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'Beyond' 02x08, I Scream You Scream

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
03/08/2018 11:29 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Beyond' 02x08, I Scream You Scream | Beyond I Scream You Scream
Media Courtesy of Freeform/David Bukach

I scream, you scream, we all scream about what is coming back to life in the cryo lab at Hollow Sky. Thank goodness Holden found Edgar, but can that really be the key? Edgar's advice to follow your dreams can't be good if they continue to more nightmare then dream. Also, how does the freezer transfer people into the realm? All of these questions and only three episodes left! 

Well, as we suspected, things are not looking good at Hollow Sky HQ. There are many causalities and Tess does not seem pleased. The big problem is that they are all missing, but the biggest problem is Frost. 

After Luke's enlightenment, he decides to go sit down with the FBI agent. Luke seems skeptical, but then again, we would be too of a lady that puts that much sugar in a YooHoo. She begins to tell Luke that she knows that Hollow Sky is looking for something, but she doesn't know what. Luke begins to leak like a sieve. She claims that she already knows about the machines, but does she? Luke is giving away a lot of information. 

Charlie and Holden are shopping for mass amounts of food. For what? They are also talking about a plan to get Edgar out and get him into the freezer so that they can stop Diego. Jeff is also with them, and they have a drawn map of the facility. 

Yellow Jacket and Tess are back in the cryo lab. They are talking about how Frost is still sleeping and how he did not wake up and escape like the others. Why is this? Tess wants to move Frost, but Yellow Jacket does not seem to think this is best. Yellow Jacket thinks that Tess is only looking out for herself. Yellow Jacket then decides to dumb the FBI bomb on Tess and that the Matthews' family is working with them.

Ian decides to go up to Diane and tell her that his feelings were real. Diane, of course, gives her a piece of his mind. Way to go, Diane! We love her more and more each episode! Ian claims he wasn't working for them in the beginning. Diane then asks him to join her at their FBI meeting. Was Ian just an act? Did Diane just mess up? Is Ian just trying to get back in good graces with Yellow Jacket so he doesn't get stung? 

In jail, Tom and Diego are in a face-off. Tom realizes that Diego is the one that attacked Holden. Diego tells him that he can not protect Holden. Which you know pisses Tom off. Although we never like when Diego is around, somehow he is even creepier eating a burrito. 

Jeff, Holden, and Charlie are beginning operation get Edgar out. They use the food to make it look like Charlie is there for a delivery. She is also giving Holden and Jess a play by play of what is going on in the hospital. All of the patients are yelling "ice cream" because the freezers are broken. Freezers are broken and there is a mysterious freezer in the woods. There has to be some connection. 

That's because the freezers are not broken, they are using it to hold Edgar in the basement. 

Charlie puts all of this together and figures out that Edgar is in the freezer. Holden hands the patients ice cream to give Charlie the chance to grab a security badge. 

Diane is meeting with the FBI agent and is waiting for Ian. Will he show? Diane is not just worried about Ian, but she is worried about her whole family, as she should be. The FBI agent is playing as if she did not know Luke existed. Why? 

Meanwhile. Ian is up to something, leaving behind a CD or taking one with him? He looks like he is packing a bag to leave for a long time. As he backs out of his driveway, Yellow Jacket's minion hits his car. Ian isn't going anywhere. 

Meanwhile back at the Hollow Sky mental hospital, Edgar is being questioned about his powers in the freezer. Edgar tells her that something isn't right and he tries to use his powers, but they aren't working. As the interrogator, Dr. Chang is called away due to the ice cream party disturbance, our friends are working their way toward the freezer, but they need to get past the guard. Holden tries to use his powers to knock something on the guards head, but he misses. So Jeff takes matters into his own hand and punches the guard. Only now the two of them are in a fight. 

Holden and Charlie manage to get in the freezer to get Edgar. They have Edgar, but Jeff is still in a fight. During the fight he shuts the freezer door, so now Charlie, Edgar and Holden cannot get out. Jeff manages to knock the guard out and gets the freezer door open. 

Meanwhile, Willa is back at Arthur's house and Luke goes to see her. They have an awkward conversation through her doorbell, and then Willa decides to let Luke in. She also decides its a good idea to show Luke the machine that gets into the realm. The same machine that was beaten to a pulp. Willa is trying to fix the machine to fix what Holden has done. Luke doesn't want her to fix it and tells her about the FBI.

During their escape, Charlie's pass stops working and they are stuck. Holden uses his powers to go through the door down the hallway. Dr. Chang is trying to get Edgar to change his mind about leaving. She has him manipulated, but this time Edgar isn't falling for it. He also uses his powers to burn them all alive. Holden gets him to stop and to leave with them. 

Ian is in the middle of the woods being beaten by Yellow Jacket. Ian is still not coming clean about the tapes and Yellow Jacket is not happy about his answers. Things are not looking good for him, but Yellow Jacket says that he isn't going to kill him today, but that just means his minion will. Now, Ian is no longer a threat. 

Tess is having a nice date with her wife. Apparently, she never told her spouse that she has cancer and has been keeping it from her for a couple of months. Tess then tells her that she is remission and that she is about to make changes at work. Tess also tells her that they need to go as far away as possible and never look back. 

Back at the sheriff's office, one of the awoken cryo lab friends has walked in and is looking for the prisoner. We know that would be Diego. The sheriff's office is under attack, there is the army of the awoken standing outside. We know they stand little to no chance, but will they leave once they have Diego. Poor Tom is still locked up in the basement! They have gotten inside and have taken Diego our of the cell, what is going to happen to Tom? 

Edgar, Holden, Charlie and Jeff go to the site of the freezer. Edgar is very excited to get to it and runs ahead. Holden starts to talk to Charlie about how he is afraid for his future and does not want to end up like Edgar. Charlie grabs him, kisses him and tells him that she won't let that happen. 

After they get to the freezer, Edgar says that Holden is the only one that can enter the realm. Holden is going back to the realm! 

With only two episodes left, we can not wait to see what happens! Will Diego and the rest of his army be taken down? Can Holden follow Edgar's directions inside the realm? How will things go for Tom and Diane? Will the FBI get involved? Finally, how will these relationships play out? So many questions, so little time! We can't wait to watch Beyond next week at 8:00 p.m EST to see what happens next! 


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