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Could Darren Criss Soon Be "Walking On Water" In Judas Redux?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/18/2013 2:12 pm
Could Darren Criss Soon Be


Michael Maggiacomo

Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, you are probably speculating over who the missing cast member is of the highly anticipated Last Days of Judas Iscariot production being performed this summer by several Team Starkid alumni and more!

In case you haven’t seen previous stories and perhaps don’t follow the Judas Redux cast and team on twitter, Julia Albain, Lauren Lopez, Joey Richter, and Brian Rosenthal are producing the Steven Adly Guirgis play, Last Days of Judas Iscariot in Chicago this summer. The play will run from August 23 – September 8 at Stage 773. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter last month. 

During the campaign, the Judas Redux team kept the backers updated with important information and who would be appearing in the show. The cast has several familiar faces, as well as several new ones, including Dylan Saunders, Joseph Walker, Nico Ager, Dan Strauss, and more!

However, I can’t help but notice that they had informed us that there would be fifteen cast members, and only fourteen have been announced.  Earlier this week they also provided us with the cast list- who’s playing whom. One very important character was not assigned, Jesus.

Who have they got lined up to play the messiah? Here’s what we know: They are waiting to announce the last cast member because they are trying to make sure that he can meet their schedule. We’ve got a few ideas, with explanations below:

Darren Criss: I know, I know, Julia actually point blank said that Darren wouldn’t be in the show during the Google Hangout wrap party that the cast had on the last day of the Kickstarter. But go with me on this for a second.  If you’re familiar with the play, you know Jesus plays a minor part, it would be easy to memorize and wouldn’t be an overwhelming part to learn for a guy as busy as Darren.  Also, he was in the production (as Judas) back in 2008, when the group was first introduced to the show. Wouldn’t it make sense to try to bring him on board for their second journey with Last Days. He was even in the announcement video regarding tickets that the team posted earlier this week.  Was that trolling or foreshadowing? Obviously his filming schedule for Glee is a big obstacle, but he’s golden. RMurph loves him and he let him take three weeks off for How to Succeed, I’m sure he could charm his way into getting the time off.

Joe Moses:  Julia Albain had mentioned that Joe had sent in an amazing audition tape. He’s notably absent from Starkid related things this summer. He’s been billed at Leaky as having JMOMS, not in the Starkid event and he’s not in Twisted.  We know that he’s planning a JMOMS tour, so could that be the potential scheduling conflict that the team is waiting to clear up before announcing that Moses will be playing Jesus?

Sean Astin: Speaking of the ticket announcement video, Sean Astin, yes, from The Goonies and Lord of the Rings made a cameo as Dylan Saunders.  The long running joke with Astin and Starkid is that he and Saunders are doppelgangers. Would he be up to join this group of twenty somethings as the Son of God in their production? It would be interesting to see an older man play Jesus in a cast made up entirely of people under 30.  Not to mention that he clearly has a great relationship with them, as he has joined them for a laugh several times and they’ve shared the stage at a few conferences now.

AJ Holmes: Could “Wizard God” himself* play Jesus Christ? According to AJ’s twitter, he is currently in Chicago as the understudy for Elder Cunningham in the Book of Mormon.  Yet another schedule that would have to be cleared. We know he’s got the acting chops based on past performances (Joey’s Heart in Me & My Dick, and Professor Lockhart in AVPSY, not to mention being in the touring casts of both Young Frankenstein and Next to Normal). AJ Holmes could make a believable Jesus.

*In 2010, Starkid fans on the Starkidpotter fan page on facebook dubbed AJ Holmes “Wizard God”. It is something he has embraced. The actual reason behind this is unknown at this point in time.*

Jim Povolo: Having already embraced the role of a deity during Apocalyptour last summer, Povolo could easily pull of Jesus of Nazareth. With his powerful voice and his dominating stance, he could easily play the part.

Could it be another fresh face? Someone we’ve never seen before? Time will tell. Until then, let us know. Do you agree with any of our predictions? Do you have someone in mind that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know!


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