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Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

Tonight’s episode, we have another vigilante that targets those that have failed the Glades and broadcasts his crime via Internet.

So lets get started with the recap. As always spoilers ahead.

The Savior

Before Oliver/Arrow had a chance to go after someone on his list, a man known as the Savior gets to him first. This man is John Nichol, a Glades slumlord. The Savior is broadcasting his “trial” over his website called He gives the man a chance to plead his case but it really doesn’t matter what he says as the Savior kills him anyways.

Felicity is having a hard time tracking where the Savior is broadcasting and this is evident when the Savior goes after Starling City’s ADA who failed to convict the men responsible for killing his wife in a robbery. When Felicity gets an address, she sends Oliver on a wild goose chase as the Savior was not at the first address nor at the second one she finds. Oliver is too late as the ADA is killed and Felicity feels responsible.

Oliver does console her and she shouldn’t feel guilty but Felicity is happy that she is single as she has no clue how she could explain her day to her boyfriend.

The Trouble with Roy

While Thea and Roy are making out, they are interrupted by a friend of Roy’s who gives him a gun and tells him that they are meeting at 11pm the next night; Thea finds the gun and the reason why he has it: he is going to rob a liquor store. Thea is not pleased with his life of crime and they get into a fight.

Later when Thea goes to apologize, Roy becomes a target of the Savior because he is a gang banger just like the ones that killed his wife.

Thea runs to Oliver’s club and begs him to help Roy. Oliver goes off in Arrow mode and with the help of Felicity discover that the Savior is using Starling City’s old subway system as his base.

He has Roy there who actually begs the Savior to kill him because no will miss him and he is a waste. Just when the Savior is about to do so, Arrow comes to the rescue. He wants the Savior to let Roy go so he can change but he doesn’t listen and just when he is going to shoot, Arrow puts an arrow through him.

Roy and Thea are reunited back at Verdant and when Thea goes to freshen herself up, Roy takes out the flechette that Arrow used to set him free. Is this the beginning of Roy becoming Arrow’s sidekick? Only time will tell.

The Search for Sarah Lance

Lance is now on board with Dinah in the search for their daughter. Laurel is surprised how her apartment seems to have become headquarters for their search with notes and maps pinned on walls. Laurel was hoping that her father would her mother accept that Sarah is gone but the opposite seems to have happened and they appeared to have reconnected over this. Laurel does some investigating of her own and thanks to a friend at the Chinese Embassy, she discovers that the woman in the picture is not Sarah and tells her parents so. Despite actually meeting the woman in the picture, Dinah still believes that Sarah is alive. Laurel wants to know why she thinks Sarah is alive based on the one fact that the woman in the picture was wearing a Starling City Rockets baseball cap. Dinah confesses that she saw Sarah pack the hat for her trip with Oliver on his yacht and despite Dinah telling Sarah not go as to not hurt Laurel, she still let Sarah go and she feels guilty because if she didn’t let her go, she would still be alive.

This whole ordeal has helped mother and daughter reconnect and as Dinah heads back to her home in Central City (home of the Flash), there is a promise of keeping in touch.

Moira in Trouble?

Moira meets with Frank to ensure that they can’t be traced to Malcolm’s attempted murder. Frank tells her how he has covered his tracks. Moira feels a bit reassured that is until Malcolm calls and tells her how a member of the Triad has agreed to help him find out who wanted him dead in exchange for a reduced sentence. This forces Moira to rat on Frank so she would be free and clear. When she and Frank meet again, the Dark Archer (who we know is Malcolm) kills Frank and he thanks Moira for her loyalty. When the Dark Archer wants to kill Frank’s family, Moira begs him not to, he relents and quickly disappears. As Moira gets back into her car, she literally and figuratively has blood on her hands.

Island Flashback 

Oliver and Fyers continue their negotiations but Fyers changes the deal. He wants the missile launcher’s circuit board in exchange for the life of Yao Fei’s daughter. Before any deal could be reached, a fight breaks out with our island gang winning, But when backup arrive, they escape but Yao Fei is shot in the process and they are forced to leave him. Later, Oliver discovers that Fyers found where he hid the circuit board and realizes that he was never going to help them get off the island. They worry what is Fyers plan with the missile launcher while Yao Fei’s daughter tells them she knows his plan.

Oliver’s Aha Moment

The episode ends with Oliver seeing a map of Starling City’s subway system and realizes that it matches the logo that is in front of the List. He connects the dots and figures out that his father, the List, the Dark Archer and the Undertaking all have to do with the Glades.

So ends another action-packed episode of Arrow.

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