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Arrow Recap:

Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

Ever since Malcolm Merlyn mentioned the Undertaking way back in episode 9 “Year’s End” we finally get to see what exactly Merlyn is up to. Plus we get to flashback to before Oliver went on the Queen’s Gambit where he was a total douche who really was unworthy of Laurel’s love

Tonight’s episode revealed a lot and sets us up for the season finale on May 15.

Let’s beginning….

5 Years Ago

We are at a meeting with Robert Queen, Malcolm Merlyn and Frank Chin. Malcolm reveals to the men a plan or an undertaking that he has come up with the clean up the Glades. He wants to level the city. Why does he want to do that? Well, his wife, Rebecca, has a medical clinic in the Glades and was brutally murdered. In fact, the night she was murdered, Rebecca left Malcolm a voice mail where she begged him to come and pretty much died.

Basically, Malcolm blames the Glades for his wife’s death and wants them to pay. He tells Robert and Frank that the Glades have been bad to them too. Frank’s daughter, Rachel, was raped in the Glades while Robert accidentally killed a foreman who tried to bribe him. We also see the genesis of the List in this flashback.

Robert is very uneasy with the Undertaking and enlists Frank to help him stop Malcolm by buying the rest of the properties in the Glades that Malcolm doesn’t already own.

They need capital for this venture with Frank travelling to Shanghai and Robert taking his yacht, the Queen’s Gambit, out for a spin.

One of the big reveals of the episode is that Frank is actually working with Malcolm and planted the bomb that will take down the Queen’s Gambit but because the yacht is heading towards a storm, bad weather will be the cause of its sinking.


Felicity in the Field

The present day storyline is all about finding Walter and it involves Felicity going out in the field to confront an underground casino owner who was paid to kidnap Walter.

And Felicity in the field was pretty funny, especially her unintentional double-entendre conversation that she has with Oliver. Anyways, her part of the mission is to get caught cheating so she can gain access to the manager office (it is the guy hired to kidnap Walter) so she can plant a bug on his computer so they can find Walter.

However, when Arrow confronts the dude, he tells our favorite vigilante that Walter is dead.

Oliver breaks this news to his family but Moira refuses to believe him goes to confront Malcolm for breaking his promise of not hurting him if she assisted him in the Undertaking. Malcolm tells Moira that Walter is still alive and shows video proof of it. Meanwhile, Arrow has listened in to the whole conversation and gets Felicity to look into Malcolm Merlyn’s phone records to see who he called to show the video feed of Walter to his mom.

Felicity manages to trace the call to a building in Bludhaven and Arrow goes and rescues Walter, who reunites with his family and Felicity too.


The Bromance is Back

Oliver goes to Diggle’s apartment to apologize to him. Diggle was right about everything from Deadshot to knowing that his mom was involved with the Undertaking. Oliver needs Diggle’s help in stopping whatever is coming.

And the episode ends as we see a Mack truck pull into Starling City with what is presumably the thing that will help level the Glades.

A full and more detailed review can be found at Pop Goes The World.


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