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Beyond: 02x04 'Knock, Knock'

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
02/01/2018 11:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Beyond: 02x04 'Knock, Knock' | Beyond Knock Knock
Media Courtesy of Freeform

Things are heating up on Beyond. Literally. Holden caused quite the scene at the warehouse. Diego is on his way to Holden. Charlie and Yellow Jacket are both in potential danger and Diane is cosying up to Pastor Ian to protect Holden. Something is bound to go wrong with one of these situations. 

After sh*t hit the fan, or the fan almost hit Stevie, Holden ends up injured. But is his injury from that or from Diego? Anyway, he ends up at Willa's so Willa can fix him up. Only he gets a little bit more than that. Holden admits that he was happy she came to dinner the other night. Things get pretty steamy and the two of them decide to take it to the bedroom. Willa asks if Holden is alright because it is his first time. But, it is not his first time... whoops. Willa does not know about the adventures of Holden and Charlie. 

After things get awkward, Willa's phone starts ringing and she goes to answer it. Holden is left by himself and is thinking about Charlie. The phone call Willa received was about her grandfather. Holden says his dad is calling, too. But was he? Or was Holden just trying to get out of there?

Meanwhile, Yellow Jacket takes his daughter to the fair. Guess he is still alive and kicking. Yellow Jacket tells his daughter that he has to go away, but not to worry he will be back. He says he is going to meet his mentor. Who could that be? 

Secret Agent Diane is trying to keep her stories straight when shopping in the supermarket. They have a date tomorrow. When who does she run into, but Charlie. Charlie says she took a year off from school and is staying in a motel. Charlie tells her that she is in town visiting an old friend...could it be Arthur? 

Speaking of Arthur: his assistant Daniel has lost him. 

Holden and Luke are playing video games and Holden admits to what happened in the warehouse. Also, Luke admits to seeing Riley and that he has decided to help her find the guy that took her stash. Luke gets pissed when Holden doesn't agree with him.

Jeff meets up with the FBI investigator that has teamed up with Diane. She asks him to stay away from Ian, but then also starts to ask Jeff a bunch of questions. But, Jeff does not give her any answers. She wants to understand why Holden is in the middle of her Hallow Sky investigation, but he still does not give her anything. 

Diane meets up with Pastor Ian and Ian immediately starts in on her with Tom. Once she says that they are no longer together, Ian spills his can of beans right onto the table. Ian gives up Hallow Sky right away and what their mission is. 

Charlie ends up at the shooting range, where she meets a nice mystery man that has the same love for drinking as she does. 

Willa has found Arthur. Arthur has broken into someone's backyard, where he had begun digging. The cops let him go because they just think he is losing it. But, Arthur was looking for a book. A book that has the answers to fixing the machine. 

Stevie and Holden are called into the office. Stevie is being blamed for the mess, but Holden takes full responsibility. Tom does not believe that Holden did it all by himself. Holden can't explain what is really going on. Tom is confused and the only way Holden can get what he wants is to push Tom's buttons. 

Yellow Jacket is on his way to some man named Richard's house. Richard seems like a normal guy: he loves bbq and sports. Even though these two are supposedly friends, something seems off. Yellow Jacket seems very hesitant. Richard sets a timer, and we are beginning to tell something is going wrong. Richard admits he called him up to kill him, and also that he does not like doing it, but he has to. 

In an attempt to save his own life, he tells Richard about Tess's chemo pills. Richard does not seem to care at all about this. When Richard's timer goes off, Yellow Jacket is able to get the gun, but the one shot was already fired. These two get into a fight, and Yellow Jacket is able to use the yo-yo his daughter won at the fair to kill Richard. Only he is having flashbacks. To what, though? 

Christine is at Hallow Sky getting all of her feelings out. Jeff is there for support, and probably also to spy. Luke is also showing support, but for Riley, as he attempts to break into this house for her. 

He is all smiles, but we don't think this is going to end well. Just as we suspected, the guy they are robbing shows up. Riley tries to call Luke, but Luke doesn't get the call. The guy grabs Luke and says that Riley owes him 2,000 and now Luke has to help pay her debt. He is apparently the dealer and she apparently keeps ripping him off. Luke is in trouble if he doesn't get the money. 

Holden meets up with Willa for a drink and he tells her that he quit his job. Willa also reminds Holden that is not normal. His powers are the reason he quit his job, but now he is lost. Willa is acting a little bit cold, more like worried. Willa admits that Arthur is not well and she does not know what to do. She is fearful that she will be alone soon. Now, there is trouble in paradise. Holden reminds Willa about being in the realm and how they always had each other and that their combined strength helped them to survive. 

With his new mindset, Holden is playing around with his special skill set outside playing basketball. Diane wakes up and comes downstairs. She tells him about her run-in with Charlie. 

Who speaking of which, is at the motel with her new firearms friend. When there is a knock on the door. Holden? Yellow Jacket? Tess? 


When is the love triangle going to end? But do we really want it to? What is going to happen when Tess finds out both Yellow Jacket and Charlie are alive? We will definitely be tuning in next Thursday at 8:00 pm EST to Freeform to see what happens next!


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