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Carmilla: 02x20 Damage Control

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/10/2015 4:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x20 Damage Control | carmilla
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Time for "Damage Control" indeed as we try to find out what has happened to our fearless favorite broody vampire.

Mattie informs us that they were lured to the North Quad when they were following some Zetas when they were ambushed by an onslaught of arrows (courtesy of the Summer Society presumably) Perry was correct in her information that Panther Carmilla was dragging a body in the North Quad, but unlike how she presented the information, Carmilla was helping Mattie which led to her chest injury. The injured vampire needs blood and Laura directs Mattie to the blood she left in the fridge (She forgot to clean the fridge? Unlikely. She kept it just in case just like at the end of last season? Probably.)

After a quick blood refresher, Carmilla is a little more coherent and is not pleased to be back in the apartment with Laura, but ultimately still is in too much pain from the remnants of the arrow to do anything else. Laura points out that they need someone to remove it that has way too much enthusiasm about dissections. Mattie figures out that one of the future mad scientists in the house could help and expected Laura to rush out of the room to wake them...which she doesn't. (I don't know what's more surprising, that Laura didn't rush to get help or that LaFontaine didn't burst through the doors at the mention of dissections.)

Laura refuses to get help until she and Mattie have an important talk. She refuses to move until they agree to stop the chaos (which do we even really have proof other than Perry's words?). Laura lays it out for Mattie: She's willing to put her life on the line (cause Mattie obviously still has it out for Laura) because she knows that she can get the help for Carmilla. She will get help for the injured vampire, provide them a temporary shelter as she recovers, BUT there will be no biting, maiming or killing of anyone or else Laura will personally call Vordenberg's Vampire Hunting Squad to deal with them.

Mattie agrees and Laura finally goes to wake LaFontaine, Perry and JP to help Carmilla (who has honestly just been sitting in pain during the entire exchange). LaFontaine was initially cranky at being woken up at 1 AM but immediately wakes up at the sight of Carmilla's injury. JP quickly rushes away after realizing that they need some gauze, peroxide and some ether (anesthetic possibly?) to tend to Carmilla.

Perry is pissed about the entire situation because Mattie and Carmilla are on a killing spree (but are they?) they're being hunted and there's blood getting on the furniture. Laura informs the distressed Ginger about Mattie's agreement to Laura's deal, but Perry doesn't buy it. Soon enough, JP returns and both he and LaFontaine take Carmilla to the couch so they can remove the arrow.

Laura seems to be more concerned about Carmilla's well-being while Perry brings up that she still believes Mattie is behind the Voice of Silas murders, the mysterious bloody Latin warning attack  as well as the nightmares that Perry experiences. Mattie again defends herself as not even being in the country when it all happened, but Perry says that Mattie is a killer "You've always been a killer" (HOW DOES SHE EVEN KNOW THAT?)

LaFontaine kindly interjects that operating is a delicate situation and that fights that might shake the house will not help anyone. Perry storms out telling Laura that even though she has good intentions, that allowing the vampires to hide with them is a mistake.

Somehow, the science duo manages to get the remains of the arrow out of Carmilla relatively quickly and after a quick celebration of their success.

Mattie checks on Carmilla (who is doing as well as one can after being shot with an arrow and had an unofficial surgeon operate on them) and is happy that they have the chance to rest there so Carmilla can rest up. The brooding, injured vampire is surprised at the agreement and even though she's unhappy with the terms so they can stay, the older vampire points out that hiding with Laura is a lot better off than them running from the vampire hunting army in their current conditions.

Before anything else could happen, Perry rushes in, her earlier concerns forgotten as she informs Laura that Vordenberg's vampire troops are coming.

Only a couple thoughts about this episode. Can Perry's information about anything be trusted? Because she's just getting more and more suspicious as the season moves along, especially with that comment about Mattie always being a killer. Are we going to see some of the Zetas and Summers looking for the vampires next time? Is JP in danger or are the hunters ignoring him? But most of all, what purpose will this new camera angle provide for the story?

In my opinion, this episode allowed Laura to have a bit of a hero moment. Yes, we know she cares about Carmilla (did you see how distressed she looked when LaF was examined the injuries?) but the most important thing is that she stood up for what she knows is right. She is preventing any injury to anyone else, especially to Carmilla, by having them hole up in the apartment with them. She knew very well that Mattie could just kill the tiny hero and do things herself, but she agreed to the deal anyway. Laura may have a black and white perspective on right and wrong, but the fact that she put her foot down about the situation gave her a win in my books.

What a week in Carmilla and I have no idea what the rest of the season could be building to. But I'm excited to find out, stay with me creampuffs, we've still quite the adventure ahead.


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