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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Sexy: It Has Been Scientifically Proven

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/31/2013 1:44 am
Benedict Cumberbatch Is Sexy: It Has Been Scientifically Proven

Melissa LoParco

Content Editor

I’d like to call all members of the CumberCollective to order; this one is for you!

As a member of the Collective myself, I think it is safe to say that when we express our attraction to Mr. Cumberbatch, we are usually given the “are you feeling okay” look by friends that have not been bitten by the Benny-bug.

So what is it about Benedict Cumberbatch that makes us all go gaga?

According to a Radio Times interview with a Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, and a body language and behavior expert, Judi James, it’s all in his actions.

Like James says, “Cumberbatch [is] a taste you [have] to acquire… It’s like drinking a fine wine or eating a piece of Stilton.” Hemmings tells us that it is a combination of his “purposeful and powerful” facial expressions, “deep, purring, authoritative voice,” and defectiveness that make him a “sex god.”

They also say that the attraction can be attributed to the roles he chooses to play.

Hemmings talks about Sherlock Holmes and how he even though he is acts cold and with little compassion, “there is a controlled calmness in his body language and facial expressions, tinged with a little mystique, humour and self-deprecation.”

Another thing is the intellectual roles he has become known for playing. “His characters have this remote, almost cold quality about them- almost non-sexual – and it makes women walk towards them and try and seduce them. We tend to desire the unattainable,” James said.

And of course, it always helps that he is a spectacular actor, so keep the roles a-coming.

There is no denying that Cumberbatch is an attractive man and maybe a little mysterious?

“Getting to know Benedict would be like unlocking a series of doors and finding an unexpected surprise behind each,” Hemmings says. “[This] makes him unpredictable and potentially wild when unleashed – another very sexy trait.”

The analogy used by James to pull everything they have said about Cumberbatch together is as follows: “It’s a bit like finding that one-off unusual designer outfit” – not everyone would go for it, but if you like it, then you like it.

As a fan, I have to admit that their analysis is pretty accurate; if you want to read the interview in full click here.


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