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Music / Reviews PopWrapped | Music

Christina Aguilera Is Liberating The Pop Music Genre

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/19/2018 12:49 am
PopWrapped | Music
Christina Aguilera Is Liberating The Pop Music Genre  | Liberation
Media Courtesy of RCA Records

Christina has spent the last month building up excitement for her return to the music stage with her sixth studio album Liberation. She began her return with the release of Kanye produced track "Accelerate" which premiered to mixed reviews. We loved it, by the way. She put out a few more songs while also performing on Jimmy Fallon, The Billboard Music Awards with Demi Lovato, and The Today Show. She has promoted herself and her new music which all comes down to her album dropping, where we discover if her efforts were worth it. The answer, yes! She didn’t even need to promote as much as she did because this work speaks for itself. Liberation is strong, vulnerable, empowering, and an overall experience for her fans. We’re going to break it down for you. Some of the tracks will be grouped because they’re interludes and pair with the previous or following song.

"Liberation" - The title track of the album is reminiscent of her intro to Lotus. It’s not so much a song as it is a prelude to what we’re about to experience which is her finding herself again.

"Searching For Maria" and "Maria" - We are greeted with a quick interlude between her opening thoughts and first official song on the album with an acapella version of Christina singing The Sound of Music’s "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" It’s beautiful and subtle which Christina doesn’t always do, but it leads into one of the best tracks from the album. "Maria" is a heart-pounding, work of art. She sings over a young Michael Jackson, belting out her soul for us.

"Sick Of Sittin" - Our next stop brings us back to her back to the basics sound with more edge. It reminds us of Beyonce’s "Freedom". On a first listen, it comes off as a song you’re not sure if you love or not, but when you play it a second time, it clicks. She makes us feel like we’re with her as she voices her message in a live sound, filled with the riffs we love. Her voice is raw with passion.

"Dreamers" and "Fall in Line" featuring Demi Lovato - Next, we get an interlude of young girls sharing what they want to be when they grow up and how the will be heard. It segues into ‘Fall in Line’ which we’ve heard before the album’s release, but it’s more powerful with "Dreamers" leading into it. Christina and Demi have a diva sing along with a powerful message, empowering women, young ladies, and girls.

"Right Moves" featuring Keida and Shenseea - After a powerhouse ballad filled with meaning, we move to a more fun reggae filled track. It’s a nice break from the heavier feels carrying the album so far and it brings back a sexy Christina.

"Like I Do" featuring Goldlink - This was her last preview release before the album dropped. We love this song because it’s so in charge. Christina doesn’t belt anything out, she just tells us exactly how it is and how it’s gonna be.

"Deserve" - If we had to pick a favorite track, this could be it. We love them all, but Christina’s honesty and vocals on "Deserve" give us chills. It’s a phenomenal song served perfectly with her voice. Her use of more provocative language throughout Liberation doesn’t come across as gratuitous or a shock value attempt, but the exact right way to say what she feels.

"Twice" - We wrote an article on the release of this beautiful ballad and we could go on and on. This song reminds us of Lotus’ "Blank Page" but blows it out of the water with its subtle perfection.

"I Don’t Need it Anymore" and "Accelerate" featuring Ty Dolla Sign and 2 Chainz - We don’t think these actually go together but an interlude doesn’t need a whole space even though this one is Christina killing it acapella.

"Pipe" featuring XNDA - As we near the end of the journey, the song quality does not let up. "Pipe" is an excellent sexy track. It’s "Get Mine, Get Yours" 2.0. This is Christina’s sweet spot and no one does music like this better. Her vocals are soft, vulnerable, yet still in command.

"Masochist" - Christina admits to weakness on the second to last stop. She sings about knowing how bad getting with the recipient of her lyrics, but she can’t resist. It’s reflective and honest.

"Unless It’s With You" - Christina closes out Liberation with a ballad about finding someone worthy of breaking down the walls she’s built up. It’s a beautiful love song and acts as the perfect ending to an excellent album.


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