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Big Bang Theory 'The Contractual Obligation Implementation' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/09/2013 6:47 am
Big Bang Theory 'The Contractual Obligation Implementation' Recap

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

If there’s one thing I love about The Big Bang Theory, it’s the witty banter, and after the two-week hiatus, the eighteenth episode of the sixth series, ‘The Contractual Obligation Implentation’ didn’t disappoint. This episode focused on Leonard and co. (except Raj who was on a date with Lucy – sweet couple, I know!) trying to encourage women to do science.

Leonard is the most enthusiastic of the three men, but can’t seem to find a way to get women in to science; he asks Sheldon who then comes up with the idea to inform girls at middle school, because University is too late. Being proud of his newfound status, given he went to space; Howard offers to call up his old school to do a talk there. As expected, none of the girls are interested in what the guys are saying, Leonard then goes in to a mini-meltdown talking about his failed dreams of becoming a rapper – a dream his Mum didn’t let him pursue (we’re thankful too) as he makes a much better scientist, although it is hilarious to watch Leonard with swagger!

Whilst having ‘girl’s night’ (with the addition of Raj) at Penny’s apartment, Raj asks the girls for tips as to where he should take Lucy for their first date (more to follow below on that one next). After Amy’s very ‘out there’ suggestions, Bernadette suggests Disneyland, Amy says she hasn’t been there since she was a kid and the girls decide to pull a ‘hooky’ and go, (something Miss Farrah Fowler has never done before). This causes a bit of tension between them, as to who gets to be Cinderella. We don’t actually get to see them at Disneyland which is a bit disappointing, but the costumes they wear make up for it! Snow White = Amy, Bernadette = Cinderella and Penny = Sleeping Beauty.

Finally, Raj and Lucy have their first date. No normal date though, as Raj STILL has trouble talking to women and Lucy has social anxiety, the two decide to have a text date. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find this slowly developing couple super sweet. They’re just so perfect for each other, let’s just hope nothing goes wrong for the pair and Raj can have a proper relationship for once! Anyway, they have a successful first date, Lucy says that going out to meet him was something that scares her and she wants to do more things that scare her, she asks if she can kiss him (which Raj is happy to oblige) but then she has a panic attack and runs off.



·         Penny’s ‘jokes’ based on real events


·         When discussing who will be what Disney princess – ‘Well it’s simple, this was my idea, I’m driving, I’m Cinderella and if you bitches got a problem with that we can stop the car, right now!’ – Bernadette


·         Leonard getting his rap on


·         X Factor USA’s Diamond White starring as a pupil at the lecture Leonard, Sheldon and Howard were giving at the school.


·         Raj and Lucy’s texting date, ‘My Dad’s a gynaecologist in India, so if you’re ever over there and need a check-up, as he likes to say, he’s always at your cervix’ – Raj


This episode was one of my favourites of the season so far. Let us know, did you like ‘The Contractual Obligation Implentation’? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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