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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x18, The Flash 4x22, Arrow 6x23

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

05/18/2018 1:06 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x18, The Flash 4x22, Arrow 6x23 | Arrowverse recaps
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This week was Arrow's finale, the Flash's penultimate episode, and...a regular episode for Supergirl. But all three shows were solid this week Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x18 "Shelter From The Storm"

This episode starts with Lena and James getting dressed in the morning. It's all fun and flirty for a minute but then they're attacked by Reign on the hunt for Ruby. James tries to stop her with Guardian tools, but it's Lena who stops her with sprayable kryptonite (which she keeps on her bedside table, like a normal person). They alert the DEO, and though Kara, Alex, and Winn were busy saying goodbye to Mon-El, Imra, and Brainiac, they immediately rush to Lena's penthouse. Knowing that Reign is likely to attack other places in search of Ruby, they split up and take precautions. Alex heads over to where Ruby is (an old hidden, off-map mansion of Lex's) while Kara and J'onn go to protect Sam's mom Patricia. Ruby is happy to see Alex but has many questions about her mother's status and whereabouts, all which Alex can't answer.

As for Patricia, she isn't exactly happy to see Kara and J'onn, but she's accepting of their presence and even says she's expecting Reign to visit. She knows it's Sam because when Sam was little she drew a weird image (Reign's Kryptonian crest). Patricia peels back wallpaper to show her guests, then goes to wait in a safe room. When Reign does show up to Patricia's house, Supergirl manages to fight her a little, but then Reign starts using Purity's powers, and Kara and J'onn realize that Reign absorbed her sisters' abilities. They're unprepared for this. Just as Reign was about to probably kill them, Patricia runs out and begs Sam to stop and think of Ruby. Only her pleas don't work, and Reign ends up stabbing Patricia. This angers Kara enough to get a new burst of power, and she fights Reign away from Patricia. Then she and J'onn decide to leave Reign and instead get Patricia help. They take her to the DEO, but she ends up dying anyway, her last words asking Kara to tell Ruby that she was loved.

As for Lena, James encouraged her to bring her homemade kryptonite to Supergirl and express how they're on the same side, so Lena does. Only Kara isn't nearly as grateful as James expected her to be. Kara is not happy that Lena made kryptonite and does not see it as a gesture of goodwill. However she does take it from Lena. As I said last week, I still side with Lena on all this. Lena is doing nothing wrong, and Kara needs to stop taking it so personally.

Also having issues this episode is J'onn and M'yrnn, as M'yrnn's memory is still a mess. He forgets J'onn's name but remembers things from his past well. This comes in handy as J'onn and Kara brainstorm ways to take down Reign and realize that M'yrnn dealt with similar things with White Martians on Mars. They have to manipulate him into talking, but eventually M'yrnn tells Kara how he was able to see the White Martian's perspective and leverage that into having civil conversations.

Ruby is still desperate to find about her mother, so she steals Alex's phone and calls her mom. She gets the voicemail, but she went outside to record a message, and from up above the city, Reign manages to hear her. Reign attacks the mansion, and Kara and Mon-El show up to protect Alex and Ruby (Imra, Mon-El, and Brainy were going to go back to the future, but now that they know that Reign has all the powers, they had to reconsider. Brainy calculates that the future is still free from Blight, but that the DEO's chances of defeating Reign are significantly higher if a member of the Legion stayed behind. Who will that be? Mon-El of course. Imra gives him permission to help the DEO out and sort out his feelings). The fight is brutal, and it gets worse when Reign's mask falls off and Ruby sees that it's Sam. Reign is about to kill Ruby when Kara steps in and talks down Reign by saying that Reign's duty is to punish sinners and Ruby is not one. With Reign distracted, Mon-El manages to load a gun with kryptonite and shoot Reign down. Thanks, Lena! 

And while Kara's mind may be changing after that, it may be too little too late. The DEO brought Reign to Lena at L-Corp and Supergirl told Lena she trust her, but the feeling is no longer mutual because later Kara (as Kara) runs into Lena, and Lena does not hold back in telling her friend that Supergirl wasn't as pleasant to work with and perhaps isn't as trustworthy considering that James was ordered to break in. Lena even says that she's only working with Supergirl to save Sam. Awks, right? But it was interesting. As much as I kind of want Lena to learn the secret, I do enjoy these interactions where people don't know. 

The last scene is of a random young lady stealing a book filled with drawings of the worldkillers from Coville. Who is she and what does Coville and his cult know?

All in all, a decent episode. I don't have any major complaints. 

The Flash 4x22 "Think Fast"

With or without Marlize, DeVoe is moving on with his plan. The next step is breaking into ARGUS disguised as Diggle. Once inside, to the tune of classical music, DeVoe easily strolls down a hall filled with ARGUS guards, taking them out with many of the powers he has. Admittedly, it's a very well-done scene and a great way to open the show, but damn, no one should be as powerful as DeVoe. What is DeVoe at ARGUS for though? That's what Team Flash figures out with the help of the real Diggle, who Barry brings over. Diggle confirms that DeVoe broke in to use Fallout as a battery for his satellites. That means that Team Flash has, according to Cisco's calculations, twelve hours to stop DeVoe from beginning the Englightenment. Immediately, they start coming up with a plan, but their best idea involves bringing Caitlin and Cisco into Flashtime and Barry getting power boosts from the sensors on the floor so he can run through DeVoe's breach. The big problem with this is that both Cisco and Caitlin need a lot of training to be able to do their jobs in Flashtime, and they don't exactly have a loose schedule. 

Especially not since Caitlin is still dealing with her own issues. In her quest to find Killer Frost, she's even gone to visit the therapist that Barry/Iris and Joe/Cecile saw. The therapist suggests that Caitlin is repressing a childhood event, but Caitlin quickly rejects that. But when she's training for Flashtime with Cisco and Barry, she gets a little injured and as she trips and hits a wall, she has a quick vision of falling off a bike in front of a truck. Later, she gets Cisco to Vibe her to that moment, and she sees herself as a kid on the road look into her little bike side mirror and see a young Killer Frost, and this baffles Caitlin because this means Killer Frost has been in her for ages, not just since the particle accelerator explosion. What does this mean though? Part of me is desperate to know, as this is an interesting development, but part of me wants to shove this plot aside because Caitlin really doesn't have time to worry about this now. Unless Killer Frost is the key to taking down DeVoe, this can wait. 

As for Iris, she and Harry have taken over the task of locating Marlize. Even with Iris' readers on the lookout, Marlize isn't to be found. But then, with Harry being overly emotional to make up for his failing intelligence, and Iris wanting to go home and escape Harry, they realize that Marlize must be at her home in London. Barry helps them get there, and sure enough, Marlize is there and ready to fight. But then she notices that Harry's mind is already regressing, and she realizes that maybe it's not great. Harry and Iris talk to her and appeal to her reasonable side. Will she help Team Flash? Honestly, she better because it's either that or the Enlightenment gets her too. Did she think that hiding in London will protect her? Nah.

Also going on this episode: Cecile's pregnancy reaches a new chapter that What To Expect didn't cover: her mind reading gets worse when she not only reads minds but absorbs the personality of who she's reading too. It's weird, and Joe is super unprepared for that, but he manages to control her enough. Look, I like Cecile, but I am very ready for the baby to come out so her weird mind powers that really just take away from the DeVoe plot can end.

Flashtime training isn't going well, but that's because Barry is still worried about Ralph and his responsibility and is therefore holding back a little to protect Cisco and Caitlin. But they assure him that they'll be fine and it's the right thing to do. The power of friendship saves once again, because when the trio goes to ARGUS, their plan works great. Cisco and Caitlin manage to save all the people, and Barry manages to run fast enough to slip through DeVoe's breach, chase after the satellites, and throw Amunet's bomb to destroy one. But before Barry can celebrate, he's faced with DeVoe, who does not seem inconvenienced in the least by this action. He's still confident in his plan and what it means for humanity...especially since he has a backup. DeVoe breaches into STAR Labs and powers up Gideon, and thus begins the Enlightenment. Barry and friends can't stop it.

And that's all for this second last episode. Next week, Team Flash has to either take down DeVoe or it's goodbye humanity. I think this was a decent set-up. As I've said, the Cecile plot and the Killer Frost plots seemed unnecessary, but they weren't particularly awful. And I'm glad Barry's still thinking about Ralph and his involvement. It should make for DeVoe's takedown that much more powerful. 

Arrow 6x23 "Life Sentence"

Here we are, the big finale. It's been quite a season. As we saw at the end of the last episode, Oliver has approached the FBI for help with Diaz, but we don't quite know yet what he had to give up for Agent Watson to agree. Either way, Team Arrow is now ready to storm the police station in search of Diaz, but he's not there. Anatoly arrives and gives them a new location, but Diaz is untrusting of Anatoly now (as he should. For Bratva, Anatoly is an awful liar) so Team Arrow and the FBI find a trap that they only barely escape from. Thinking he was going to die, Rene called his daughter, and I think Arrow wanted me to care about Rene as a parent, but at this point, I care so little for Rene that I was not emotional at all. 

Anyway, they still don't know where Diaz is, but luckily, Diaz is contacting Quentin to banish the FBI in return for Laurel's life, so they have a way to contact him. Team Arrow arranges for Quentin to call and ask for proof that Laurel is alive, and Diaz arranges for a meet. The FBI loads Quentin up with trackers, and he drives out to see Diaz. However, Diaz didn't bring Laurel, and since Quentin's number one priority is to save Laurel, he reveals that the FBI has him tracked, so Diaz agrees to take Quentin to Laurel so he can escape the FBI and keep Quentin close (given that he's the mayor and all). Team Arrow can't track him, but since Quentin has a pacemaker, Felicity gets to work on tracking that.

Meanwhile, Oliver is taking some time between missions to speak to various members of Team Arrow. First is Diggle, and he apologizes for their disagreement, and even offers Diggle a Green Arrow hood. I'm glad these two are on good terms again, because their friendship is a good one, and I like seeing Oliver with friends. Then Oliver goes to Rene and again apologizes for the drama that went down. He says that Rene is a good team member, and he's glad they're working together. Lastly, Oliver goes to Dinah and thanks her for being a good team member despite their differences. He apologizes for being too tough on her. As much as I still don't think he should be apologizing to any of NTA, I suppose this is one apology that is alright, because his leadership maybe was a bit too dictator-like. And luckily, Dinah apologizes to him back for how she behaved.

So Quentin has been taken to where Laurel is being held. She's alive, and since he can see this now, Diaz starts trying to force him to make a video saying that he's handing over the city. Quentin refuses, so Diaz starts threatening Laurel's life. Laurel insists he's bluffing and won't actually shoot her, but he does, though at the at the last second, Quentin jumps in her way and takes the bullet to his gut. Moments later, Team Arrow bursts in. Dinah and Laurel take Quentin out to get medical attention while Oliver zeros in on Diaz. On a rooftop, they fight, and again, I am baffled how even they are. Oliver should be kicking his butt easily. It gets to a point where Oliver manages to get the upper hand, but before he can take a shot, Laurel appears and screams at Diaz. He falls backwards off the building, but instead of hitting pavement, he falls into water and disappears. Oliver is very mad because he figures Diaz probably survived that, even if Laurel foolishly thinks it's a slim chance. If Laurel could stop messing things up, that'd be nice. Quentin shouldn't have taken a bullet for her. The only good thing about this rooftop fight was that Felicity put a device on Oliver's arm that copies nearby files, so Oliver managed to copy all of Diaz's files from the USB he wears around his neck. It's all of his data on the city, meaning that the FBI has proof of Diaz's crimes.

At the hospital, Quentin is alright but is in need of surgery. Oliver takes a moment to talk to him and says that Quentin is a great father and is even like a father to him. It's a sweet moment between the two. Almost too sweet, making me worry about what's to come. Sure enough, he's taken into surgery before Sara Lance can arrive (Laurel called her...awks). As they all wait for news, Agent Watson comes and announces that "it's time" so Oliver gets up and allows himself to be handcuffed, much to everyone's dismay. Oliver tells his friends that this was his deal with the FBI. I think we all saw this coming. But if that wasn't bad enough, then the doctor comes out and tells them all that Quentin seized during surgery so he passed away. I think we all saw this coming too. But damn, I cried. Quentin shouldn't have died, and certainly not for Earth-2 Laurel Lance. 

Before being taken to prison (and one that won't be easy to break out of) Oliver is granted a chance to say goodbye to his family. He sees Felicity first, and she begs him to do something to stop this, but he insists it's the only thing he can do and it'll all be okay. I was already crying, but seeing Felicity just break down here was not helping. Then William comes in and Oliver hugs him and gives his son basically the same speech. And then Oliver is escorted out where he is mobbed by the press, and he takes his chance to come clean. He tells everyone that he is the Green Arrow and always was. He says it was always to save and protect the city. Will the people realize his good intentions and get him out of prison? We'll have to wait until season seven for that. Because Diaz is still alive, as we get to see. The city still needs to be saved.

And that concludes season six of Arrow. This episode was alright. It wasn't super exciting, but I will give it credit for changing up the end because they didn't defeat the villain like normal, and Oliver outing himself is a big deal. I may not have enjoyed this season overall, but I am looking forward to what comes next. Quentin's death was sad, but even he wasn't very useful this season, so maybe it was time to end that character's story. I just wish it wasn't for that dumb Laurel. I really don't like her. 

None of the episodes disappointed me, but Arrow's was the weakest. The best episode this week was probably Supergirl's. It was interesting and all the plots worked well. What do you think?


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