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Cast And Crew Of Orphan Black Rock Comic-Con

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/20/2013 9:45 pm
Cast And Crew Of Orphan Black Rock Comic-Con


Whitney Pierce

Staff Writer

San Diego Comic Con is well underway, and yesterday was a big day for the Orphan Black fandom or, as we refer to ourselves, the Clone Club. We were blessed with not one, but two different panels for our show, both of which featured stars Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and Dylan Bruce. One featured those three, plus writers and creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson.

The first panel of the day took place at Nerd HQ. Nerd HQ is just as it sounds, it is basically a home base for nerds to come and experience cool new technology, gaming sessions, awesome panels, autograph signings, events, and exclusive parties. And, while it was supposed to be hosted by the handsome Zachary Levi, he was saving his voice for his Broadway role, and the host spot was filled by actor Alan Tudyk.


The Nerd HQ panel was 100% driven by fan questions, which were all great. Of course you had the normal questions that we’ve all seen and heard, yet continue to love to hear the same answers to such as: “How do you get in the mindset to play a certain clone?” “Which clone is your favorite or least favorite?” And, of course: “Which clone are you most like?” And like any member of the Clone Club can tell you, Maslany has playlists for each of the characters that she listens to before she goes in to play that clone and tries to stay in that particular character at all times. She doesn’t have a least favorite clone because she loves them all but she has said she really enjoys playing the over the top soccer mom Alison. And finally, to much of the fandom’s delight, Maslany said that she’s most like Cosima; however, not because she is getting her lady loving on, but because they’re personalities are very similar, and they both have a passion to know everything about everything. 

Now that the beginner questions are out of the way, here are some of the best questions and comments that came from the Nerd HQ panel:

One of the first questions asked was whether Felix or Sarah was older, and what their life was like growing up. These questions are always fun I think because, while I’m sure they have talked about it behind the scenes, it requires some creativity from the part of the actors to imagine up what life was like for the younger version of their characters. Both Tatiana and Jordan decided that Sarah was older and Felix was younger. Jordan goes on to say that in real life he has older sisters and Tatiana has younger brothers and that played a lot into how they acted on screen. How Sarah would do anything she could to protect her younger brother from anyone that meant to harm him, and how Felix would do anything his older sister wanted him to do like rob a bank or conceal a clone’s dead body.

As expected, a lot of the questions were directed towards Tatiana, however, there were also a lot for Jordan about his character of Felix which was actually amazing. Felix is a huge part of the show, an amazing part might I add, and hearing him talk about Felix was a really great part of this panel. One of the most interesting things he talked about was Felix’s loft and the design of it. He said that the set designer for his on-set loft layered the walls with faux concrete, then a brick facade, then stone, wallpaper, brick and so on, and chiseled that to look like urban decay from the inside out, which went on to represent the character of Felix being so layered after what he’s been through. The amount of thought that goes into this show from everyone involved is unbelievable. 

Jordan was really talkative as well when someone asked him how the LGBTQ community reacted to Felix when the show first aired. He said that the LGBTQ community was very supportive and loved it, but that there were a few people in the straight community that weren’t too pleased because they felt Felix was too over the top. Gavaris then went into what I felt was an amazing and brilliant response about how you cannot collectively as a society decide that you are going to only represent one part of a minority. I cannot even begin to reiterate what he said in a manner that would do it justice so if you want to watch it, the video of the whole panel will be posted at the end of this portion of the article. Jordan’s speech begins at about 32 and a half minutes in.

There weren’t that many questions about what will be happening next season because I don’t actually think the actors know that much and nor would they be able to say anything about it. Towards the tail end of the panel, and another very memorable moment, we find out that Jordan Gavaris is actually quite the singer and our girl Tatiana can beatbox. Excuse me while I go freak out because of their perfection.

Here is the video for the full Nerd HQ panel, it starts at about 10 minutes.


Now, for the panel that was held in a tiny room that I’m sure wasn’t able to hold many of the fans that had come for the show.  Finding a video for it has been quite the challenge, however, I have found many live tweets from it that captures the main bits. 

A lot of the same stuff that was covered at Nerd HQ was also covered here but with the writers present, it was a bit easier to get a little more information about what could be happening in season 2. With everything that happened last season and getting more into the science of the cloning in the latter half, it is likely that we will see a lot of that side and perhaps issues with cloning and laws about cloning. Graeme brings up how the Surpreme Court have actually made a law that says human DNA cannot be patented but artificial implements can, and says that that decision may be brought up later in the show.

The show was actually finished filming the whole season before they found out they would be picked up for another one, and Tatiana mentions being sad when the last bit was filmed since she had no idea if they would be picked up again to continue the journey. The writers did not predict how amazing the show would be, and John Fawcett said that he finally took the hint once Tatiana Maslany won her first ever Critics Choice Award for her role. Then it is said that everyone realized how huge the show and the following was when they searched for it on Tumblr. That’s definitely when you know you’ve got something great, when you take over Tumblr. 

Nothing too specific on season 2 was said, it was more of what they would like to see in the future, which could include season 2 or just future seasons. One is Cosima’s fate. We found out towards the end that Cosima was sick with the same thing Katja was sick with, and was trying to find help for. The good news is that Cosima is a scientist and was the one that was going to help Katja so this could be fixed. The bad news is that the writers say that her fate is still up in the air which scares the living daylights out of me. Another thing is new clones. We know there will be more, we already know more exist from seeing copies of their IDs this season. Tatiana has said that she loves doing accents, except Scottish ones, and would love to do a Boston or New York one. I have a feeling she’s planted a seed with the writers by saying that. Diving more into the relationship between the clones and how they all first started out is also likely to be tackled sooner rather than later, as well.

Both panels have provided some information we already knew and perhaps some we didn’t know already. One thing is for sure: it has really got things going in the minds of fans. There are so many questions to be answered and I’m sure more new questions will arise. Where is Mrs. S and who is she exactly? What is going to happen with Sarah and Paul? Is Pro-Clone Rachel going to take the role as villain now that Helena is gone? How will Cosima’s illness and relationship with Delphine and Leekie play out? What is Alison’s fate since she is still being monitored and has signed her life over to Leekie? Why can Kira miraculously heal herself? There are so many questions and possibilities that my head hurts from trying to figure it all out!

If you read this and decided, “Hey, I really need to be a part of the Clone Club” then Orphan Black is out now on DVD and Blu-ray so catch up on it! Season two of the show will be airing in April 2014 on BBC America.


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