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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x04, The Flash 4x04, Legends 3x04, Arrow 6x04

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

11/02/2017 11:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x04, The Flash 4x04, Legends 3x04, Arrow 6x04 | Arrowverse
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Last week's recaps

We're now four weeks into these new seasons. This week, Kara is worshipped like a God, the STAR Labs crew tracks down a stretchy new meta, the Legends go back in time to save Ray, and Felicity is forced into the driver's seat on Arrow. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x04 "The Faithful"

Remember in the pilot when Kara became Supergirl by saving that plane that Alex was on? Well, that event not only marked Supergirl's start, it also was the start of a lovely little cult in which a rather dedicated man who also on the plane saw Kara and decided she was worthy of devotion. Yes, a cult. While at Ruby's soccer game, Samantha is approached by a lady who hands her a pamphlet about a meeting for 'special people'. Kara sees the pamphlet on Sam's desk, recognizing the symbol for the Kryptonian God Rau on it, prompting her, James, and Winn to go check on the meeting. It's a bunch of loyal people Kara has saved in the past, and Kara, James, and Winn are very weirded out. And it gets weirder because some people are so desperate to join the cult and be saved that they purposely start accidents, like one dude who started a fire in a building. Kara is so uncomfortable with this (as she should be) that she goes to talk to the leader, Thomas Coville, under the guise of writing a report. But Coville is smart and isn't fooled by Kara's glasses. He recognizes her as Supergirl and insists his faith in her is strong. And though Kara spent two years lying to Cat Grant (a normal, non-culty lady) about her identity, she doesn't even try to lie to Coville (a not normal cult leader).

And though Kara told Coville that Supergirl cannot save everyone all the time, he decides to put that to the test by using Kryptonian tech to make a probe (with enough power to blow up the city) that he brings to a packed hockey arena. Kara tries to stop it, but there's kryptonite present, so she can't do anything but weakly beg him to stop the device. Seeing her bleed and suffer, he does try, but can't. Alex arrives and throws away the kryptonite, but with time running out and Kara still a little weak, they can't fully remove the probe or evacuate people. So Kara uses her fire eyes and burns a really big hole in the ground. Alex then forces Coville to help her push the probe down. It works, and Coville is then arrested. Kara visits him in jail and he assures her that her secret is safe and he still has faith in her.

As for Samantha, she's struggling to balance her work and her daughter, who is kind of needy and kind of annoying. But Sam still manages to take a night off and go to Girls Night at Kara's where she, Lena, Kara, Maggie, and Alex chat and hang out and bond. They start talking about children, and everyone agrees to be Ruby's cool aunts because no one else has kids. As much as I don't love Sam just yet, she does fit in with the group well. There's even a scene later on where Lena gives her advice on her work-life balance, which is great because though Lena is her boss, we know Lena is also a great friend. Towards the end of the episode, all the cool aunts (minus Maggie) attend Ruby's talent show where she sings "Pure Imagination". During the song, Alex gets really emotional and leaves. Kara follows her out, and Alex breaks down crying, saying that she really, really wants kids, and though she loves Maggie, she's never going to be content until she's a mom. Honestly, I cried a little too during this scene because Alex looked so sad and I felt so bad for her. Alex deserves so much happiness. 

The last scene is of Sam in her bathroom. One second she's looking in the mirror and is okay, and the next she's got weird runes all over her skin, and this weird hooded demon thing is next to her, speaking some nonsense about her reigning again. It's all in her mind, as Ruby then pokes her head in, and the runes are gone. It's a weird scene that doesn't make any sense until we see a title card say "22 hours earlier" and we flash back to when the probe went into the hole Kara made. When it exploded, far below the surface, it shook awake someone in that mysterious underwater spaceship we saw in 3x01. Could it be that demon? 

I think this was a good episode, overall. A cult following an alien hero like Kara is a cool plot idea, and I think this was executed well. I also liked the girls all hanging out and bonding.

The Flash 4x04 "Elongated Journey Into Night"

This episode, directed by The Flash's own Tom Cavanagh, begins with Cisco and Gypsy's romancing being interrupted by a raging guy who appeared through a portal. He attacks Cisco and only stops when Gypsy yells "Daddy!" because this wild breacher guy (played by Danny Trejo, by the way) is Gypsy's father. And like a lot of TV dads, no man is good enough for their little girl, even though as we all know, Cisco is literally the best. So Gyspy's dad (called Breacher) is around, trying to literally kill Cisco (as all the good dads do), and that isn't even STAR Labs' biggest issue. Since the team has identified that there were ten more people on that dark matter bus, they've started looking for them, and they finally identify one: a man named Ralph Dibny, and while he is new to us viewers, it's clear by the look on Barry's face that he knows this dude. Ralph is, as we learn, a PI, though his office is kind of messy, and when Barry and Joe go see him, he isn't very cooperative or welcoming. He denies being on the bus, but after Barry and Joe leave, Ralph gets two more visitors, and they're not as nice. They want something from Ralph that he isn't willing to give up, so they hang him off the side of a building. And just then, Ralph's powers kick in as his limbs just stretch down to bring him to the ground. Barry and Joe happen to witness this and bring Ralph and his meters and meters of limbs into the lab. Caitlin eventually finds a cure, and we eventually learn who Ralph is in relation to Barry. Ralph was a detective working when Barry started at the CCPD, but Ralph planted fake evidence in a case Barry worked on and was fired, so Barry thinks he's scum, which is only proven further when it's revealed that Ralph has been blackmailing the mayor for money. When Barry confronts Ralph about this business with the mayor, Ralph says he needs the money on account of being unemployed, and while he knows it's not ethical, it's all he can do, and that doesn't make him a bad man, nor does what he did while a cop because he planted evidence so the real criminal could be caught. But this reasoning is not good enough to Barry Allen, the authority on all that is good and pure, and who has never done anything wrong in his entire life. 

So those two guys who hung Ralph over the building apparently worked for the mayor, and now that Barry and Joe know about the mayor's secret (an affair) they're the next target. Barry manages to stop them, but this attack helps him realize that Ralph is in danger and maybe deserves a second chance. So Barry runs over to an alley where Ralph has met with the mayor. The mayor pulls out a gun and shoots Ralph, but his new powers of elasticity mean the bullet did no damage. And before he could leave, Breacher shows up, attacking Ralph now instead because he saw Ralph in the lab and thinks Ralph is a Plastoid (?) which is a being trying to destroy his planet (???) (Gypsy, control your father, he is making no sense). As Barry (and a newly arrived Cisco) stop Breacher, the mayor takes Joe hostage on a helicopter, and Barry ends up revealing his identity to Ralph so he could then run on Ralph's stretched arms up to the copter to save Joe, who, in a panic, admits to Barry that Cecile is pregnant. But that's good news, and they celebrate at STAR Labs afterwards. 

Barry also has a change of heart and offers Ralph a job at the lab where they can test him and train him to be a hero. Ralph agrees, which is good, because I like him and I like how he isn't afraid to stand up to Barry and for what he believes in. Barry then asks how Ralph got involved with the mayor, and Ralph says a man named DeVoe gave him a tip. This name rings a bell to Barry, as it's been foreshadowed and namedropped a lot as a villain he'll have to face. Colour me (and Ralph) intrigued! 

And though Caitlin took a back seat in this episode, we do get a scene of her at the end in which she goes home and scratched on her apartment door is a cute little message reading "We miss you. Come back soon." Yikes. 

As for Cisco and Gypsy and Breacher, the hunt comes to a stop and Breacher decides that Cisco has guts, so he won't kill him. But he does take Gypsie back to his Earth. 

All in all, a good episode. Ralph is an interesting dude, and he's got a cool power. Shoutout to the CGI team on The Flash for the good work. This episode not only ticked one more bus member off, but it furthered the overall plot with the DeVoe part. Is DeVoe tied to The Thinker? We'll have to wait and see.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x04 "Phone Home"

If you just binged Stranger Things and are craving more 80's sci-fi and dorky children, then this is the episode for you. While trying to conduct team bonding exercises on the Waverider, Ray just disappears, and it's revealed that this is because Ray apparently died as a child, so adult Ray cannot exist. So Sara flys the ship to October 30th, 1988, the day before eight-year-old Ray supposedly dies. The Legends find little Ray at his house, where he's feeding stolen candy to a baby Dominator (yes, the alien race, and yes, it is kind of cute). They also watch Singing In The Rain together because Ray is, at all points in his life, a geek, and it's adorable. Before the Legends can intervene, Ray's mom arrives home to scold little Ray for skipping school. To distract her, Nate and Amaya pose as animal control specialists and talk to her, and Ray's mother ends up ranting about how weird and reckless her son is. Little Ray and adult Ray overhear this, and it forces little Ray to grab the alien (named Gumball) and run away. Zari follows him and adult Ray, shrunk down, is in little Ray's bag. Zari catches up with little Ray but before she can take the alien, these other dudes in suits with guns show up and capture them all. Luckily the hidden adult Ray saves them, but he can't convince his younger self to leave without Gumball, who is tied down to a machine that sedates it so its mind control abilities aren't activated. As little Ray turns off the machine and they try to escape, the suited gunmen show up, but Gumball, now with its powers, takes control of the gunmen, having them sing and dance to "Good Morning" from Singing In The Rain. This allows Zari and the Rays to grab Gumball and get out of there.

As all this is going on, Jax and Mick, on the ship, find a room that Stein has transformed into a lab of sorts. Jax immediately is suspicious and believes Stein to be a mole for the Time Bureau (yes, because meek Professor Stein who you share feelings with, is betraying you all. Sure, Jax). Then Stein rushes in on his way to borrow the jumpship, and upon being accused, he admits that his daughter Lily is about to give birth and he wants to be present for it. He kept this info from the team so they wouldn't think he was disloyal or not dedicated, but they're actually understanding. He, Jax, and Mick fly the Waverider to 2017, and Stein gets to meet his grandson, a cutie named Ronnie (AW!). This is great and all, but they really should be helping their team, because it's getting wild in 1988.

Gumball's mother is out looking for her baby, and as we know, adult Dominators are scary and powerful. This one knocks out Sara and transforms into Ray's mother to seduce and capture Nate, who is saved by Amaya. They meet up with Sara, and that trio meets up with the other trio (who flew on bikes like in ET, except in this, the flight happened because of Zari's powers). Little Ray then says goodbye to Gumball and the Dominators leave. Then, because it's Halloween, little Ray goes trick or treating, only the Legends, in their hero outfits join him, giving little Ray some serious street cred. 

The last scene is of Jax asking Ray to help him separate Firestorm because Jax realized that though Stein says he wants to be on the Waverider, he really wants to be a regular grandfather. This shouldn't come as too much of a shock considering Victor Garber is set to leave the show.

At least the Legends finally managed to fix a problem they didn't create, and Nate wasn't to blame for anything, so that's good. I liked the tie to the Dominators, and if you like cheesy 80's movies like ET, then this really was a strong episode. Seeing Zari interact with the team so well was great. It wasn't a spectacularly funny episode and it didn't really feel like a plot pusher, but it was good.

Arrow 6x04 "Reversal"

A few weeks ago, I asked how soon it would be until Oliver had a breakdown from being stretched too thin. What I didn't plan on, however, is Felicity actually being the one showing signs first. This episode focuses on Felicity and her reunion with old Helix pals Alena and Kaden James, only Kaden is super evil now and is even working with Black Siren. Just as Felicity is trying (and kind of failing) to balance Team Arrow, dating Oliver, and her startup, Alena arrives, asking for help, as she fears Kaden James (who Helix rescued from ARGUS last season) is planning something that could kill 4% of the world's population. And because Felicity feels responsible for James' freedom, she agrees to help. She tried to keep Team Arrow and Oliver out of it, but Team Arrow was tracking Black Siren's seemingly random kills, and when they spot evil Laurel working with James, they all come together.

See, Black Siren's kills weren't random at all, as all the targets had access to this big internet database, and James needed their handprints to gain access to the mainframe. And while Felicity and Alena thought they were being sneaky and smart by hacking into James' network, he set them up and in the crossfire, Alena ended up getting shot, which put even more guilt on Felicity's conscious. Good thing she has Oliver to help her. Over the past five seasons, Felicity has been the one in Oliver's ear, reassuring him and talking through his problems and helping him, and with Oliver now out of the hood, he's able to help her a little in her time of need. He knows what to say, and it's an interesting shift in their dynamic. Even more so when Team Arrow follows James and Black Siren into the internet database's building and Felicity needs to get to a certain room so she can out-hack James, Oliver is the one in Overwatch's seat, directing her from a computer (and not trying to help in the field, like he tried to do before she chewed him out). With his help and with Team Arrow covering her, she's able to crack the code and stop James from destroying the whole database. Or...does she? While she does stop him, and the team can leave thinking they're successful, we witness an interaction between James and Black Siren afterwards, and he's not even mildly bothered. In fact, he's so pleased with the events that he rewards Black Siren with a device to stop Team Arrow for tracking her. Apparently, taking down the internet was not the plan. The plan was to get Felicity in so she could take down the firewall, allowing him to upload some code for an even larger project. It was all his plan. He knew Alena would go to her, he knew Team Arrow would follow them, he knew she could do it. But Team Arrow doesn't know of this yet, so they're not even worried.

Alena does live, and in the hospital, Felicity visits her and asks what she's doing now that she's officially done with Helix. Alena suggests that she goes to work at the startup and even has a good idea for a product: spine implants, aka what Felicity has in her and what Palmer Tech refused to her Felicity make. So now they have an idea, and Felicity even comes up with a name: Helix Dynamics. I don't particularly love Alena, but she's smart, and may even be able to assist Team Arrow in Felicity's place once in a while. 

The episode ends with Oliver getting a phone call mid makeout sesh. It's Slade, and he needs Oliver's help. With what, we'll have to wait and see, but judging by the look on Oliver's face and judging by Slade's history of working with Oliver, it probably won't be great.

The whole Helix subplot last season was not my favourite, but I like what they're doing with it now. Kaden James seems to be an interesting villain. He even alluded to helping Black Siren on Lian Yu, and that makes me wonder if he had ties to Chase. My issue now is that Team Arrow has several little villains to deal with, and we haven't yet met the big one for the season. With Oliver out of the game and Felicity stretched a bit thin and Diggle on drugs (yeah, don't think I've forgotten about that, John), I don't know how they're going to handle it. With that aside, I guess this episode was decent. Good but not great. Like last week, we're seeing different sides of Oliver and I like it. Diggle even seemed to be doing just fine in the green hood. And we're being set up for a few interesting things (Slade, the startup, James' plan...), so I'm pleased and ready for more.

The best episode this week? Not one really stands out, as they were all equally strong, but I think I'm going to say Supergirl. I liked the cult plot, even if the ending was a little anti-climactic. I would have said The Flash to be the best because I think the introduction to Ralph aka the Elongated Man was good, but the whole Cisco/Breacher subplot didn't make sense to me. What episode did you like best?


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