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Lifestyle PopWrapped | Lifestyle

Barbie 'Just Ended Depression' And The Internet Loves It

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
05/30/2017 3:44 pm
PopWrapped | Lifestyle
Barbie 'Just Ended Depression' And The Internet Loves It | depression
Media Courtesy of Daily Motion/ YouTube

Depression is a serious issue that impacts a variety of people from young kids to adults. But now that definition also includes Matel's BARBIE. Superficial uploaded a video to their Facebook page featuring the blonde doll in all of her computer animated glory, and captioned it "BARBIE JUST ENDED DEPRESSION." In the video, she starts out by saying hello to viewers and telling them how she woke up feeling blue.

In the video, originally uploaded to the Barbie Vlog YouTube page, she goes on to list things that help her manage her blue feelings.

"Here's some of the things I do to cheer myself up: I journal--I write and doodle anything that's in my mind, and usually I do that before I go to bed every night. I organize my room and my backpack. Um, exercise helps. Sometimes even just a brisk walk can sometimes clear my head. And talking to people...even if it's just talking to the clerk at a store type of thing. And of course remembering that a positive attitude changes everything."

But what about those of us who cannot always stay positive? How is a positive attitude supposed to help when sometimes even just the thought of smiling exceeds our spoon count?

"My parents taught us the Laughing Meditation. It's a Buddhist meditation. And you just laugh. You put your hands on your belly like this," Barbie said, placing her hands over her abdomen, "and you laugh really hard like a belly laugh."

According to the blue-eyed role model, if you keep up with this Laughing Meditation, you will start to feel better.

"But sometimes I still feel blue," Barbie continued. "And then I feel guilty about feeling sad because I am supposed to be the upbeat positive one all the time! ... But I'm not always. I started to think maybe I'm just being really unfair on myself. I don't always have to be upbeat and positive.  And to expect that of myself isn't fair. To camoflage myself to fit into a mold of what I think I should act or feel or think, well, that doesn't help anyone. And it just gets you lost."

She ends her vlog by saying "You can't have the Spring without the Winter." Meaning there have to be some cold and dark times in order for the sunny and bright times to be appreciated. If we're upbeat and positive all of the time, those feelings begin to feel stale, and other people (even ourselves) can take them for granted. 

Project UROK, an initiative of the Child Mind Institute to combat the stigmas of mental illness and to raise awareness, reposted the video to their own Facebook page with the caption, "OMG...yes Barbie!!! #depression #meditation #treatment #UROK." 

The video sends a positive message that even people (or imaginary figures) who are painted in a positive light can have sad or blue days. But just like the Earth cannot help but change its seasons, humans cannot help but feel sad sometimes. It is not a negative thing. It is just a part of life.

It's part of what makes you you.

Onward and upwards.


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