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Arrow Goes to the "Darkness on the Edge of Town" Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/10/2013 6:43 am
Arrow Goes to the

Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

We are at the penultimate episode of season 1 of Arrow and tonight Arrow and the Dark Archer meet up again.

If you remember, the last time these two met, Oliver had his ass handed to him way back in episode 9 “Year’s End.”

But let’s start back on the island….

Island Flashback

With Oliver, Slade and Shado captured by Fyers, we learn that Fyers plans on taking down a Ferris Air (of Green Lantern fame) jet on its way to Hong Kong. Why does he want to take it down, asks Oliver. Fyers replies that he wants to stop all air traffic going to and from China to de-stabilize its economy and plans on pinning everything on Yao Fei. When Yao Fei records a video claiming responsibility, Fyers kills him anyways.

Mission: Impossible: Arrow Edition

To get more information about the Undertaking, Oliver lets himself be taken by Diggle dressed as Arrow along with his mother so they can find out about the Undertaking and what is Malcolm Merlyn’s role. Only when Oliver was beaten repeatedly, Moira finally starts to speak. She tells Diggle as Arrow (and Oliver too) that Malcolm is planning on leveling the Glades so he can rebuild. He is going to create an earthquake using a device that was developed by Unidac Industries but used resources from Queen Consolidated’s Applied Science Division to turn it into a weapon. “Arrow” wants to know how she got to be involved with Malcolm. She replies that it was through her husband, who thought he was doing some good b ut his decisions left her and her family vulnerable Malcolm. When “Arrow” asks her where the device is, she doesn’t know but “Arrow” needs to know in order to stop Malcolm but she tells him you can’t and it is too late. “Arrow” then lets Oliver and Moira go. Moira apologizes to her son for involvement in the Undertaking but Oliver is not in a forgiving mood and walks away from his mother.

When Felicity is unable to use her hacking skills to get into Merlyn Global’s computer system, all three go to the Merlyn Global building to break into its server room so Felicity can get more direct access. The whole mission felt like it something out of not only Mission: Impossible but Ocean’s Eleven too. Felicity manages to get the information she needs but not without some hiccups. This whole sequence really allowed Emil Bett Rickards comedic chops to shine.

Oliver Decides Who He Wants

After going back and forth the whole episode on how he is no good for Laurel and even attempting to get her and Tommy back together but that falling on Tommy’s deaf ears, Oliver decides that he wants to be with Laurel and she wants to be with him too and the two then sleep together. However, Tommy seemed to have a change of heart and is outside of Laurel’s apartment building but when he sees the two about to have sex, I think he is pissed. This further cements the love triangle and ends the Tommy and Oliver bromance.

In other news…

Walter is back home and all is not well at the Queen household as Walter knowing that Moira was behind his kidnapping serves his wife with divorce papers and then leaves her.

Thea and Roy Looking for Mr. Arrow

Thea and Roy realize that the best way to meet Arrow is to go to Merly Global because of a hunch that Thea overheard at the police station. She tells Roy that the Dark Archer is connected to Merlyn Global and since the Dark Archer hates Arrow, they feel that they can catch Arrow by luring him to Merlyn Global.

When they arrive at Merlyn Global, Roy meets Oliver, who warns Roy and Thea to stop looking for Arrow. When Roy returns home, he still wants to meet Arrow (little does he know that he already has) because he wants Arrow to teach him how to be like him so he doesn’t have to lose anyone else he loves. Thea wants him to stop his hunt for Arrow and when he doesn’t want to, the two break up.

Arrow versus the Dark Archer Part II

Felicity does find the location of the device but when Diggle goes to check it out, it as disappeared. Meanwhile, Arrow goes and has a “pointed” conversation with Malcolm at his office. Arrow says his patented catch phrase and confronts him about the Undertaking and the location of the device. Malcolm said it is safe and was tipped off by the Trojan that Felicity placed on his system. Malcolm tells him the Undertaking is necessary to clean Starling City of all it ills. When Arrow tries to kill Malcolm with his arrow, he catches it. Malcolm all but confesses that he is the Dark Archer and how he almost killed him and mentions how Arrow saved him too. The two then start to fight and Malcolm wins and finds out that Arrow is Oliver.

This sets us up for the season finale. Will we see more casualities? I think so.


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