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Carmilla: 02x33, Just In Case, 02x34, Last Call

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

09/26/2015 11:29 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x33, Just In Case, 02x34, Last Call | Just In Case
Media Courtesy of Credit: Tumblr

Well Creampuffs, this is it - the final stretch. Let's just try to make sense of what on Earth is going on at Silas.

"Just In Case" starts off with Laura addressing her viewers, seemingly going back and forth with the Baron's random propaganda against the group. Perry, LaFontaine and Kirsch seem to be attempting to find some kind of file that might end up helping in defeating Vordenberg. Danny seems to be supporting Laura in her attempts to make a video while JP is restrained to avoid another snack attack.

Carmilla, Just In Case & Last Call recap Credit: Tumblr

While Vordenberg is in the middle of one of his rants via speakerphone, he gets interrupted by another attempt of Carmilla to get to the Lustig Crater. Theo tries to interrupt with a solution for people who wish to relocate from the violence, but is scolded for trying to tell the old man what to do. The Baron is convinced that he will be able to bring down Carmilla, but then again, we all know he took the glory of defeating Mattie after running away like a small child.

Laura knows that the students of Silas need to be saved and although Kirsch genuinely tries to offer legitimate advice on what they can do to win, the fact is that they are greatly outnumbered by Vordenberg's forces (The attempt at a plan was adorable. Unrealistic, but the thought was appreciated by all.)

With things looking unfavorable, Perry offers the idea of teaming up with the Corvae Corporation, which is not surprisingly vetoed by the rest of the group. She goes on to explain that Vordenberg is still TECHNICALLY just a man, the power he holds comes from the title of Chair of the Board of Governors. Even with suspicious Perry acting questionable, Laura gets the idea that perhaps destroying the original Silas Charter MIGHT be what needs to be done to stop the Baron. Before that idea can really get anywhere, cue a surprise video chat with Theo and Mel!

Mel and Theo pop up on screen to explain that they no longer want to be a part of the Baron's game, with Mel not wanting to serve a crazy old bully while Theo realizes that the vampires were not as threatening to the Zeta's claim to the top of the metaphorical totem pole as the Baron is.

The two former Zeta and Summer Society leaders offer this new idea. Although they are currently outnumbered, there are students being held prisoner in the catacombs. If Danny or Laura come to the catacombs to convince the students to join the fight to take back the campus, the students have a chance to win. After a brief moment of considering the risks for all involved, the group agrees to this new plan, with Danny being the one to lead the charge.

Danny is adamant to go alone to limit the damage if the plan goes wrong. She also goes on to say how no matter what Mattie and Carmilla said, there are reasons to fight for this weird world we live in, especially if it's for the right person. Before Laura can really comment on what seems to be Danny's final declaration of feelings before the big battle, Kirsch notices the sign and she gets ready to leave for the catacombs.

"Last Call" was quite a different turn than expected as the following episode. We see it's probably later in the day since Danny has gone off to gather the troops. Laura isn't addressing us this time around. This time, she's intentionally leaving this new video for Carmilla to see.

She acknowledges that the vampire has every right to be angry and hate the tiny journalist, but she's still willing to try again. This is Laura's last attempt to beg Carmilla to help them with this battle. Laura understands her mistakes of glorifying Carmilla as a great hero as well as living in a world with very basic understandings of right and wrong.

She now sees the world differently, in a way that she tries to not be the person who, unfortunately, lived similarly to the Dean and Vordenberg in fighting for what they wanted to believe in without concerns towards collateral damage. Laura never intended anyone to get hurt, but now all she does know is that right or wrong, the best thing she can do is try to be strong, kind and there for people who need help. Surprisingly, Carmilla's face does show up in the corner for a video chat... which Laura handles very poorly.

Funnily enough, Laura's entire demeanor of seriousness and genuine concern change to the dork we know and love, giving us one of those awkward post-break up conversations between exes. Carmilla ignores the rambling and tries to get her to the point. The vampire thinks Laura's crazy because after everything that has happened, the tiny dork still came begging for help even though Carmilla has done everything to prove she is no true hero.

Laura points out that she has learned over this semester. Even if the broody vampire thinks she's crazy, she does get that life is not just black and white. That there are no true heroes and that sometimes, all people can do is be heroes for each other.

Carmilla is, of course, skeptical of this, by defending that this isn't just a story. Sometimes, life is just cruel. Sometimes, life will let bad guys win and the only thing people can do is try to stay alive if they're strong enough. Laura defends herself in saying that even if someone's not strong enough, there is strength in friendship, which Carmilla dismisses by ending the conversation.

Laura is stunned, but quickly accepts the fact that Carmilla will not be helping them in the fight. Soon enough, Perry arrives to tell Laura that Danny is leading the prisoners (interesting word choice) resulting in Laura quickly getting up to join the epic battle. BUT WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, CARMILLA "STILL TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH LAURA" KARNSTEIN SHOWS BACK UP ON THE CHAT NOT EVEN 30 SECONDS AFTER LAURA HAS GIVEN UP.

Perry is still in the room as Carmilla begrudgingly agreeing to Laura's plan and trying to find out what to do...but of course, things never end the way we want. She ends up walking towards the screen as Carmilla looks for Laura. The episode ends with Perry speaking in that suspiciously Dean-ish voice by telling Carmilla that Laura doesn't want to talk right now before cutting her feed off and the impostor quickly going to follow Laura to the battle.

I have absolutely no idea what to make of that last part honestly. With only TWO episodes remaining, I have no idea where Carmilla is going to end. So just a few things before I go off and question what's going to happen that has Laura hurt next week with some of the group finding her while probably hurting our souls along the way.

Vordenberg's downfall is going to be his overconfidence. He is convinced that the elaborate tales he speaks of are true, but he's losing his forces. Even if he's got the power as Chair of the Board, a leader without people to lead is pretty useless. Especially when considering he didn't actually defeat anyone and almost killed Theo while trying to shoot at Carmilla. How will this play out for the remaining episodes?

Danny's declaration of her feelings for Laura. That was huge. For the longest time, Laura was fighting for someone to love that is a true hero, that will fight for what's right because they have feelings for someone as well as because the it's the right thing. Now that Laura is being confronted with essentially the woman of her dreams? She doesn't love her the way she loves Carmilla. She doesn't need the hero of the people, she needs her own hero. This better not be the last we see of Danny, because declarations of feelings never end well.

The final piece of the puzzle seems to fit for Laura. She is no longer the person who has a very bland, simple understanding of life. Just comparing to this point last season with "Do Not Go Into The Light," Laura is so different from how she used to be. Back then, she was more concerned about herself, being hurt by Carmilla's actions and frustrated with not knowing what to do. This time around, Laura knew and understood her limits. She knows that things are difficult and she needs her hero to be there so they can BOTH help those who need them to be strong. She's trying to be smart this time around, not just trying to go in blindly to get a victory. Laura has truly become a woman of the people and I'm absolutely terrified of what is going to happen to her next. Will she be okay? (Probably not.)

We finally got to see Carmilla again after so many episodes without her. I'm very happy that she attempted to stand up and hold her ground to Laura by not immediately giving in. I'm even happier that she is still good deep down because she came back quickly after claiming she wouldn't help. The fact that she was just a little late from being there to help Laura AGAIN (conveniently exactly one season separated) just by a short amount of time. The most concerning part? Last time around, she knew where Laura was going and exactly how to deal with the trouble the tiny journalist had gotten herself into. This time, Shady Perry cut her off before Carmilla could really get answers. Will she be able to save Laura again?

Ah Shady Perry. For the longest time, I have not trusted this character. I wanted to believe in her, I really did. But this week's episodes did not comfort me whatsoever. The tweets from LaFontaine show that Perry is being completely out of character other than what we've seen on the screen. If these two episodes don't prove that she's possessed by the Dean's spirit or something, I have no idea who the hell else might want to make the Dean's wishes come true to this extent. Who won't this impostor hurt? What is this final end game?

On a lighter end note, Silas is crazily like Hogwarts right now. Carmilla getting lost in the Library before magically finding an area with pillows and cell service to get Laura's video feed? It's strongly like the Room of Requirement helping the students out in their fight in Harry Potter. At least with Laura's latest realizations, she understands that help will be provided to those in Silas who need it and she can be that person to help.

TWO EPISODES REMAIN. I have no clue what else could happen. There are just too many factors that I feel we're missing. We're at the end of the ride and I'm terrified of what else can go wrong at Silas. 'Til the next and, hopefully, not the last time, hang tight Creampuffs, the end is almost here.


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