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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x19, The Flash 4x23

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

05/23/2018 3:14 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x19, The Flash 4x23 | Arrowverse recaps
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This week, it's finale time for The Flash...and a regular episode of Supergirl. I really don't love how the CW set up their schedule this year...anyway, here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x19 "The Fanatical"

At the end of last week's episode, we saw a girl steal a book from Coville's cult. This girl ends up taking the book to CatCo because she read the book and saw what looks like plans for a bomb, so she takes it to James so he can give it to Supergirl. James and Kara, who are currently not on great terms due to the tension with Lena and the Guardian stuff, are there when this girl (named Tanya) arrives, so they listen to her explain her involvement with the cult, Coville's 'death' and where the cult's base is, and then Kara takes the book, saying she'll give it to Supergirl. Right away, she and Mon-El go to the cult's dank location, but they don't find anyone there. Instead they find what looks like ashes and the silhouette of a body that exploded. As for Tanya, she stayed with James at CatCo, but that turns out not to be a great idea because a girl named Olivia (a blonde cult member who Supergirl saved and we met before, but I don't remember her too well) shows up and takes Tanya back by threatening CatCo with a gun. James can't fight back while they're in the building, but he suits up as Guardian and chases after them. He catches up and manages to hold his own against the small group of cultists, but then two things happen: his helmet is knocked off and the police come. Upon seeing a black man fighting, the police turn their guns on James and ignore his instances that he's innocent and trying to help Tanya. The cultists escape, and James ends up using a smoke bomb to run away too.

At the DEO, Lena analyzes the human ash from the cult base and discovers that the person died from a substance called the Rock Of Yuda Kal, that she believes the cultists were using to create a new Worldkiller. Kara knows of this substance because it's tied to the Kryptonian Goddess of Life and the cult book mentions it. However, Lena says that she may be able to reverse the rock's effects to kill Reign and save Sam. This interaction between Lena and Supergirl is a good one, which is nice considering when they interacted earlier, it was still tense. Lena had made it quite clear that they are not friends and the world does not revolve around her.

And speaking of tense, Alex is looking after Ruby again, but Ruby is very moody and sullen, despite Alex's best efforts to cheer her up. I understand why Ruby is upset, but character-wise, she wasn't likeable before, and this isn't helping. J'onn is also having issues with his father, so upon reading that 3D games help memory, J'onn takes M'yrnn to an arcade, and Alex and Ruby tag along. At first, M'yrnn is overwhelmed by the sounds and lights and people and has to be taken outside, but later he chats with Ruby, and the two of them go inside to play foosball. It's a cute little plotline about the two of them helping each other lighten up, but it's kind of unnecessary overall. 

In the minute or two that James was unmasked, a picture was taken, and James later receives a text saying that unless he delivers Tanya and the stolen book, they'll expose him as Guardian. To prevent this, James considers holding a press conference and outting himself but is hesitant because, as he tells Lena, he doesn't know how the world will react to finding out that Guardian is a black man. He tells Lena a story about when he was seven, he and his cousins were playing outside of a hotel his family were staying at, and the police cuffed them all for no reason, and it was the first time he had to consider his skin colour being an issue. He worries that coming out as the Guardian may do more harm than good. However, before he could actually do anything, Tanya comes to him and says she's going to give herself up. So the DEO formulates a plan in which Mon-El, as his alter-ego Mike, would 'accidentally' be in the same place at the same time as Tanya and be taken to the cult's new base. There are a few snags in the plan, but they work themselves out and eventually Supergirl gets there and joins in the fight. By then, Olivia is holding the Rock Of Yuda Kal and it has given her strength. When Kara touches the rock, her laser vision is activated and uncontrollable, so Kara has to instead talk down Olivia by urging her to live her own life, not Coville's. Unfortunately, when Olivia tries to let go of the rock, she's unable to because it already has bonded to her skin. Kara has to cut it off using her laser vision while Olivia sobs (and I feel no pity for her....).

The last scenes include Ruby admitting to Alex that she worries she'll inherit her mother's issues, James telling Kara that he understands her choice to not reveal her identity to friends and the public, Winn finding another Rock Of Yuda Kal in space so Mon-El volunteers to accompany Kara out to get it, and Reign adapting to the kryptonite to overcome it and break the chains they had on her. But the very final scene is a quick one of Coville himself strolling onto the scene of the encounter with Oliva. I guess he's not dead. Is he going to end up being the Big Bad that Supergirl will have to take down?

I enjoyed the cult episode earlier this season, but this one just felt weird. It was a little boring. Olivia wasn't memorable, the rock was weird, and Kara's feeling guilty over the cult's actions was silly. James' conflict over his reveal was neat but would have been better if a) I liked him as Guardian (I still think making him a vigilante was so dumb) and b) Guardian had a bigger role on the show. Aside from Kara having him break into Lena's lab, Guardian hasn't done much this season. But kudos to the show for bringing in this hot-button issue and doing it so it doesn't feel preachy. All in all, we only have a few episodes left and I have no idea where this plot is heading, and this episode didn't help much.

The Flash 4x23 "We Are The Flash"

With DeVoe's satellites up and running, Team Flash (and Marlize, who has joined them) have to hurry to take down DeVoe, and this is a lot harder considering that the power is out all over the city. However, at STAR Labs, they have Cecile (who has started contractions) and DeVoe's floating chair, so Marlize suggests that they amplify Cecile's mind-reading powers to send Barry from the chair into DeVoe's consciousness to find the last bit of DeVoe's goodness. It's a risky plan, but they try it out. DeVoe's consciousness looks like a bland Central City, which is super lame, but at least Barry knows his way around. Iris and Marlize instruct him to go look at the DeVoe house, but it's empty. Meanwhile, Harry's intelligence is pretty far down, and Cisco finds him mumbling nonsense in his workshop. However, Harry does manage to communicate his desire to help by using the thinking cap again. Cisco is against this, but Harry begs, so they do it, and Harry ends up suggesting that Barry go search where DeVoe and Marlize fell in love (Oxford). Then Cisco turns off the device and leaves Harry to doodle some shapes that looks a lot like the text Barry wrote when he exited the speedforce.

So Barry goes to Oxford and looks around there and at the park where Marlize and DeVoe had their date, and while he doesn't find a good DeVoe, he does find something else: Ralph. Yes, the Ralph we know and sometimes love has been in this consciousness for a while, and he's very glad to be reunited with Barry and join in on the search for goodness. They finally end up finding the Good DeVoe in DeVoe's lair...dead. They're out of ideas, and back in the real world, Team Flash is being hunted by the real DeVoe. Cecile managed to pick up on this early enough for Marlize to get them all away to the lair. But then Barry realizes that the goodness in the consciousness isn't this dead DeVoe, it's Ralph, and Ralph just needs to take over the consciousness. They go out into the street and see the nexus of the consciousness, but before they can get there, DeVoe finds them. To avoid DeVoe reading their minds and learning their plans, they have to think of nonsense to fight him (nonsense being shrimp dishes, apparently), but Barry and Ralph manage to fight DeVoe in a rather amusing way (including but not limited to Barry swinging Ralph around to knock down DeVoe clones, Barry using Ralph as a cape to run faster, and Ralph hitting DeVoe with huge fists). They manage to get to the nexus just as DeVoe in the real world has rendered Team Flash useless. Barry jumps out of the chair as DeVoe starts convulsing and screaming. Ralph ends up taking over the body, and Marlize manages to overwrite the satellites! The world is saved! Hooray!

Siiiike, there's still 20 minutes left at this point, so we know something else has to happen. And sure enough, a moment later we see DeVoe's chair power up again, and later we find out that since DeVoe has Kilgore's technology power, he can turn himself into a hologram and manoeuvre the chair. But Marlize has a fix for that. She simply reaches around the chair and yanks out that battery pack (in a both silly and brilliant move, I can't decide). Though in doing this, it also makes a satellite fall down to earth in fiery chunks, so it's up to Barry, Cisco, and Ralph to save the city's people and buildings. For the biggest chunk, Barry decides to use a speed punch to break it down. Even though it's not a guaranteed move, but it's the only one he can think of, so he goes to do it, and as he does, we see another speedy fist alongside his. This one is purple. Any guesses? 

With the city saved and the power back and Cecile in labour, it's time for Marlize to leave. She decides to go and help people with tech again like she was doing before DeVoe went crazy. Before she leaves, she gives Cisco a device that should help fix Harry, but when they use it, it doesn't fully restore his intelligence. Cisco is annoyed at this, but Harry doesn't care. He's pleased to be back and decides to go visit Jesse. Will he come back, or will we get a new Wells in season five?

As for the mysterious purple fist, that mystery is solved later on when the gang (including Wally!) is celebrating the birth of baby Jenna, and there's a knock at the door. Standing there is the mystery girl we've seen all season, and she's the one to deliver the much-anticipated "this house is bitchin" line. She's also wearing the purple speedster jacket Iris had when she got powers, and upon questioning, the girl reveals that her name is Nora, and she's Barry and Iris' daughter from the future. She also reveals that she's in dire need of help, so we have that to look forward to next season.

All in all, this episode was alright. Not the best, but not awful. The fight with DeVoe wasn't amazing, the whole consciousness thing was weird, and the stakes were too high to be a real issue. I mean, we all knew humanity wouldn't be reverted. They'd find a way to stop DeVoe somehow. But there was a lot to like this episode, too. I liked how Cecile's pregnancy powers was tied in, I liked how we got Ralph back, I liked how we got a fun cliffhanger, and I liked how we finally got to meet the mystery girl. We all knew it'd be Westallen's daughter, but now we can really explore that more. So this not bad episode was really a nice fit for this not bad season of The Flash.

Though this finale of The Flash didn't wow me, I enjoyed the episode more than Supergirl, so it's my favourite of the week. Do you agree?


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