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Arrow's Season Finale Shows Us What It Means to "Sacrifice"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/16/2013 9:00 pm
Arrow's Season Finale Shows Us What It Means to

Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

Last week’s episode felt like the season finale with Malcolm discovering that Arrow is Oliver then you could but it wasn’t.

Tonight’s season one finale theme was all about sacrificing and people bandied about that word so much that if you had a drinking game, you would be drunk within the first 15 minutes.

Anyways, lets get right into the action. As usual spoilers ahead.

Everyone Finds Out About the Undertaking

Let’s start with the opening of the episode. Malcolm has captured Oliver and discusses the Undertaking with him. After he leaves, Oliver manages to escape. 

Oliver then finds Tommy at Verdant. Oliver tries to tell him what his father is up to but Tommy doesn’t believe him.

But when Moira holds a press conference to tell about the Undertaking and her role in it. After she is done, the police arrest her for her role in it. 

Everyone watching the report, Lance, Laurel and Tommy are shocked at this. Tommy confronts his father about the Undertaking and he doesn’t deny it. When the police come to arrest him, he kills them, reveals to his son that he is the Dark Archer and knocks him out.

Island Flashback

When we last saw the island, Fyers was ready to fire a missile at a Ferris Air jet. The man that Oliver left at the cave is at the air traffic control desk and before he gives the orders to fire the missile, Oliver escapes, stabs him and chaos ensues as Shado and Slade have also escaped. Fyers yells to fire the missile and the missile fires as Oliver looks on. But Shado and Oliver get on the missile launcher and they try and re-direct it but Fyers’ men come upon them and one of them pulls Shado off. Oliver manages to win his fight and re-directs the missiles to fire instead on Fyers’ campsite.

While surveying the damage, Oliver comes upon a bow and arrow while yelling for Slade and Shado. He find Slade and both wonder where Shado is. She is with Fyers who holds her hostage and tells Oliver that he can get him off the island and home or is he willing to sacrifice himself for Shado. Oliver kills Fyers with the bow and arrow and that is the last time we see the island for season 1.

Felicity and Lance Team Up

Thanks to a tip from Arrow the location of the Unidac device, Lance, on the request of Arrow, is sent to disarm it with the help of Felicity, who earlier in the episode was brought in for questioning for all the hacking she has done for Arrow.

Felicity manages to talk Lance into disarming the device but unfortunately for them, Malcolm had a second Unidac device, which he turns on and the Undertaking still takes place.

The Glades on Fire

With an evacuation warning, the people of the Glades are fleeing but there is also looting and fires on the street. In the thick of it are Roy and Thea but before they can escape, Roy wants to help some people trapped. They part but not before the two share a tender kiss.

Arrow versus Dark Archer Round 3

Arrow and Diggle go to confront the Dark Archer. The three men fight until the Dark Archer throws a knife at Diggle thus putting him out of the fight. The fight then moves onto a rooftop where arrows and fists are flying. It looks like the Dark Archer is going to win again but Arrow stabs the Dark Archer in the chest and knocks him out. This is when we find out about the second Unidac device.

The Undertaking Claims a Victim

As the earthquake is leveling the Glades, we see that it is concentrated around the area of the CNRI where Laurel is. The building starts to collapse and she is pinned under a pillar. Before Oliver can come to her resuce, Tommy is the one to rescue her and he proclaims his love before the building collapses on him.

Oliver finally arrives on the scene and finds Tommy under the rubble but he has been stabbed through with rebar. The two former best friends reconcile before Tommy dies and the Glades destroyed.

What is up for season 2? Now that Tommy is dead, what does that do to Oliver? Will he pull away from Laurel again? Will Laurel maybe pull away from him because maybe she feels some guilt over being with Oliver? Since Malcolm didn’t die, does it mean we haven’t seen the last of him? And what is going to happen to the Queen family now that Moira is off to jail? And how soon will Roy begin his transformation into Red Arrow.

So many questions and we have to wait 5 or 6 months for the answers.


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