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Beyond: 02x06, Bedposts

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
02/16/2018 9:51 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Beyond: 02x06, Bedposts | Beyond Bedposts Recap
Media Courtesy of Freeform/David Bukach

Last episode we were left wondering, what is in the freezer? Also will Diego show up and heat things up? 

We start this episode in a bowling alley. Bowling ball is split in half and it looks like there has been a big disaster here. A disaster caused by Holden? Well, his lisence was left at the scene and there is blood. 

But then we see Holden, still tied to his bedpost, but no Charlie to be found. Holden is definitely confused, but then Charlie appears. She makes breakfast for Holden. Who is this Charlie? Seems that she makes a killer french toast. Holden wastes no time jumping in and asking her about why she is in Fort Reed. She says on business and that its done. Holden wants to keep digging deeper. No dig pun intended, but Charlie then says that she is leaving today. Holden doesn't want this to happen. Believe it or not, Charlie seems to open up a little bit about her family and then Holden decides to bring Charlie to the freezer! 

Holden tells Charlie about the dreams and the sleep walking. Charlie tells him to rebury it and not to think about it again. He wants Charlie to touch the lock, but she doesn't want to. She touches it, but nothing. Holden touches it again and has the same vision. Holden thinks the man in the chair in is vision is Edgar. Or could it be Frost? Charlie wants this whole life behind her and they leave the woods. 

Jeff has his nephew in a park, but he is there to meet Willa. He wants Willa to keep Holden away from the freezer trail because Jeff doesn't want the road to lead to Hallow Sky. Jeff shows her the paper work on Edgar.

Holden and Charlie are leaving the sight of the freezer, but Holden wants to continue to tell Charlie about the Realm. Charlie wants him to tell Willa, but he hasn't yet. He doesn't want to tell her because she says that he is just over reacting. Charlie then makes the best analogy, the Realm is Holden's Jewish grandma. Only nags when he does something wrong, but it's just a guilt trip. 

Luke is at home with Willa. She is worried about Holden and why he hasn't told her about the freezer. Luke offers her a controller for the video game he is playing. Luke then feels awkward and wants to pay Willa back, but Willa did not pay Jay. When Willa beats him at the game, Luke says that he has the high score at the arcade. He wants to take her to see it, and we think she is going to go. 

Holden and Charlie are on their way back to Holden's house, but they have to push the truck because they are out of gas. She pulls the car over and says she wants nachos. Charlie is our kind of girl; nachos and bowling. 

Holden is on edge with all of the bowling sounds going on. He says that he used to avoid any bowling alley when he was a kid because he was horrible at bowling. Then we find out Charlie is pretty good at bowling because her mom was on a great bowler. We are finding a lot out about Charlie today. We also learn how Holden looses his license. He needs to hand it over to bowl, but how does the place get wrecked?

As told, Charlie is very good at bowling, and she convinces a nervous Holden to use his powers in order to bowl. We are thinking this can't end well. 

Then there are Willa and Luke at the arcade. Luke is doing a pretty good job beating Willa. There seams to be a little bit more building up between these two. Luke then sees the bruising on Willa's hands. He now knows that she beat up Jay for him. Luke goes to get more quarters to play the game, but where is the arcade? 

In the bowling alley. 

Luke sees Charlie and Holden playing. Willa walks out to pay for the next round and see Charlie and Holden. This really can't be good. Holden awkwardly introduces Charlie to Luke and Willa. Willa announces herself as his girlfriend. This is getting a little tense. Willa and Luke then join Charlie and Holden to bowl. Luke does not think that this is a good idea, but Willa is forcing it. 

Jeff is now waiting outside someone's house with his nephew. We now get to see Edgar. He is in the mental institution and is the one that set the fire. Turns out Jeff is calling the institution and is pretending to be someone he is not to get information. The nurse at the institution tells Jeff that Edgar kept yelling the name "Holden Matthews." Now Jeff is very interested and probably concerned. 

Back at the bowling alley, Charlie is trying to cozy up with Willa. Willa is just being cold. Holden and Willa walk away and Willa is upset that Holden didn't share the freezer with her. 

Diane Matthews is looking for Ian and says he is trying to surprise him with a new coat for their trip. But, we think she is just snooping. She is looking all over his desk, but what is she looking for. She finds a video link in his computer that has her whole house bugged. Oh Pastor Ian, you are in trouble. 

She goes to Tom and Tom is ready to get rid of everything. She doesn't want to go away with Ian because she is scared. Tom wants to go to the house and get rid of all the cameras. 

Back at the bowling alley, Willa is getting ready to leave. Willa says that she can't win because she can't help him. Charlie starts to let Luke and Willa have it. Willa is upset that Charlie knows about Arthur and then gets pissed that Holden defends Charlie. Charlie then admits that she was in the Realm and how much she hates Arthur. Holden then puts together that she wanted to kill Arthur. 

Ian is now back in his office. Tom shows up and wants to talk. Tom says that he was in the house to fix an electrical wiring and found a camera. He threatens Ian and says that they are going to go to the police station. Ian does not give anything up and is staying calm. Ian of course tries to turn the table on Tom. Ian provokes Tom and Tom proceeds to beat him up. Way to go, Tom! 

Holden is still at the bowling alley alone, when the guy working there says that he needs to close up. Something big is about to happen. There was so much chaos in the beginning of the episode. 

Someone smacks Holden over the top of the head. It is Diego. Holden fights Diego, but Diego has his own powers to play with. He introduces himself as the fire. Holden uses his powers to throw bowling balls at Diego. Holden then sees Diego's real form. His powers are kicked up a notch when he throws Diego out of the bowling alley with just his mind. We thought Diego was down but he gets right back up, and runs right at Holden. 

And that is where it ends! I wonder how Holden is going to hold up in this fight or if Charlie or Willa are going to come to his aid. We just have to wait for the next episode, next Thursday at 8:00 pm EST on Freeform. 



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