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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Castle Attempts To Find Answers In "Montreal"

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

10/08/2014 1:05 am
PopWrapped | Television
Castle Attempts To Find Answers In
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And the mystery continues. Episode 2 of Castle did not ease off on the mystery set up in the premiere. If anything, there are more questions to be answered. And then there was THAT moment at the end. But we’ll get to that. Let’s get back to the show. So Castle, smart cookie that he is, goes on a talk show (which he knows is a trap and they want to talk about his disappearance, not his novels) and offers a $250,000 reward to anyone with information about his whereabouts during the last two months. In a particularly hilarious scene, Gates lets him have it as the precinct's phones have been ringing off the hook with chancers and fake tips, while Alexis is manning the phones at his own home. There was even talk of a space ship abducting him. Oh Castle. Eventually, though, we get an actual clue when a couple contacts Castle and show him pictures from their honeymoon where he is standing in the background. Where were the honeymooners? OH CANADA... So, Team Castle and Alexis take a trip to Montreal, after Alexis (genius that we know her to be) realises the key found in Castle’s pants was for a safety deposit box. Which begs the question (and I beg you to read this in the guise of Brad Pitt in Se7en): What’s in the box? Turns out Castle might not want to know. After a clever rouse, navigating their way into the room, Castle unlocks the box and discovers three letters, one to Alexis, Martha and Kate. In each of them is a memory card with a video from Castle. A last goodbye. Castle gets increasingly worried as the episode goes on, discovering where the video was made and tracking down our mystery man from last week’s episode. It turns out Castle asked to have his memory wiped so he wouldn’t remember what he had done? The guy tells him “Some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved” and “Live your life. It’s what you wanted.” What has Castle done?! We’ll just have to wait and see. Now to a brief recap of the murder of the week: A group of rowers come across a dead body wrapped up in the Hudson (you could say the mystery hit us smack in the face. You shouldn’t. But you could). The body is covered in burns on the face and hands. The Victim is a CEO of a Toy Manufacturer, whose wife informs us was in fine form until his dog died then he became concerned. These things are never to be dismissed in Castle. We meet his assistant, his wife, and a woman who was teaching him how to use theatre makeup. Turns out he was going undercover to investigate going ons in his factory. As the episode progresses, we discover that his dog was a drug sniffing dog, and was poisoned and the boss had stumbled across a drug smuggling ring working through his factory in shipments of Raggedy Ann Dolls. We discover it was to do with the Chinese drug ring, and the assistant had worked over there and transported the drugs. Ipso Facto, we have a killer. Other notables: Lanie and Esposito are together again! Esposito throwing the murderer across the toy floor piano was a glorious bit of television—and tuneful. And the piece du jour: “I must have wanted to come back to you...Let’s get married tomorrow” You better not be screwing with us, Marlowe! All in all, I really enjoyed the episode. The murder of the week was less interesting than Castle’s mystery, but I’ll be tuning in to see how that develops with bated breath. What did you think, Castle fans? Any bets on what’s going on with Castle? Anyone else think it’s something to do with his Dad? Let us know in the comments below!
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