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Chris O'Dowd One-Ups Steve Carell's Fly Killing Technique

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/22/2013 10:38 pm
Chris O'Dowd One-Ups Steve Carell's Fly Killing Technique


Dani Strehle

Staff Writer

Have you had a difficult week? Has your Saturday been boring, or even stressful? Maybe you just feel down in the dumps. If any of the aforementioned ailments are plaguing you, please, heed my advice: WATCH THIS VIDEO!

What do you get when you put Graham Norton, Chris O’Dowd, Kristin Wiig, and Steve Carell in one room? I’ll tell ya what it gave me: a stomach ache and running mascara. Know why? Because I laughed myself to tears and stomach cramps.

The video picks up with O’Dowd ducking from a fly that Kristin Wiig says “looks like a bird.” Steve Carell then goes on to give us a demonstration of a fail-proof fly killing method that involves air pressure and the fly being in the middle of your hands that are placed equidistance on either side of your unwitting victim atop a flat surface. Chris O’Dowd dubs this “clever murder.”

The foursome continue their fly chatter for a minute and comment about how it knows not the danger that awaits it should it happen to fly between Carell’s steady hands.

The video cuts to a short time in the future. O’Dowd takes a drink of his water and makes a little squeal. Wiig gasps and scoots away from him immediately. Norton asks, “Did you just drink the fly?” a clearly distraught O’Dowd simply states: “oh my sweet God.”

Carell thinks he can finally get his chance to “take this thing down” and O’Dowd tells him that he’s “chewed it” and it may not be a challenging victim. He opens his hands the dead fly thumps morbidly on the table. Carell covers him up with a tissue showing respect to the dead insect and Norton says that “it’s like CSI: Fly. Just draw a little chalk outline around it.” Now THAT is a cop-show I could wrap my head around!

Check out the hilarious video below! Maybe grab some tissues, while you’re at it…



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