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Arrow Episode Recap: Vertigo!


Vanessa Ho
Staff Writer

On this week’s episode of Arrow we are introduced to the Count (Seth Gabel) and no he is not here to teach kids how to count numbers but actually to supply the population of Starling City a certain drug called Vertigo.

This is Arrow’s version of the Green Arrow nemesis Count Vertigo, whose power is to disrupt his enemies’ balance. But since Arrow is grounded in reality, the drug that the Count provides does just that.

Oliver Queen/Arrow’s (Stephen Amell) mission to get the Count is personal since it was the Vertigo drug that caused Oliver’s sister Thea (Willa Holland) to crash her car, get injured and then arrested.

Let’s breakdown this episode into important plot points. Of course, spoilers ahead.

Arrow versus the Count

The episode opens on a rainy night in Starling City with a man being chased in the streets by obviously Arrow. He is a Vertigo drug dealer and after cornering him, Oliver gets a name to the maker of the drug: the Count.

To get to the Count, Oliver reaches out to the Bratva, a Russian gang in Startling City that we met back in episode 3 “The Lone Gunman,” to help him get in contact with the Count in the guise that he wants to invest in the “pharmaceutical” industry. Before they will help Oliver, he needs to prove his loyalty to the Bratva by killing a thug that was a thorn in their side. With Diggle (David Ramsay), Oliver’s partner in his hero activities, by his side, he takes the thug in a chokehold and appears to kill him. Seeing this, the Bratva agree to set up a meeting with the Count. However, Dig finds out that Oliver didn’t. I point this out here because it is important later on.

When Oliver does meet with the Count, the police, which include an old friend of Oliver’s (True Blood’s Janina Gavankar), are unfortunately there too and breaks up the deal.

As the Count runs away, Oliver chases after him but gets a pure form of the Vertigo drug plunged into his chest.

Diggle takes Oliver to the Arrow Cave, he manages to get a potion down his throat to save Oliver.

Oliver uses the syringe as a way to find out where the Vertigo drug is made and uses a flimsy excuse to get Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), Queen Consolidated’s IT gal, to help him.

Oliver finds the Count’s headquarters and as Arrow confronts him as the police start to move in on the building. As Arrow comes face to face with the Count, he gives him a taste of his own medicine and plunges the same form of Vertigo into his back.

The police arrive, Arrow escapes and the Count is arrested but seems to have had a bad reaction to ODing on Vertigo. While he may be gone now, something tells me this isn’t the last we have seen of the Count.

Thea’s Legal Troubles

However, before Oliver takes on the Count, he has to deal with Thea’s legal troubles. It seems that the judge in her case is a hard ass on crime and is using Thea as an example to anyone that takes Vertigo won’t go unpunished and turns down the plea bargain that her lawyer had arranged.

Oliver visits Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), his ex-girlfriend to help get Thea off by asking her to ask her father (Paul Blackthorne), a detective at the Starling City Police Department, to call the judge to see if he can get him to reconsider the plea bargain.

Despite hating Oliver, Detective Lance does manage to get Thea off with two years probation and 500 hours of community service to be served at the CNRI, the legal laid office that Laurel works for.

Island Flashback

In the last episode, Yao Fei (Byron Mann) was revealed to have joined Edward Fyers’ (Sebastian Dunn) goons and is keeping guard on Oliver who is holed up in a cage. Oliver asks why Yao Fei has betrayed him even after he went to the trouble of keeping him safe. He begs Yao Fei to get him out of the cage but he says he can’t while Oliver spats back repeatedly how he came back for him.

Yao Fei does eventually let Oliver out only to be part of the island’s team building gladiator games. As he enters the arena, we see Deathstroke kill his opponent. Next up is Yao Fei versus Oliver. Yao Fei wins, as it appears that he kills Oliver in the same chokehold that was seen earlier. The next day, Fyers men start to push Oliver’s “dead” body off a waterfall but Yao Fei does it instead. This was a ruse to give Oliver a part of the island’s map and to wake him up as he plunges into the water. This map has the word survive in Mandarin and Oliver goes off to do just that.

Felicity Smoak

In my favourite part of the episode, Felicity asks Oliver to meet at the Big Belly Burger. She asks if she can trust him. Despite all the flimsy excuses that Oliver has given her, Felicity still trusts him. Oliver tells her that she can trust him. And with that, Felicity shows Oliver the other book that contains the List. She tells Oliver that she got it from Walter and who in turn got it from Moira. And that Walter asked her to look into the book before he vanished. Felicity believes that this book was what caused Walter his life. Oliver looks on in quiet shock.

So does this mean that Felicity will join Oliver and Diggle in the Arrow Cave? I sure hope so.

To read a more detailed recap of this episode, visit here (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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