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Arrow Episode Recap: The Huntress Returns!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/22/2013 5:26 am
Arrow Episode Recap: The Huntress Returns!

Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

The episode title says it all, the Huntress aka Helena Bertinelli (Jessica de Gouw) has returned to wreak havoc on Oliver’s life.

As always, spoilers ahead.

The Bitch is Back

Helena is at a stripclub seeking her father’s attorney to see if he knows where the FBI has hidden her father. But she kills the man anyways and gets away on motorbike.

Diggle shows Oliver surveillance footage at the stripclub that shows Helena killing her father’s lawyer. Diggle calls Helena, Oliver’s psycho ex-girlfriend while Oliver wonders why she would come back to Starling City. He tasks Diggle to find out why Helena is back in Starling City.

When Oliver comes home, he finds Helena in his living room having a casual conversation with Thea. This is when Thea brings up wanting to give Roy a job; Oliver tells her they are hiring and should call Tommy in another room. 

This is so he can talk to Helena alone. He wonders where she has been; it seems she was all over Europe to find herself but came back because she claims to have missed Oliver. He throws back the man she just recently killed back in her face. He tells Helena that her father is serving consecutive life sentences. But Helena tells him that her father cut a plea deal to testify against another criminal organization and thus is going into witness protection. Helena believes that her father doesn’t deserve a second chance at life, and she can’t take on US Marshalls without help. Oliver tells her that it is murder and not justice in what she wants to do.

Moira interrupts their little tete-a-tete. Oliver introduces the two, and he walks her out, but she is undeterred in her request and tells Oliver that she will just have to be more persuasive, almost hinting that she will do something to his family.

Oliver’s new club, Verdant, opens and is hopping to the beat of DJ Steve Aoki (playing himself). A supposed note from Diggle leads Oliver back to the Arrow Cave where he finds Helena in Tommy in a death grip. With his hand forced, Oliver agrees to help Helena in her quest for vengeance against her father.

Diggle thinks that Oliver still has feelings for Helena, and that is the only reason why he is helping her.

Lance Family Reunion

Detective Lance meets Laurel at the Big Belly Burger to once again apologize for using her as bait for catching Arrow and Laurel apologizes too. Lance is confused as to why Laurel needs to apologize, and that is when Dinah, Lance’s ex-wife interrupts their conversation. 

Lance is confused as to why Dinah is back in Starling City. She tells her ex-husband that she believes that Sarah is still alive because there are tons of other deserted islands around the one that Oliver was found on. Dinah offers Lance a photograph that she thinks proves that Sarah is still alive. Lance remains unconvinced and questions why Dinah is doing this.

Back at the police station, Lance and Laurel have a talk about Dinah and ask her if she believes that Sarah is alive. Laurel says no but says there is no harm to take a look at the evidence that Dinah has found even if it is to set her straight. Laurel wants her father to try, and he reluctantly agrees. 

Later, Dinah arrives at the police station where Lance is willing to hear what she has to say about their daughter.

Thea and Roy

Thea and Roy meet again in the Glades and they continue on their flirty bantering about him being a purse snatcher and her being a rich snob, Thea offers Roy a potential job at Oliver’s club. Roy reluctantly accepts Thea’s help.

However, Roy doesn’t show up for his first day at work, and when Thea goes and confronts him, he tells her that he doesn’t want to be her charity case. As Thea leaves, she is about to get robbed by two thugs that is until Roy comes to the rescue but gets stabbed in the process.

Thea takes Roy to get stitched up and to distract him from a needle, she kisses him and he kisses her back.

Island Flashback

We see Oliver dressed as one of Fyers men with Wilson as his “prisoner.” This distraction works perfectly as Wilson kills all the guards surrounding the missile launcher.

Oliver calls Fyers letting him know they have the circuit board and they trade threats back and forth.Oliver proposes a trade: he wants a way off the island. 

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However, we all know that this trade won’t happen.

 For a more detailed review, please visit Pop Goes The World.

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