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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Make Bad Decisions In The Latest Fill-In-The-Blank Game

Matt Mitchell | PopWrapped Author

Matt Mitchell

Staff Writer
02/12/2017 1:07 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Make Bad Decisions In The Latest Fill-In-The-Blank Game | Bad Decisions
Media Courtesy of Diamond Dust Dreams

Bad Decisions is another fill-in-the-blank card game full of inappropriate humor from Diamond Dust Dreams. Much like Cards Against Humanity, a story card is drawn by one player who will be the judge for the round. The rest of the players play cards to fill in the blank to create the funniest story.

Bad Decisions Diamond Dust Dreams

Where Bad Decisions differs from Cards Against Humanity is that the story cards always have three blanks. There is a blank space for each of the three player cards: fool, crisis, and bad decisions. The judge for the round plays the cards designated for the first two blanks, and all other players fill in the last blank with the designated card type. This is where I felt Bad Decisions improved on Cards Against Humanity. Some black scenario cards are not as fun as others in CAH, and, after several plays, they all become boring. Bad Decisions keeps the judge more involved in the round. They can never draw an overused story, since they construct the story with two of their cards. This exponentially expands the possible number of scenarios to play with. Something parents will appreciate is that the dirty cards are labelled with a red 'R' and can be removed for cleaner humor, which is not really an option in similar games that consist solely of raunchy or inappropriate cards.

Many of the cards work together well, but, too often, the card type simply doesn't work grammatically with the story card. For example, the story card pictured requires a bad decision card to fill the final blank. All the bad decision cards are in past tense and did not work with this story. The winning card picked made the story read, "When a late-night TV personality ignored the background showing an incriminating image, we couldn't avoid blamed foreign government hackers." It doesn't quite make sense, does it? Some reworking of the player cards or the wording of story cards could have fixed this. This makes you really appreciate the effort put in by the Cards Against Humanity designers to make all the cards make sense regardless of which blank they fill. If you can look past this and modify the wording as you read the cards, your games will run more smoothly. Regardless, these fill-in-the-blank party games are not for everyone. If you enjoy this genre of game, Bad Decisions gives the same experience as Cards Against Humanity while trying to avoid becoming tiresome. It is a quick and very casual game that is easy to get into.

Bad Decisions Matt Mitchell/PopWrapped

Bad Decisions is currently in distribution, so check your local game store for copies. The core game contains 660 cards, and there is an expansion currently seeking funding on Kickstarter that adds another 165 cards. If you have a void in your game shelf for a humor party card, Bad Decisions can be worth it for you. However, if you already own Cards Against Humanity or one of the many copycat games, save your money for something else.


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