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Beyond: 02x05 'Six Feet Deep'

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
02/09/2018 9:04 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Beyond: 02x05 'Six Feet Deep' | Beyond 02x05 Six Feet Deep
Media Courtesy of Freeform

Last episode ended with a lovely love triangle. Holden shows up at Charlie's doorstep, Yellow Jacket was almost offed, and Diego is on his way to Fort Reed. Although we did not get to see Diego last episode, we are hoping he shows up this week! 

We pick up right where we left off, Charlie and Holden. Charlie does not offer much information up, except giving Holden back the keys to his truck. Charlie goes full Charlie and pushes him away, and kicks out her shooting range buddy. After Charlie closes the door in his face, she stands behind it clearly upset about letting him go and she sneaks out the back. 

Willa and Arthur are talking about the Realm and the machine. Arthur claims the only way to keep the Realm safe is to fix the machine. Willa wants to let the Realm go, but Arthur disagrees. 

Luke wakes up in the middle of the night, probably scared that his new "friend" Jay is looking for his payment. Only it's not him, it's a sleepwalking Holden. Luke decides to follow him and tries to yell his name, only Holden will not wake. Is Holden having one of his realm dreams? Holden goes into the woods, where we know he has woken up before. Holden seems to be laying down in the same spot in the woods. 

Back at Hallow Sky, Tess is sending someone to the realm. He thinks he is going to see his daughter. 

Holden has woken up in the woods and Luke is there to greet him. 

Someone else that is looking to greet Holden, Diego, is also on his way. He has made it part way, but his car has a flight tire. 

Holden starts to tell Luke about the weird dreams he has been having, and how he thinks it might have something to with the Realm. Luke wants to know what Willa thinks. He says that Willa thinks it is just his guilt. Luke admits that Willa has told him about her life, and Holden doesn't seem to like it.

The boys continue to walk through the woods and Holden is following his compass. He thinks it will bring him closer to the Realm, and of course Luke does not believe him and thinks it is buried treasure. The compass leads them to a rope in the ground, which the boys have to dig out. 

Yellow Jacket is in the desert with another guy dumping Richard's body. Guess Tess doesn't know he is still alive yet. 

Arthur is in the lab fixing his machine, when who sneaks into the shadows but Charlie, with her gun. She has the gun on him but she won't pull the trigger. She follows him through the house, but ultimately can't do it. She goes out to the back and ends up firing the gun at her own reflection in the water. 

Luke and Holden are on their way back to the woods, but with digging equipment. The boys start digging, but not before wondering what the rope leads to, and who put it there in the first place. 

In the desert, Yellow Jacket has Ramon digging Richard's grave. Yellow Jacket is figuring out his next move and says he isn't going to run. 

Diego is on his way to Fort Reed and is need of a new ride. Of course he has to knock on an innocent old lady's door. He weasels his way in, and this can't be good. 

Holden and Luke are still digging and they have hit something. It is a chained up freezer. Holden says that he has seen this freezer before in his visions. Holden is angry and going ballistic that this freezer tells him that all of his visions are true. He knows that there is danger coming, but has no idea what to do. In his anger, Holden and Luke get into an argument and Luke storms off. 

Diego is still with the nice old lady and asks to borrow her car, but she says no. We think she should rethink that answer. She asks where he is going, and he says to visit Holden Matthews. He admits to being from a different realm and that he was born in fire. He is the first, but there more are to come and when they do nothing on Earth will remain. Now, this lady knows too much. She says that she isn't afraid of death, but Diego keeps talking. All we know is that Diego ends up with the car, and hopefully, that nice lady is safe. 

Luke is back in the coffee shop, and with Willa. The two of them seem to be warming up to each other. Could this be the starts of a love square? Willa confides in him and tells him that Arthur is losing it and thinks someone broke into the house. Only he is actually right. Jay is outside waiting for Luke, and when Luke goes out there, Jay twists his arm. Willa watches from the window and there is some fight in her eyes. 

Holden is still digging, but Jeff is there to help. Holden starts to tell Jeff about the trouble that could be coming there way. Jeff asks him if he can lift the freezer out of the ground with this mind, but he can't. They also uncover a name. 

Edgar L. Abbot

Holden thinks that he might have a key to the padlock. Holden touches the padlock and it transformed into the realm where he is on the side of a cliff. He falls off of it and lands in water. Then it looks like Holden is in space. Is he in his realm or possibly another? 

Holden is not in space, but in some old building which a chair in it. Just as Holden walks forward toward the chair. Jeff rips his hand off the lock and Holden comes back. They are concerned about what is in the freezer. We are too. 

Diane is entering the Matthews' house when Pastor Ian creeps up behind her. She asks him about the tour of Hallow Sky. He mentions that Jeff went to a Hallow Sky meeting the other night. He is concerned about his presence but tells Diane not to mention it because he is there for Christine. He wants to invite himself to the house for coffee, but she says no. Diane says maybe they can plan a weekend away like they had said they would plan a long time ago. He wants to go this weekend. Concerning? Yes. 

Yellow Jacket is about to sting and has a gun on Tess when she walks into her house. He admits he came to kill her, but then takes the gun off. He tells her Richard is dead and that he knows about the cancer. He also says he found the sonogram and that is what saved her. Yellow Jacket wants a say in what he does for Hallow Sky. She makes the deal and then says she has something to show him. Should we trust her that quick? 

Jay is walking to his car and Willa comes up and goes all out black belt on him. Jay "agree" to let the debt go. 

Luke then shows up at Willa's door. Does he know? Yea, he does. She won't admit it, but he knows. She tries to say that it could have been Riley, but he knows that isn't true. Willa offers for him to come in, will he? 

Charlie is sneaking into someone's window. Whose could it be? Back in her hotel room? Holden's? 


All the feels! We like this! 

Tess actually does show Yellow Jacket their latest experiment. The man we saw before is now in a "cryogenic sleep." Tess says that everyone wants to go into the Realm, but they don't know if it real. The last thing we see are vitals that say Isaac Frost. 

Even though this episode revolved around a freezer, there was nothing icy about it! Everything is heating up! Charlie and Holden? Luke and Willa? Yellow Jacket teaming up with Tess? What did Holden see in the Realm? and When will Diego make it to Fort Reed? So many questions! Watch Beyond next Thursday at 8:00 pm EST on Freeform to find out how hot this season is going to get. 


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