots and Malcolm is hit for real this time. While he was wearing a bulletproof vest, he still managed to get shot and his bleeding.

Arrow arrives on scene and scrambling his voice, Tommy confronts him with Malcolm’s gun. Arrow tells Tommy that his dad has been shot with a poisoned bullet by Deadshot and that he has dealt with him before and can help him before real help can arrive. If not, Malcolm will die. Arrow tells Tommy the only way he can save his father is if he gives him a blood transfusion.

Tommy asks why he should trust Arrow. This is when Oliver unscrambles his voice and reveals his identity to Tommy and both work to save Malcolm.

Tommy wants to know why he is Arrow but Oliver states he will explain it to him later. Oliver informs Tommy that his dad will still need medical attention after cleaning out his blood. Malcolm wakes up and Oliver disappears.

When Malcolm gets medical attention, McKenna pretty much yells at Tommy about letting Arrow escape. Tommy said he didn’t stop Arrow because his father’s life was at stake. Lance finds it strange how Arrow is around to rescue him and his dad and wonders if Arrow is a friend. Tommy tells Lance he has no idea who Arrow is. It looks like Tommy is protecting Oliver’s secret.

At the hospital, Moira visits and she and Malcolm have a private talk. Malcolm tells Moira that they have a traitor amongst them and tasked Moira to find out who and chillingly tells her that this traitor has made his last mistake.

Outside of Malcolm’s room, Oliver visits and while both know that Tommy has a lot of questions for Oliver, Tommy asks just the one: Was Oliver ever going to tell him that he is Arrow. Oliver shakes his head and Tommy walks away.

Even though this is a Tommy episode, an important development occurs with Laurel’s mother, who pays her daughter a visit and tells her that she thinks that Sarah might be alive. 

For a more detailed review of this episode, can be found over at my blog: The World Goes Pop. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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