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Bow Down To Beyonce; The Queen Of The MTV Video Music Award Nominations...And The World

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/13/2014 4:08 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Bow Down To Beyonce; The Queen Of The MTV Video Music Award Nominations...And The World | beyonce
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The Supreme of the world's largest coven, the splendorous and magnificent Queen B, never fails to impress.

Not only has She passed all Seven Wonders effortlessly but here are eight other wonderful things she has been able to do..

[ 1.) Being the obviously-unspoken but painfully-obvious de facto leader of Destiny's Child after absorbing the strengths and talents of Kelly and Michelle into Herself;

2.) Managing to steal Jay-Z's heart from him;

3.) Giving birth to a child more relevant than that of royalty's;

4.) Is so clearly part of the Illuminati (but it's Beyonce, so She probably runs them too -- not to mention She probably puts them to use, since She has a (recently not so) secret organization called "The Beygency" that deals with those that dare have the audacity to speak against Her unchallenged regime);

5.) Having a career and a family;

6.) Dropping a surprise album with no promotion and still having it be a worldwide success (because again, She's Beyonce);

7.) Doing the unthinkable: knocking the previous, fading Supreme Oprah off her pedestal and usurping Her position as the New Supreme, at the #1 spot on the Forbes 100 Celebrity List.]; and,

8.) Leading the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with 8 nominations.

Let me run that by you again.  Beyonce recorded, arranged, and perfected a visual album, all in total secrecy, and released it with no promotion, no build-up, and no announcement and expected Her name on the cover to carry the entire weight of crazy sales...and it totally did.

I personally remember how Twitter and Tumblr went crazy that night. It's been countless months after and I'm still in shock. I can't believe She did that. She reinvented the game in Her own image, and placed Herself on top. You don't need any more proof that Beyonce runs the world than Her knocking Oprah off the #1 spot of the Forbes list.

Going back to the MTV VMAs, Beyonce leads all competition (read: Her inferiors, those who think they're chess-masters when in truth they aren't even players; if anything, they're all playing checkers while She's playing chess), with an astonishing 8 nominations for Her surprise album, which says everything you need to know about who runs the game and has it on lock. By Her grace, Eminem and Iggy Azalea follow with 7, and everyone else is essentially irrelevant. Well, in the face of Beyonce, Her Majestic Splendiferousness, that is.

Tune in to the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24th, and watch the Supreme sweep all awards like the other Supreme of a smaller coven (Adele) did at the 2012 Grammy's. Do you think Beyonce deserves Her awards, which are all but engraved with Her name on it already? Or do you think there's another contender for Her throne?

(The correct answer is the first one, by the way. The Beyble says so.)

Keep up with Her Majestic Splendiferousness' news and all others pertaining to pop culture on PopWrapped!

(Disclaimer: This is Beyonce's world. Everyone else is just living in it, at Her mercy. Please do not come for me, Beygency. Please.)

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