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Fashion PopWrapped | Fashion

Black Milk to Release Harry Potter 'Maurader's Map' Clothing!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/08/2013 8:48 pm
PopWrapped | Fashion
Black Milk to Release Harry Potter 'Maurader's Map' Clothing!


Dani Strehle

Staff Writer

Have you ever had one of those days where you look into your closet longingly and pine for a wardrobe update? Wishing that you could infuse your look with something completely new and unique? Black Milk Clothing may be the breath of fresh air you’re looking for; that is, if you have the balls to wear their stuff! If you think you can pull off a pair of tights that showcase the night sky or with smiling and dancing ice cream cones on them, you can find it there. I was entranced while looking at their gallery, the clothes are absolutely beautiful. Their clothing truly feels more like art than fashion; though some believe that they are one in the same. And, with Black Milk, some of their clothing depicts art! Their impressionist painting leggings are definitely a favorite.

The eccentric line really creates looks that you cannot find anywhere else. Their Star Wars and Middle Earth lines feature popular character-themed clothing. Dresses made to look like R2D2’s body, leggings with Harrison Ford peering out from your thigh, bathing suits with Darth Vader’s masked façade looking menacing. Or, perhaps you’re more of a Lord of the Rings fan. Never fear, Black Milk is here for all your LotR needs! You can get all of the same clothing but with Gandalf looking strong and stoic or Legolas looking cute, even a dwarf. The possibilities of what you can find truly are endless at Black Milk.

Today on a podcast posted on Facebook, James Lillis, the mad genius behind Black Milk, announced that he was giving in to fan requests and creating a Harry Potter line; specifically, a Maurader’s Map line. Lillis stated:

“Moody, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs are proud to present the Maurader’s Map. This is something we’re very excited about. When we told you guys we were going to do a Harry Potter collection, everybody said ‘oh my goodness, I’d love to have a Maurader’s Map on my legs!’”

Lillis goes on to explain that: “It’s got all the little footsteps and people going around. As well as the cover, put this on a dress as well and we think you guys are going to absolutely love it.”

Unfortunately, the under-eight-minute podcast did not indicate when the line would be available for purchase. He did leave us with this exciting bit of information, though: “We need to photograph it first, and we are actually planning to do a photo shoot at Hogwarts and Warner Bros Studio in the U.K.”

While I am certain that I could never pull these looks off, I do so look forward to the day that I am walking behind somebody and see “mischief managed” scrawled across their glutes and “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” down their legs. It’s J.K.’s world and we’re just living in it, people! 


So guys, what other Harry Potter-themed items are you hoping to see from Black Milk?


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