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'Autographer' Camera Will Capture Moments of Your Life Hands Free

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/30/2013 1:52 am
 'Autographer' Camera Will Capture Moments of Your Life Hands Free

Jeremy Chai


Staff Writer

Have you ever been witness to an epic event, but you were just a little bit too slow to capture the moment on camera? Well, here’s an interesting concept: What if you had a camera that automatically snapped photos of those moments for you?

According to Digital Spy, there is such a camera. The Autographer Camera, that is.

Utilizing sensors that detect the best moment to capture an image – colour, temperature, motion, acceleration and a magnetometer, the Autographer is a wearable camera that you can clip to your clothing that, according to its design, should take pictures of your life at its best moments.

The Autographer looks to be quite the revolutionary camera. It has a mini GPS as well as an eye lens with a 136° view to go with its very small, compact body. Attaching it to your belt or collar shouldn’t be particularly intruding, and it boasts 8GBs of storage (that’s around two weeks of non-stop pictures!).

The most interesting feature, of course, is the idea that it can snap the ideal picture of your travels solely based on its five sensors. And without any need to, you know, raise the camera in your hands and push the button itself.

To be honest I’m skeptical how well the camera works. Can we really attribute all ‘Kodak moments’ to be based on temperature and color? I would think a true ‘real’ moment in your life is more how you are feeling at the time than anything. But I do think the Autographer has something to offer. Fast paced events like rollercoasters or driving by landscapes in your car, and the camera can snap a photo for you in case you aren’t fast enough. And at the end of the day you can go back and visually read the story of your day without even pushing a button.


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