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CBS, Why Must You Be So Cruel?

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

As I was researching another article I had written, I found myself becoming very upset with CBS Corp. I was attempting to watch the new teaser trailer for Dexter when an error message appeared that told me that the video I was looking for had been taken down per a copyright refrain from CBS Corp. My initial reaction was that of annoyance, after I had just spent the last hour typing away to finish my Dexter article, only to discover the link I required I could no longer use. Lucky for me, my editor was able to rectify that!

Here’s what I don’t get: CBS Corp owns Showtime, and Dexter is one of many series own by them. Why would CBS Corp release an official trailer for Dexter & the new series Ray Donovan only to take it down less than an hour later and claim a copyright issue on themselves? How much f***ing sense does that make? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say NONE, because it makes NO SENSE and was just random. This isn’t the first time CBS has done something of this nature, so if you all don’t mind, I will give you some good examples and show you why it is I find myself frustrated with CBS.

The Website: CBS seems pretty hell bent on making sure that those of us who want to watch our favorite shows from their network on their website only, which is really lame considering that the web player they have is a god forsaken piece of crap. Seriously, I’ve got Real Player on my 10 year old laptop that could stream better in 5 minutes than this crap can in the span of one episode of “Two Broke Girls”. That being said, it’s a waste of time to use the web player they have.

Hulu: I have been known to use Hulu Plus, and like Netflix, this is a service you pay 8 dollars a month for in order to get less commercials than you get using regular free Hulu. If I have to pay 8 bucks a month, I would like to be able to stream new episodes of How I Met Your Mother. However, Hulu & CBS have apparently decided that it is only available “Web Only”. This means you are unable to watch it on an IPhone, most tablets, PS3, Xbox and Wii, you must use an actual computer or laptop to watch it. It also makes you use the CBS video playing piece of crap to watch, because I’m not already starting to feel like I’m wasting 8 bucks a month as it is. Another downside is that other shows like The Big Bang Theory aren’t available on Hulu or Hulu Plus.

Netflix: I’ve been told that Warner Brothers is in talks to give a large amount of shows and movies to Netflix sometime in the near future, let’s just hope it doesn’t take forever. Then again, it took Netflix over 3 years to get all 6 season of Supernatural, so I’m not holding my breath. Going back to what I said earlier about CBS Corp owning Showtime, this is what really got me going on this rant of mine. At one point, Netflix actually had the first 2 seasons of Dexter and the first season of Californication (Which I REALLY liked), and then they not only disappeared into the great beyond, but were not likely to return anytime soon. See, CBS Corp had NO problem selling the rights to Weeds and The Tudors to Netflix, and both series were very popular and worth quite a bit of money. Since CBS Corp owns Showtime, and Netflix had to buy the rights in order to stream said shows, why is it that they only got 2 seasons of Dexter and 1 of Califorinication? I would think that if you bought the rights to stream those series, that it would entitle you to receive every season of the series in question. I guess that’s asking to much. I can only speculate that CBS Corp wants to sell each season off in order to make a bigger profit, but that’s just a guess.

Showtime: I like a lot of the series that have come on Showtime, and many of them will continue to be my favorites even after they are gone from our T.V sets. However, I really don’t like this idea that in order to stream the shows you want from Showtime’s website or IPhone app, that your REQUIRED to have a cable account. In this day and age, streaming is so much easier, and in this economy it’s cheaper. And if all else fails, you can always download the episodes you wanna watch. Only problem with downloading is that your not sure what you’re getting is what you want and it takes up quite a bit of hard drive space after awhile. Not everyone can afford cable nowadays and with all the advances in technology these days, cable is not nearly worth what your paying for it.

My ranting and raving is done. I’ve spoken my peace, for now. With that in mind, why don’t you guys take some time and sound off with some comments! We here at Popwrapped would love to hear from our readers!

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