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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x01, The Flash 4x01, Legends 3x01, Arrow 6x01

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

10/12/2017 10:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x01, The Flash 4x01, Legends 3x01, Arrow 6x01 | Arrowverse
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This week marked the return of the four much anticipated Arrowverse shows: Supergirl on Monday, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow on Tuesday, and Arrow on Thursday. Each show ended on some rather interesting notes in the spring, so fans were eager to see the four shows return. So what happened? Here we go:

Supergirl 3x01: "Girl Of Steel"

With Mon-El banished to who-knows-where in space, it's understandable that Kara would be a little down in the dumps, because despite what the fandom thinks of Mon-El, Kara did love him. And if Barry Allen and Oliver Queen can have their stints of sadness and angst, it's only fair Kara can too. Only Kara's angst is a really specific brand of alien angst in which she comes to resent her humanity for making her weaker and for forcing her to live a double life. In this period of emotions, she quits her job at Cat-Co and avoids all her friends, who are trying to give her space. But how much space is too much space? Alex doesn't wait to find out and confronts Kara after she quits Cat-Co. In a sisterly argument, Alex tries to convince her that Kara is allowed to feel sadness but has to also get back in the game and live her life as a human, not just as a superhero. But Kara is stubborn and would rather spend her time dreaming about hanging with Mon-El and her mother Alura (now played by Erica Durance) in a magical field.

On the business side of things, L-Corp and Cat-Co both have a new foe in the form of real estate mogul Morgan Edge who has eyes for the waterfront. To stop him from rising to more power, Lena ends up buying Cat-Co, and also spearheads the city's Supergirl statue unveiling at the waterfront. With moody Kara watching from the wings, a fun community gathering turns into inevitable chaos as stolen tech is used from a submarine by merc Robert DuBois aka Bloodsport to attack the crowd. Alex and Maggie, who were patrolling the event, are forced into action. Who else is at this event? New character Samantha (played by Odette Annable) and her 12-year-old daughter Ruby. In the attack, Ruby is trapped under metal, and a frantic Samantha manages to lift it off her, leaving dents in the metal. While this could just be adrenaline, I'm thinking not as the episode ends with Samantha having a weird dream of Alura as a zombie-thing.

As for Alex and Maggie, their wedding planning is not going so well. Maybe because of what's going on with Kara or maybe other things, but Alex is just not into it. She later admits it has to do with the fact that her father isn't around, leading to a very sweet moment in which she asks J'onn to give her away at the "biggest, gayest wedding National City has ever seen." 

As Kara stops DuBois from totally torpedoing the city, she almost dies underwater and it's a vision of Mon-El telling her to "WAKE UP!" that brings her back, in more ways than one. Supergirl corners Edge and says she knows he was also behind the attack, and then Kara decides to unquit and go back to work under Lena's new command, but only after joining her pals at the bar again. One of the last scenes is of an alien spaceship deep underwater.

Is Kara's sadness over? Probably not. She'll likely be dealing with Mon-El's absence for a while, but I think the worst of it may be over, and in time she'll return to the cheery, puppy-like state we enjoy. Overall, a mediocre episode, but Samantha's powers and Lena's purchase are two intriguing plots that has me moderately looking forward to next Monday.

The Flash 4x01 "The Flash Reborn"

The Flash has this fun habit of having these huge cliffhangers in the finales, only for the drama to last one episode before everything returns to normal. This episode was no exception. It's been six months since Barry entered the speed force, and in that time, Wally and Cisco and Joe have taken on the hero role with Iris giving commands from STAR Labs. They're making the most of the situation, but the absence of not only Barry but also Caitlin and HR and Julian (who moved back to London, apparently) is felt. But Iris promise Barry she'd keep moving forward, so that's what they're doing. Until, of course, a weird evil Samurai arrives in Central City demanding the presence of The Flash, and he means the real Flash, not just Wally, or Wally in Barry's suit (both of which they tried). So Cisco decides to share that he's been working on a way to bring Barry back without the world collapsing on itself. Iris isn't thrilled with this as it seems a lot like not moving forward, but everyone else is on board so they go behind her back to attempt the rescue. And you know who else joins in the save? Caitlin. She's working as a bartender when Cisco tells her of his plan. She agrees to come back to STAR Labs, which seems a little too good to be true, considering how she left at the end of the last season. Later in the episode, it's revealed that she hasn't quite shaken her ice powers, and the Killer Frost side seems to take over often. I wish we were done with this issue, but apparently not.

Though the team's science seems to fail, across town, a naked and bearded Barry appears in a blur before passing out. He's found and taken to CCPD, where the team goes to greet him. But this is not the Barry that left. This Barry is writing weird symbols on the wall and speaking jibberish and doesn't seem to recognize any of his friends. And he has a beard. Did I mention that? They take him to STAR Labs and Caitlin runs tests, but nothing comes up to explain why or what or who. Even Iris can't get through to him. But as Joe and Iris are sitting outside the symbol-covered cell they put Barry in, Joe delivers a classic Joe West speech telling his daughter to have faith. 

So when the Samauri shows up again, Iris takes this advice to heart and tells him to take her as bait, hoping that Barry will snap out of his speed force induced nonsense and save her. A frantic Joe pleads to Barry to save her, and I guess it works because Barry speeds out of there and catches up to them. He beats up the Samurai and saves Iris, only to reveal that the Samurai was just a robot, with a message: "Welcome home, Barry." Weird, right?

While I'd love to say that the episode ended with the cute Westallen scene at their apartment in which Barry is adorably optimistic about their future together, the last few seconds just had to treat us to a little cliffhanger. It's a reveal of who sent the robot Samurai: a creepy bald guy in a techy chair known as The Thinker. Hello, season 4 Big Bad.

I'm glad Barry's back, don't get me wrong, but I would have liked to see at least one full episode without him since they made his choice to leave into such a big deal. And did his love for Iris really snap him back just like that? It seems a little weird if you ask me. But overall, this was a solid episode that really sets us up for the rest of the season.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x01 "Aruba-Con"

We last left the ragtag team as they arrived in modern LA to find dinosaurs. We pick up right there, and as they wonder how to fix it, Rip Hunter (with a fresh new haircut) steps out from a portal announces that he's from the future and his new secret group known as the Time Bureau will deal with it all. And they do. Future Rip Hunter then fires the Legends. Cut to a few months later where the gang is split up and living boring, regular lives. Ray works at a tech company and Sara's working retail (yes, ninja assassin Sara Lance is working retail and I would love a spin-off of just that!) and Mick is chilling in Aruba. They're all unhappy, but c'est la vie, right? Wrong.

Over in Aruba, Mick's tanning is interrupted by none other than Julius Ceasar, so he calls Sara for help. Seeing this as a chance to get back in Future Rip's good books, she gathers Ray and Nate and they hit up the Time Bureau's HQ. Unfortunately, Future Rip isn't too pleased to see them and doesn't want to give them a chance. He instead sends his own team to Aruba, but Mick loses control of Ceasar and the Bureau ends up bringing back Mick and some frat guy dressed as Ceasar (because there was a Roman-themed frat party happening on the same beach, duh). The lack of a real Ceasar leads Rip to believe Mick was just mistaken, but the real gold Roman coin he has proves to Nate he wasn't. 

So Sara, Ray, Nate, and Mick steal the Waverider, pick up Jax and Stein, and fly back to Aruba (sidenote: Amaya went back to her time, apparently on Rip's suggestion). On the beach, Sara engages in a great fight with the real Ceasar and they eventually bring him back to ancient Rome instead of back to Rip to deal with. Though, in typical Legends style, one of them has to commit a huge goof: as they return Ceasar to Rome, Nate brings along a history book that Ceasar steals, changing the course of history. Before the Legends can correct this mistake, Rip and his agents show up and try to take over the mission. But even Rip was once a flawed Legend too, so he accidentally leads his team into a trap, and it's the Legends that end up saving the day. 

Though Stein had reservations to rejoin the team, they all agree to stay onboard the Waverider and return to business, even without Amaya, who we see for a quick scene in her village with some heightened powers. Where the Legends will go next, only time will tell (get it?). It's Future Rip who allows the team to keep the Waverider, so I guess we'll be seeing him again. I don't like him. I find it hard to believe that after all the times the Legends saved him and helped him in the first two seasons, he'd just dismiss them like that. They deserve more. 

This episode was as light and funny as ever, which I appreciated. But a lot did happen, and the game is changed. Will we ever see the old Rip again? Will the Time Bureau cause more issues with the Legends? Are the Legends still after Time Aberrations? It wasn't a great episode, but I think there was some decent set up for the rest of the season, and I'm looking forward to more.

Arrow 6x01 "Fallout"

Season 5 ended with basically everyone except Oliver and William on an exploding island. Though we have a five-month time jump, Season 6 wasted no time going back to action. Right away we get an update on the lives of Team Arrow. Survivors so far include Diggle, Dinah, Rene, Curtis, Felicity, and Quentin. Later in the episode, we also find out that Slade and E2 Laurel survived. And how lucky are we that Black Siren survived. After all, who else would antagonize Team Arrow? Laurel and her goons-for-hire attack SCPD and then the Arrow Cave, all to eventually steal a prototype of Curtis' T-Balls. She manages to get away with it too because Quentin somehow thinks she's his daughter and has issues shooting her (though through a flashback we see him shoot her once on Lian-Yu after she attacked Dinah). Look forward to more of that father/evil daughter dynamic in the future. And yes, the flashbacks are back. Though hopefully just for this episode.

And parental issues are all around, it seems. Oliver did manage to find Samantha on Lian Yu, but she died in his arms after making him promise he'll be a father to William. And like any kid who was kidnapped by a psycho who killed his mom and then was forced to move in with a strange man who is also a superhero and the mayor, William is not dealing with it well. He's plagued with nightmares, is moody, and thinks Oliver is a bad guy. Oliver isn't cut out for the dad life, but I think he'll grow into the role. I don't hate this storyline.

So who are we still missing from Lian Yu? Thea. Her fate is dragged out through the episode for a while until we see Oliver go into a hospital room where his sister lays in a coma. At least she's not dead. Who else are we missing? Nyssa. And Taliah. And Evelyn. Their fates are not revealed. 

So now we're all caught up on (basically) everyone's fates and life in Star City has returned to normal, it's time for the big shakeup. Just as Oliver has made some progress with William (he agreed to watch a baseball game with him!), Felicity calls and demands he turns on the news. The big story tonight? The media has a picture of Oliver. In the Green Arrow outfit. Without his hood and mask on. So everyone now knows Oliver is the vigilante. Fun! Oliver can definitely handle more on his plate!

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. We got action, feelings, and we didn't play the Who Is Alive game too long. However, this also felt like a regular Arrow episode, which is fine, but the showrunners did make it seem like this season would be wildly different. Maybe the next episode will be more different? I'm looking forward to it. How will Star City react? Can Oliver lie his way out?

All four shows had fairly solid episodes. Supergirl's was my least favourite, and I think Legends Of Tomorrow's was the best. Do you agree? In all the shows, the teams are in uncharted territory now, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Until next week, then!


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