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Television PopWrapped | Television

Chris Carter, David Duchovny, And Mitch Pileggi Open The X-Files At NYCC

Ariel Bradford | PopWrapped Author

Ariel Bradford

10/22/2015 12:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Chris Carter, David Duchovny, And Mitch Pileggi Open The X-Files At NYCC | x-files
Media Courtesy of Property of Ursula Bradford/PopWrapped

The truth is still out there.

Last Saturday, NYCC guests were treated with a surprise: an advanced screening of the first of six new X-Files episodes!

Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pileggi answered questions after the first showing. Fans stuttered, squealed, and cried talking to the celebs, ecstatic about the new series.

The show has the same mood as before and feels like an old episode I (somehow) haven't seen before. Mulder calls Scully for help after finding out the government's alien technology uses. His new theory is that the United States has been using captured alien DNA and information to alter the progression of the human race. From human-piloted UFOs, half-breed aliens, fake wars, Roswell cover-ups, and injected alien genetic material, the X-Files need to be re-opened.

X-Files Courtesy of X-Files Universe

Mitch and David watched the show for the first time with the audience.

“I’m a little in shock. It looked really great. I think this guy right here did an amazing job: Chris Carter,” David responded.

“It makes me very nervous,” Chris Carter said of watching the audience see the show for the first time.

“Mitch kept asking me questions about what was going on. ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute?’” David started.

“Scully still loves you?” Pileggi said.

“I didn’t get to see much of [the episode],” Duchovny said in jest.

It was determined that Mulder/Skinner is the great unrequited romance of the show.

X-Files Courtesy of Silver Petticoat Review

“I got this call from 20th Century Fox that said David was interested in the show. So, I said, ‘If David’s interested, I am, too.’” Chris explained as to why he started the show back up. “It’s a perfect time to be telling X-Files stories.”

“It just felt right,” Pileggi summed up.

Chris Carter summed up Mulder and Scully’s relationship. “They’re not living under the same roof - that was a conscious thing. We wanted to be true to the passage of time.”

An audience member asked if mythology will be used in the upcoming episodes. Chris Carter replied, “We start with a mythology episode, then stand-alone episodes for the next four. One and six are mythology episodes.”

Chris Carter confirmed the return of The Lone Gunman! Duchovny detailed that Chris Carter has “the lion’s share of the work” and it’s up to him if more episodes will follow these.

X-Files Property of Ursula Bradford/PopWrapped

“I’m grateful to all you guys, and Chris, to make it possible to come back and play these characters again. If it so happens there’s an appetite for more, and Chris can… you know… as he has me say it in the show, you have my number.”

Will Mulder convince Scully to divert her attention from pediatric reconstructive surgery to the X-Files? Will Skinner allow this investigation? How is the Smoking Man involved? When will the Lone Gunman be called in to further explore these phenomena? Oh, and why aren't Mulder and Scully together yet?!


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