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Bones At Comic Con: Will Booth And Brennan Finally Get Hitched?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/22/2013 1:34 am
Bones At Comic Con: Will Booth And Brennan Finally Get Hitched?

Kirsty Wallace

Content Editor

The Fox favourite returns to our screens in September for Season Nine. At their Panel at Comic Con, the team behind the show promised an interesting year for us Bones Fans.

Show creator Hart Hanson said that the season premiere which will be called “The Secret in the Proposal”  picks up three months after Season Eight’s finale. 

In the season finale, Booth was forced to retract his proposal to Brennan due to threats from recurring evil nemesis Christopher Pellant.  I was so pleased to hear that Seeley Booth himself, David Boreanaz feels the same way as many fans do regarding Pellant “He’s a little old; he needs to go fast”.

When Hanson was asked if he knew how Pellant was FINALLY going to meet his maker, he said “Oh yeah … crap”. 

He did try and retract this later in the panel, however no one was fooled and I for one can’t wait to see that creep meet a hopefully grizzly end. 


Regarding the relationship between Seeley and Temperance in Season 9, executive producer Ian Toynton said “the relationship between them will be slightly different and the relationship will be pushed to a different place”. 

Many fans have been wondering over the summer whether there will ever be a Booth/Brennan wedding. David Boreanaz solved that for the audience when he proposed to Emily Deschanel on the panel stage.  Obviously Deschanel said yes on behalf of the forensic anthropologist. Boreanaz’s character will have a lot of work to do before he gets to the altar. 


Temperance “Bones” Brennan has no idea that the reason Booth called off their engagement was due to Pellant threatening their loved ones.  Bones appeared to take the news rather hard last season in spite of her many protestations that she didn’t need to marry Booth.

Hanson was also asked whether Sweets will be reunited with annoying Squintern Daisy following their break up last year.  He was rather ambigious over that point, but did say that both characters would be returning this season. I, for one hope, that Sweets does not reunite with Daisy, her character is soo annoying. I would not have been sad to see her vanish. 

In the vein of vanishing Squints, Hanson was also asked whether, we would ever see the return of Zach Addy. Zach was incarcerated in an asylum following his involvement with Gorgomon back in Season 3

Hanson replied “We don’t have plans for it, we don’t have not-plans for it. Never say never.” 

Hart Hanson also said that whilst the idea of a movie was a good one, it wouldn’t be able to happen whilst the show was still on air.  He also said that a movie was always possible thanks to the fact that David and Emily actually like each other.

So to recap, Season Nine hopefully means the end of Pellant and the wedding we have all been waiting for. I am sure there will be many other revelations as the season airs. Some secrets are good.

Check out the preview of Season Nine.


Bones returns to Fox on September 16th at 9pm EST.


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