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Box Office Showdown: Fast & Furious 6 Vs Hangover 3 Memorial Day!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/18/2013 7:26 pm
Box Office Showdown: Fast & Furious 6 Vs Hangover 3 Memorial Day!

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Memorial day looks to be one for the box-office ages this year as two films will have a fight to the finish in terms of sales. Hangover director Todd Phillips was CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday showing the 3rd installment of “The Hangover”. It seems that Phillips has a lot to be nervous about, considering that the “Fast & Furious 6” will be opening the same day as “The Hangover Part 3”.

Since neither one of these franchises has ever had a bomb at the box office, it stands to reason that both films will be fighting for overall gross memorial day weekend in terms of sales. Phillips said this at CinemaCon in regards to the showdown: ” Come on, it’s f***ing Vin Diesel and The Rock,” he added “What the f**k!” to the last line of questioning. 

If you ask me, Todd has a lot more to worry about than “The Hangover Part 3” beating out “The Fast & Furious 6”. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” will be released exactly on week before these films, not to mention the fact that May will kick off with “Iron Man 3” at the beginning of the month. Both of those films stand to do A LOT better than “The Hangover 3” and “Fast & Furious 6”. So, with that in mind, I say this to you Todd Phillips: You have every reason in the world to be worried that your movie may not perform as well as you’d like it to, but you’re worried about the wrong movie beating you out.


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